Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're in the HOME STRETCH!!

As of today, I'm officially in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy...YEAH!!! Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to really believe we've made it this far! And now the real test will be how much further can I make it....I have a feeling I'll make it past 32 weeks, perhaps even to 35 weeks for a bunch of different reasons. When I was pregnant with Cole and Bella, I was working full-time up until 28 weeks, even though my OB much preferred me to stop working at 24 weeks. I was always on my feet and probably not keeping myself as hydrated as I should have. This time around, I've been on bedrest since 20 weeks so I've had no choice but to be off my feet as much as possible, which leaves me all the time in the world to drink 100 ounces of fluids per day. The only reason I would think I might deliver before 32 weeks is if my BP goes up again and stays consistently high.

So our evening alone without the kids, actually went well. I talked Tim into taking me to Target to get some new jammies. Probably not the smartest move because after being on my feet for more than 10 minutes, I was like "we gotta get outta here!!" Then we went and rented a few movies for the evening. We went home and watched one and then had dinner. We actually had some nice conversations that didn't pertain to the kids, which was nice for a change. At one point, he started rubbing my belly and pushing on it and saying "wake up, little guys". Then he took one look at my face and quickly moved his hand away. I'm sure the look on my face said it all. There was a point in this pregnancy when I loved when Tim would push on my belly and wait for the babies to respond but thank you. When these little guys are resting, that's my time to relax and enjoy not being poked, punched, kicked and hit in the cervix, not being kicked in the ribs or the bladder, or having one of their knees or elbows sticking out on the side of my body in the most painful position.

Well, I have to honestly say I miss the kids...I called last night to see how they were doing and my stepdad said they were fine. Cole said "hi Mommy" and then went back to eating popcorn and watching tv. Bella was too busy to come to the phone because she was too intrigued with my stepdad's nieces' boyfriend's tatoos to come talk to me. Then this morning I called and my mom rushed me off the phone saying she was in the middle of a diaper change and that the kids were fine. When they're away from me, I feel like a piece of me is missing. But then after they're back home for a few hours, I'm already wondering when my mom and stepdad can take them again for a weekend. It's the perfect irony, isn't it??


Michele S said...

Helene- when you go to the store, ride around on the electric scooter. There's no need for you to WALK!

There is a lady who just posted on the Parenting Multiples board on IVF connection who has 5 month old twins and is 5 weeks with spontaneous twins! She went to SIRM too! You should pop in and tell her about YOU!

Jen said...

Yes, use the scooter, that is why they have them. You know you probably wanted to do that in college. I am glad your evening went well. See you will have lots to talk about.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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