Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Perinatologist Appt Today

I was SO excited to finally meet with the perinatologist in person but it was rather uneventful, just like a regular OB appt. Because the perinatologist is over an hour away, my OB was consulting with her via e-mail regarding my case so I wouldn't have to make the long drive. But now they have the peri coming to her office once a week to work with all the high-risk patients so I'll see her every 2 weeks and my OB every 2 weeks until I deliver.

I don't know why I expected this visit to be more exciting or more informative than when I meet with my OB. She did do an ultrasound and I was relieved to see the little guys are doing well. They're both head down and laying side by side...awww, how cute. This probably explains why I'm all belly with this pregnancy and not as wide as I was with Cole and Bella, who preferred to lay in the transverse position. She still said it's difficult to tell if they share a placenta or not but the fact that they are each in their own sac with a very thick membrane that separates them is, more than likely, we're not looking at a case of TTTS here. Also, we haven't dealt with growth discordance as of yet so that's also encouraging. At our last Level 2 u/s when I was 22 wks pregnant, both boys weighed in at 1 pound, 3 they're growing at the same rate, for now, anyway. I think it was around 26 weeks when we discovered that there was a 25% growth discordance between Cole and Bella and we never did learn why that happened but it is fairly common in multiple pregnancies.

My blood pressure is starting to enter the "borderline" stage so the peri is going to have me do some bloodwork at my next visit for other signs of pre-eclampsia as of yet, like swelling or blurred vision. I have headaches at least once a day but those seemed to be easily treated with tylenol. I also have to do the 1-hour glucose test at my next visit. I can't stand that drink they give you...when I was pregnant with Cole and Bella, I remember almost puking when the lady in the lab gave it to me and said I had to drink it all within a couple minutes. And then I sat in the lab for an hour waiting for my body to process that sugary crap while the babies went nuts inside me from all the sugar. I felt like I had 2 tiny octupuses inside was probably one of the most uncomfortable times I can remember from that pregnancy, other than the tail end of the pregnancy when I just wanted to stop throwing up from the acid reflux. In a couple weeks, I'll also increase my dosage of Heparin. The bruising this time around isn't too bad, or at least maybe I don't think it's that bad. Each time my OB sees me, she cringes when she sees my belly and asks if the shots are painful....they're actually not...I've become quite a pro at giving myself painless shots.

She measured my belly....still measuring rather largely. Tim told me that some lady in the waiting room asked him when I was due and when he said "April" she said "oh, I thought she was ready to pop anyday now"....I can't even imagine how much larger my belly will be in just 4 more weeks. As it is now, I have to have Tim help me put my shoes and socks on when we go to appts....a task he isn't thrilled with but what choice does he have, except to watch me try to do it, which takes a good 10 minutes and I'm huffing and puffing the whole time and making wierd grunting sounds every time I have to bend over.

My next appt with her is on 1/24 and she informed she'll check my cervix again to make sure it's still closed....gee, I can hardly wait (insert sarcasm here). And I have a Level 2 u/s again on 1/22 so we'll see if my cervix is continuing to shorten, which I'm sure it has just based on the fact that one of the babies (I'm assuming Baby A) is constantly kicking at it and digging away as if he's trying to plan an early escape.

Okay, so that's my update for today....nothing too exciting! Although we do have a 4-D u/s we're doing this Saturday so I'm excited to see what the little guys look like now that they're more human-looking and have some fat on their bones!! I'll try to post some pics from our u/s!


Blake said...

I'm so glad that the boys are doing well...and mama too!


Michele S said...

Pre-eclampsia did me in Helene. Are you taking a baby aspirin every day? Fish oil supplements? My peri had me on those two things. What I didn't know was you are supposed to take the baby aspirin at night, not in the morning.

It sounds like you are doing well and the fact there is no growth discordance is excellent!!!!

Helene said...

Michele, I didn't know that about the baby aspirin at night. I am taking one a day but I usually take it mid-day...I'll start taking it at night instead. Thanks for the tip!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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