Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thank you, God, for oranges!

The other day Bella and Cole had their first bit of homework from preschool!! This week, they are learning about God's creations. The teachers sent home a piece of paper with a flower on it, with large petals, and on the petals, the kids were supposed to come up with things they were thankful to God for and I would write them down. It was quite humorous....I asked the kids "what are you thankful to God for?"'s the list....


Thank you, God, for oranges
Thank you, God, for choo-choo trains
Thank you, God, for the sun
Thank you, God, for the moon
Thank you, God, for my animals


Thank you, God, for Elmo
Thank you, God, for Dora
Thank you, God, for my family
Thank you, God, for green grass
Thank you, God, for boobies (NO, I didn't' actually write this on the piece of paper but I included it here b/c I thought it was hilarious!!)

That's where Cole started getting just as silly, like "Thank you, God, for farts", "Thank you, God, for poop"....and then they both started in on thanking God for every silly, disgusting thing under the sun, totally trying to out-do one another. I must admit I did laugh at a few of them....geez, I'm as bad as they are!

We are impressed with Cole's soccer abilities already!! The other night he was tossing the soccer ball back and forth with Tim and Tim accidentally threw it too high and Cole used his head to throw the ball back to Tim....we both just looked at each other like "woe, he's a natural". And then he continued to "throw" the ball back to Tim using his head. We tried to get it on video but by the time I got the camera, he had fallen backwards onto one of his Bob the Builder hammers (he was naked b/c it was right before bathtime) and he had landed on the hammer in a very sensitive spot...the fun was over at that point. He cried endlessly and screamed "bad hammer" until he was blue in the face.

I had another ultrasound on Monday and the babies are hanging in there....gaining weight like there's no tomorrow. Baby A weighs 2 pounds, 5 ounces and Baby B is 2 pounds, 10 ounces. If I had any worries about not eating enough, I can put those to rest...they are clearly getting as many nutrients as they need. The u/s tech said Baby A is head down right against my cervix, almost as if he's planning the great escape. He's just waiting for the right moment to "run for the border" so to speak. Baby B is also head down but higher up on my right side. He's a mover and a shaker...always trying to change positions but I'm not sure he's having much luck. Every once in awhile, I'll catch a glimpse of something pointy sticking out on my side...when I press on it, he changes positions.

And then today I had an appointment with the perinatologist, but first I had to stop by the lab to do the Glucose Tolerance Test. I don't know how other pregnant women can say they like that drink...within the first few sips, I wanted to puke. I managed to get it down in a matter of minutes but man oh man I felt so sick to my stomach after that. Then I went upstairs for my appointment and the kick-fest began....I think the sugar in that drink hit the babies within 10 minutes. There were arms and legs everywhere, going crazy. Let's just say Baby A was not kind to my cervix....I think he thought he had Super Human strength at that point and was literally trying to pry his way out. All in all, the appointment went well, with the exception of my blood pressure, which was 160/90....and I hated to have to tell the peri that I've also been getting headaches and blurred vision. There was no protein in my urine but she had me do some additional bloodwork at the lab for pre-eclampsia. She also wants me to start monitoring my BP at home. Let the fun begin....

I had a rough night last night with contractions but thankfully as long as I kept drinking water and stayed on my side, they would go away. But then I'd wake up in the middle of the night every couple hours, feeling crampy and my belly all tight, so I'd drink more water and then they'd go away after a little while. After I mentioned this to the peri, she wanted to check my cervix and it was closed and thick still (God, how I hate these cervix checks!!!) And then she went a step further and did an fFN test, which she said she'll do every 2 weeks at this point. And actually, even though that test is worse than a cervix exam, I was thankful she's doing them every couple weeks because I really feel that's the only reason Cole and Bella did as well as they did when they were born. The week before they were born, my OB at the time did an fFN test and it came back positive so he had me get the steroid shots to mature their lungs...they were born 5 days later. I haven't heard back from her yet on the results of my bloodwork, GTT or the fFN so hopefully no news is good news!

And while we're finally in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I realize we're also in the scariest, most anxious part of it as well. Starting next week, I'll go for twice weekly NST's and I'm sure I'll find myself at the hospital plenty during this time. Just the other day I was saying that I think I can get to 35 weeks and in a way I still believe that part of me wants and needs to be prepared for going earlier than that. With Cole and Bella, things started happening really day I was fine and then the next day, things just got out of control with pre-term labor. Finally, after 4 weeks, my body gave out and labor couldn't be stopped at that point. Hopefully, I'll do better this time but at least I'm prepared for how quickly things can go from uneventful to downright scary.


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Jen said...

I will keep you in my prayers Helene. Keep doing all the right things and make sure you are talking to your doctors. They may not be perfect, but they do help. Good luck!

Michele S said...

Helene- Here's to a negative FFN test. Does the doctor have you on blood pressure medicine? Your pressure is really high. I'm a little worried about that. But I'm glad to hear you are drinking a lot of water and staying down and that your cervix is good. Those are all good things. My blood pressure was always higher at the doctor's office too. It will be interesting to see how high it is at home. Hang in there!

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