Sunday, February 11, 2007

2 more weeks....2 more weeks....2 more weeks

2 more weeks....if I can get 2 more weeks out of this pregnancy, I'll be thrilled. My NST on Friday went well for the didn't take much this time to keep them on the monitors and they were pretty active. I laid there for a good 35 minutes and the nurse came over to check on me and she said "way to go, Helene...I think you're gonna get out of here in less than an hour today" and right as she walked away, I had a contraction. All I could think was "you HAD to say went and jinxed me". It was a much stronger contraction than I've had in the past during my NST's but she said as long as I didn't have another one within the next 10 minutes, she wasn't gonna worry about it. Thankfully, the next 10 minutes went by without any more contractions and I was free to leave....but not before stopping in at my OB's office to discuss my out-of-control BP. The nurse had taken it before my NST and it was 158/98 but I only had a trace amount of protein in my urine so she wasn't sure what my OB wanted to do that point.

My OB lectured me about staying off my feet as much as possible and pretty much threatened me with hospital bedrest and a mag sulfate drip if my BP stays consistently high. When I'm resting off my feet, it's usually within normal range but as soon as I've been on my feet for 5-10 minutes, it starts going up pretty quickly. She doesn't want to put me on BP meds at this point b/c she says it'll just mask the problem and they won't be able to tell what the "true" situation is. The mag sulfate would help prevent seizures, etc and at least I'd be in the hospital if I were to develop any other symptoms pretty quickly. What's funny is that my OB has been saying all this time "oh, you'll be lucky to get to 28 weeks...I don't think that'll happen" on Friday, she seemed to have a different tune in saying "we've got to do our best to get you to 32 weeks....then if we have to deliver the babies, I'll feel much more encouraged". Of course they'll do much better at 34 weeks but we're thinking in 2-wk increments at this point. So 2 more weeks....just 2 more weeks....and then if I make it that far, I'll concentrate on 34 weeks....

In the meantime, I have to mention some of the interesting conversations Cole and Bella have been having around here lately. The other day I was listening to them talk while they ate breakfast and this is what they were talking about:

Cole: Hey Bella, I like your Dora jammies
Bella: Thanks, your yogurt
Cole: Eat your bagel
Bella: I no lika da bagel, I lika da cream cheese
Cole: Oh, eat da cream cheese
Bella: Cole, look it....(as she tips her bowl of cereal towards her mouth to drink the milk)
Cole: Don't spill
Bella: I didn't spill
Cole: I eat da milk too (copies Bella)
Bella: (giggles at Cole) like?
Cole: I like it
Bella: Mommy, I like Handy Manny (he's on tv right now)
Cole: I like Handy Manny too
Bella: Cole, eat your yogurt
Cole: I like Handy Manny
Bella: Oh, there he is (points at tv)
Bella: Oh no, I got da cream cheese on my nose
Cole: I like my yogurt....I eat with da spoon
Bella: I can't get it Daddy (refuses to use spoon to eat her yogurt but realizes her mouth can't fit in the cup!!)
Bella: Daddy, why won't it come out?
Tim: You need to your spoon
Bella: No, no spoon...I use my hands
Cole: I'm done...I go play with my cars now

And then the other day, Tim was changing Bella's diaper and Cole came over to check things out and this is the conversation that took place:

Cole: Eeeeww....yuck....
Bella: What?
Cole: I see your pirates (privates)
Bella: (giggles)
Cole: Hey, where's your pee-pee?
Bella: I don't know
Cole: It fall off
Bella: Daddy, my pee-pee fall off?
Tim: No, you never had a pee-pee because you're a girl
Cole: I want my pee-pee fall off
Tim: You wanna be a girl?
Cole: yeah
Bella: Cole's pee-pee go away

I just love listening to their conversations...I tend to forget that they are little people now and able to have their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. The other thing that strikes me is how well-mannered they are towards each other....Bella has been sick and she was coughing yesterday. Cole says to her "Bella, you okay?" and she said "yes, I'm okay?" and he said "yes". And for the most part, they share really well with one another...Cole more so than Bella, though. Last night, they were playing upstairs and starting to head downstairs when I heard a huge thud, thud, thud and then Bella crying. Apparently, she had fallen down the stairs and as I hugged her and consoled her (okay, so kill me....I was up on my feet for about 5 minutes to make sure she was okay...Tim was in the bathroom for an unbelievable amount of time during all this) I asked her what happened...I wasn't sure if she fell on her own or Cole had pushed her. She said Cole pushed her...he denied it and said "I no push Bella". They went back and forth for a few seconds on this...she insisting he shoved her down the stairs, he insisting he didn't touch her. Finally, I said "Bella, are you lying...are you telling me what really happened?"....unfortunately Bella has a wild imagination and she has no problems looking me straight in the eye and lying. She'll tell me Cole just bit her when he's nowhere even near her!!! She finally caved and said "I'm sorry, Cole"....apparently, she was lying and Cole then walked over to her and gave her a huge hug. By this time, Tim was out of the bathroom and we both just stood there with our jaws wide open...are these OUR children??? Sometimes I have a hard time believing they are really just 2 years old.

Tim's a little concerned that Bella is not learning as well as Cole. I've learned to not compare them anymore because all it does is cause unnecessary worry. He came home from school the other day singing his ABC's, without making one mistake. He can hear a song only one time and sing it back to us. Every day, he seems to be learning something new. Today, he told me my tank top is "wipe" (white). Bella is much more social than Cole and I have a feeling what's happening at school, especially, is she's gabbing away and not paying attention. But just to be sure, I'm thinking about calling her teacher and talking to her about it. And we have a home visit next week with our therapist from Regional so I'll mention it to her too. But I honestly think there is nothing to worry about....Bella just may not absorb things as quickly as Cole or she may not retain things the way he does.

Even though I wonder if they truly understand about the babies, they seem to be very excited about them. Both Cole and Bella will now address the babies by name when talking to my belly....they both love to lean in real close and say "hi Garrett, hi Landon". They went with Tim yesterday to Babies R Us to pick up the last of the things we need for the babies and Bella told me, when she got home, "we got stuff for Garrett and Landon". I just hope the excitement stays with them as they realize the babies are actually REAL babies and they will be coming home to live with us permanently...HA!!!

So anyway, that's about all the happenings around here....isn't my life SO exciting???

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