Friday, January 19, 2007

Going to the OB is a treat these days!

I had another OB appointment on Wednesday and I can't even begin to say how much I look forward to these appointments even now more that I'm on bedrest. The whole appointment took 2.5 hours and, normally, this would've annoyed me but I was just so happy to be out of the house that I enjoyed every minute of it. I can't say the same for Tim though!!

The appointment went well for the most part. Because I've been having a lot of cramping lately, my OB wanted to check my cervix...not the most pleasant of experiences. Thankfully my cervix is still closed. When I told her what the 4-D u/s tech had said about my cervix shortening, she said she wasn't surprised and that she's expecting it to continue to shorten as the next few weeks go by. She's not expecting me to get further than 28-30 weeks but she's hoping I can get to at least 32 I'm out to prove her wrong just because I don't like her attitude about the whole thing. Perhaps she's just being realistic but I'm determined not to have these babies before 32 weeks....I suppose part of it is I fear I'll feel like a failure if I can't carry these babies as far as I did with Cole and Bella.

I mentioned to her that I haven't felt a lot of movements from the babies lately and the ones I have been feeling have been very weak. So she listened for their heartbeats with her took forever, which made me wonder why she just didn't do a quick u/s. It drives me nuts because every other OB I've seen uses the u/s machine to check on the babies...they like to check the heartbeats, check for good movements and check the fluid levels. But not her...she swears she knows she's hearing both babies' heartbeats but it still makes me nervous. Finally she found both of them but she sent me for an NST (non-stress test) anyway, which took about an hour because Baby A kept moving and falling off the monitor. I had a couple mild contractions while being monitored but nothing strong or consistent. I'll start twice weekly NST's at 28 weeks.

My BP was good this time around (128/78) as opposed to what it's been at the last few appointments. So overall, a good, uneventful appointment...just the kind I like but I expect these next few weeks to get a little eventful as I'm hitting the home stretch finally.

A funny thing happened on my way up to the OB's office...I was waiting for the elevator and there was this cute little old lady waiting too. She looked at me and said "oh, it's so nice and round, just like a basketball". It took me a few seconds to realize she was talking about my belly, and not my ass!!! When I finally realized she was actually paying me a compliment I said "bless your heart" because I was always so envious of my girlfriends who all had perfectly round pregnant bellies (when I was pregnant with Cole and Bella, I carried them very wide and I hated the way my belly looked). Then she asked, "You're about 9 months pregnant?" and I said "no, almost 7 months with our 2nd set of twins" and she covered her mouth and then said "oh, girl, bless YOUR heart". As I got off the elevator, she was still shaking her head in disbelief and saying "bless your heart". I guess it's still hard for me to fathom that I'm measuring 10 weeks ahead so I look like I'm about 36 weeks's almost like it happened overnight.

The babies seem to really enjoy hearing Cole and Bella's voices. Last night, I was laying on the sofa and Bella came up to me and started talking and one of the babies started kicking. So I said "say hello to the babies, Bella...they like your voice". So she yelled as loud as she could into my belly button "hello, Garrett...hello, Landon" and both babies went nuts!!! It is rather adorable....Cole came over as well and I said "say hi to the babies...tell them you're their brother" and Cole said "hi babies, I'm your brudder"'s enough to melt your heart!

Cole and Bella had a visit from Melody, our VMRC therapist. I love, love, love the Early Intervention Program we are involved with. I credit Melody with how well Cole and Bella are doing now...every time we hit a snag in their development, she'd give me tips and exercises to do with them and by the next time she came out, they were hitting that milestone. I've gone from a nervous, anxious first-time mom to someone who's much more fact, she loves to bring up all my crazy worries like the time she came out when Cole was about 8 weeks old and I said "Melody, I think he's blind because he doesn't focus on things with his eyes and he doesn't track very well". Then there was the time I was convinved Cole had autism because Bella was much more social than he was. And then when they were 18 months and still not talking at all, I asked her if we could have a speech therapist involved with them, even though she told me a million times they'd start talking when they were ready and she wasn't concerned. To please me, she had the speech therapist come out who told me the same exact thing but continued to come over just to keep me happy. Yesterday, Melody said to me "do you still want Lisa to come out next quarter?" and I said "only if she can come out and tell me how to get them to STOP talking"....she had a good laugh about that. Anyway, the kids love when Melody comes over because she always brings such fun things for them to do...yesterday they painted, made macaroni necklaces, read books, played with playdough and sang songs. She was very impressed with Cole's fine motor skills because he was able to string all the macaroni on his own necklace...she said he's come a long way. Everytime she comes out, he's made huge improvements in his abilities. Last month, he wasn't talking in full sentences and now he's talking in full sentences very clearly. And Bella...well, after she kept getting in Melody's face and saying "Melody..hey Melody...Melody...hey Melody" until she finally had Melody's complete attention, Melody said "wow, she just doesn't let up, does she?" and I said "welcome to my world". She has 3-yr old twins so it's nothing she's not used to I'm sure. I'm sure with the next assessment that is being done in another few months, VMRC will realize that Cole and Bella are no longer in need of services but I'm sure the next set of twins will be so hopefully we'll have Melody involved in our lives for another 3 years!!

And speaking of Cole and Bella, we've definitely hit the tantrum phase full blast. Everything is a do or die situation to them. The other night Cole wanted gatorade to drink with his Tim offered him a sip of his gatorade but this wasn't enough for Cole. He wanted his own cup of Gatorade but not just any had to be his Thomas the train cup. So Tim opened a new bottle of Gatorade for him but Cole wanted the juice from Tim's bottle. Now we're going on about 5 minutes of crying over this....and when Tim went to put water in the cup to water down the juice (we only give them a tiny bit of juice and then really water it down so limit the amount of sugar they take in), Cole completely lost it and threw himself on the floor screaming "No Daddy, no water". Funny thing is one minute he acted as if he was gonna die over this and the next minute he says he's done with dinner and wants to go play with his trucks. Bella's starting this too only she doesn't really tantrum...she just looks you plain in the eye and says "no" and does what she wants. And she'll either throw something that's in her hand at the time or she'll kick something that's by her feet. It REALLY makes me appreciate the first 6 months of their lives when they were so little and helpless...when I could put them each in a bouncey seat and they'd be content and happy. Now they're their own little people with distinct personalities and the ability to express their opinions and a way, it's nice and in a way it's downright stressful!!!

Well, I've written a novel....6 weeks of bedrest will do that to ya!!!


Blake said...

I have lots to look forward to with tantrums except it'll only be with one, not two. I'll bet there's never a dull moment at your house! Just imagine 2 more boys in your house - ha ha.

Michele S said...

WTF????? She doesn't expect you to make it past 28 WEEKS? Okay, I'll be back I had to stop reading to comment.

Michele S said...

Okay, I HATE your OB. I am getting some majorly bad vibes from her. You are seeing a peri too right? Do you HAVE to see the OB at all? I'd shit can her this instant. What doctor tells you you can only make it 28 weeks? That's a load of BS. Helene, each pregnancy is different. There is no reason you can't carry those babies to 37 weeks. If your blood pressure stays down you'll be fine. My cervix slowly shortened too but I never went into preterm labor at all.

When Cole throws a fit like that, here's what you do. (I learned this from my Love and Logic seminar.) You say, "Would you like juice or water?" Only give him two options. This gives them the illusion of being in control. If he refuses both, you say, "So sorry, those are the choices." Then let him scream his little head off. He'll get the picture, LOL!

Helene said...

Michele, I cannot stop laughing at your comment...I had to read it to Tim!!! When my OB said that to us, I said "I can make it further than that". Yeah, this OB is not exactly a "glass if half full" kinda person. I am seeing a peri in addition to her so that does make me feel better. There's also another OB there who used to specialize in high risk pregnancies and sometimes I see her. I just figured at this point in my pregnancy I don't want to be bothered switching OB's, especially when I'm already so on top of things with my own medical care. I'm sure I drive this OB nuts with all my endless questions but who cares...I'm my own best advocate!! Chances are she won't be the one delivering me anyway.

Love the idea of Love and Logic...I had learned about that in college but as a parent obviously I had forgotten about it! I'm gonna try it...these tantrums are getting way out of hand!

Sandra, Blake sounds so sweet...I love when they start talking and understanding what you say to them.

Jen said...

Heen -

Something I used with Spencer was to make sure he knew I was the boss. I would ask him at appropriate times - who is the boss? And he would answer - you are Mommy (I would try to remember to say, "Daddy is too). A lot of times this would refocus him and then he would do what I was asking. If not I would count to 3 and (no 2 1/2 - 2 3/4, just 1, 2 3). When I hit 3, he would get a timeout. It was hard at first but since I was always consistent, after a bit I would just have to say, "Spencer, do I have to count?" and that would usually stop him. Doesn't work for everyone, but whatever you do, make sure you are consisent.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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