Sunday, February 4, 2007

29 weeks and still counting....

Okay, so let me start off by ranting about last Friday's NST, which lasted a whopping 2 hours long. These boys are already giving me gray hair...I don't remember any of my NST's with Cole and Bella being this long or stressful. It took 3 nurses to try and locate the babies' heartbeats on the monitor and then once we finally had them on the monitor, one of the nurses became concerned about Baby B's heart rate, which kept dropping below 100. I asked her if she thought maybe it was picking up my pulse instead of his and she wasn't sure so she called one of the OB's who I sometimes see to come and check. So Dr B comes in and spends a good amount of time with the ultrasound machine trying to figure out where the babies are and how they're positioned. The problem was they had changed positions AGAIN and it was difficult for them to figure out whose head belonged to which body and it finally came down to her putting the u/s wand directly over the babies' hearts so the nurse could put the monitor in the exact spot before the babies could move again. This seemed to take forever....but then finally once the babies were both back on the monitor, I couldn't detect any movement from either of them. Can't say I blame them...I was just as exhausted as they were. And laying flat on my back all that time was not the most comfortable position but I was so afraid that if I tried to adjust myself even a little bit that we'd be having to go through the same thing all over again. After awhile, the nurse figured the babies had probably just entered another sleep cycle and she went off to show the monitor strip to the OB and make sure they didn't want me to go to L&D for further monitoring. UGH!! Thankfully, I got the green light to go home but man oh man this was SO stressful.

My BP was on the high side again so she reminded me to monitor myself at home daily and to also do my kick counts religiously and if the babies go a few hours being sluggish, I need to call. So far, I've found out that they really enjoy diet coke and cran-apple juice. Those are the 2 things I can drink that will usually get them moving all over the place....a mistake I made last night before bedtime. I felt like they were doing backflips inside me...these little guys can kick!

Then yesterday my friend Bonnie threw me a baby shower!!!! I wasn't expecting a shower at all mainly because I know it's not traditional to have a baby shower for the 2nd child (or in my case, the 3rd and 4th child!) so this was a nice surprise!! And since we have almost everything we need, she asked those she invited to bring can NEVER have enough diapers!!!! With Cole and Bella, we went through about 15-20 diapers a day in the beginning!!! Anyway, it was GREAT to see some friends I hadn't seen in awhile and to socialize!! Bonnie made me this amazing diaper's SO lovely that I don't want to take it apart to use the diapers!! She even made a little train for each of the boys made out of their names!

Before everyone arrived, she took some pictures of me with the kids...she's quite talented with a camera, much more so than me!! I think she actually was able to make me look better than I really look....HA!!!

Tim and my stepdad have come up with a date to work on the nursery....this Wednesday!!! So Tim's assignment is to go get all the supplies and the paint before Wednesday....I'm not holding my breath. But then again, he may surprise me.


Jen said...

The pictures look great! Bonnie needs to think about doing professional photography, she is good! Maybe she already does? It was so nice to see you on Saturday. Let's try to get together soon.


Michele S said...

The pictures are absolutely beautiful! I loved the diaper cake. That was so clever!

Sorry those NST tests are stressing you out. You can't imagine when they had to get all THREE on me. It was TORTURE!!!

29 weeks! That is awesome! Now you only have 8 more weeks to go!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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