Saturday, January 20, 2007

Random ramblings....

First off, I have to post a picture of this adorable Christmas ornament that my friend Clare sent me. She said she took one look at it and thought of ME!!!! Can you see why (check out the Mommy Reindeer's shocked look on her face!!)

I opened up the package and couldn't stop laughing...I instantly called Clare and said "I'm gonna send you our family Christmas portrait next Christmas and that's exactly what I'll look like". Actually the funny thing is after I opened up the package, I stared at the ornament and thought "wait, there's 4 reindeer children..." and then it hit me...we're gonna have 4 children!! We've gone from a tiny family of just the 2 of us to a family of 4 and now we'll be a family of 6, all in a matter of 2 years. I was thinking about a friend of mine who has 4 kids....4 pregnancies in a matter of 6 years. How on earth did she go through pregnancy 4 times???? I can honestly say I never want to be pregnant again....ever! Many friends have told me "well, you wanted 4 kids...this was the way to go...2 pregnancies, 4 kids and you're family is complete". It didn't actually happen like that though...there was a pregnancy before Cole and Bella and then 2 more pregnancies in between Cole and Bella and these little guys but they weren't meant to be. They were all singleton pregnancies too....guess my body prefers twin pregnancies.

My mom and stepdad offered to take the kids overnight this weekend and they left a little while ago. As I was waving goodbye, I thought I was gonna start crying. I know I need the rest and Tim definitely needs a break but I feel so darn guilty. They always have a blast up at my mom's...they have a farm and the kids LOVE to feed the horses, the cow and the pigs. So now our house is empty and completely quiet, I can actually hear myself think....and I worry "will Tim and I have anything to talk about, other than the kids?". I'm secretly hoping he'll work on the guest room, cleaning it up and getting it ready for him and my step-dad to convert it into a nursery so I won't have to worry about what we'll talk about. It's wierd to be alone with my husband and worry that we'll have nothing to talk about. But our lives these last few years have been consumed with children and so that's what we tend to talk about mostly...the other night I whined to him "we never talk, we never kiss, we never even hold hands". And he said "sweetie, I'm home all day see me every hour of the day...what can I tell you that you don't already know?". Then I broke out into my little song and dance about how I'm feeling neglected, blah, blah, he made an effort to kiss me goodnight when I went to bed and he kissed my belly and said goodnight to the babies. Someday I wonder what our lives will be like after the kids move out and go away to college....we've always talked about doing lots of traveling when we retire....but will we have anything in common or even want to spend time together at that point?? I'm sure this is something most couples worry about, at least I hope we're not the only ones with this concern.

Here are some recent pictures I took of the these 3 pictures, they were playing on the stairs together before bedtime.

Here's a picture of Bella in her little cowgirl outfit...

A picture of Cole just being silly....

A picture of them hugging...or maybe they're's hard to tell...LOL!


Michele S said...

I loved the pictures and the ORNAMENT!!! The ornament is a hoot! I NEED that ornament too.

Gosh, you guys are so lucky to be able to send the kids off. Do your parents want four more?

I can totally tell that you're pregnant because you are thinking into this "Does Tim still want to talk to me?" thing way too much. Once those babies are out of you, you'll realize that of course he doesn't want to talk to you. DUH! But more importantly will he get his butt up and feed a baby??!!

I cracked up looking at the toys all over your house. That is EXACTLY what our house looks like. EXACTLY!!!

Jen said...

Of course you will have things to talk about. You might have to work at it and try to develop similar interests, but all marriages take work. First things first, have the kids, wait 16 - 18 years, then worry about what you will talk about.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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