Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"I'm going to kiss you now"

Bella is into kissing...last night, she trapped Cole in a corner and laid a big, wet one on his cheek. He was not happy and screamed bloody murder. She loves to give kisses...the other day I was hugging her and I said "Mommy loves you" and she gave me a big, sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek and said "I love you Mommy". These are the moments I live for. She's such a sweet little girl.

Then there's Cole....who's very sweet but definitely all boy. He loves to gross me out by trying to lick my feet...yes, he tries to lick my feet. How disgusting is that? I can't make a big deal out of anything he does because then he realizes he's pushing my buttons and he goes out of his way to repeat the behavior. Oh and he also loves to try to make himself fart...where did he learn this? I have no idea. But he'll stand there and try to make an honest effort to try and fart and then when he finally does, he laughs at himself and proudly announces either "I farted" loud enough for everyone to hear or he says "I cut the cheese". I'm trying really hard not to laugh when he does this because it obviously just eggs him on but sometimes it's just too funny to pass up. I have a feeling the boy will be a class clown type of person as he gets older. The other thing he's been doing lately is saying "Noke" instead of "nope" when we ask him something. I asked him "are you trying to say 'nope'?" and he says "yes...noke". It makes me just wanna pinch him because he's so freakin cute! Tim's convinced he can read which makes me laugh. Cole knows every single train in the Thomas collection so when he sees a picture of one of the trains, he says it by name and Tim always excitedly says "I think Cole can read".

How's the potty training going? I must laugh at myself. Here's what's happening...they both go in their diapers and then they take their diapers off and sit on the potty. I've bitten the bullet and I've started bribing them by offering them a piece of their Halloween candy (yes, we still have Halloween candy left....my friends are actually shocked about this). So they both sit on the potty for maybe 20 seconds and then they stand up and hold their little hands out and say "I want candy". I've tried to explain that they need to actually pee or poop in the potty and not just sit on the potty for a few seconds with nothing happening. I'm sure I'm doing this all wrong....and someday they'll be in therapy because I've traumatized them somehow.

I watched the National Geographic Channels's special the other night on Multiples in the Womb and I was so fascinated by it! The one thing I found the most fascinating was learning that some twins actually continue the same behavior outside the womb when they're older, like playing peek-a-boo behind curtains. I never thought much about it but Cole and Bella love to throw these old blankets that Tim has (they're so old they're see through now) and they love to try to touch each other through the blankets. I never thought this had anything to do with how they reacted to each other in the womb but maybe it does?? And the other funny thing was as the narrator was talking about babies fighting for space in the womb, I could feel these little guys kicking away and it made me wonder if they were "playing nice" or "fighting" with one another.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow which I'm hoping will be uneventful. Bedrest is getting more and more boring by the day. I'm starting to wonder how I'm gonna hang in here for the next few weeks. My body is turning to mush and my mind is starting to go....I called someone today and as the phone rang I honestly forgot who the heck I was calling. But I shouldn't complain...I know every day these little guys are inside me cooking is less time for them in the NICU. To help keep me motivated and encouraged, I've been watching Babies: Special Delivery every day. In a way, it makes me nervous about the whole c-section thing again but then seeing the happy endings makes me feel excited about what's in store for us.

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Michele S said...

I missed that show because I was puking my guts out that night, but I could totally picture Amanda and Gregory beating the crap out of Sarah in the womb. Poor Sarah. I hope they rerun it.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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