Thursday, March 1, 2007

Beware of Beached Whale...that would be ME!

Just thought I'd post my latest belly picture for laughs...I'm looking huge and feeling it too these days. I'm all about comfort these days so forgive the lovely attire of pajama bottoms and t-shirt...the bottoms are the only pants I have that I can leave unbuttoned and be able to breathe! Still have bruises and red marks from the heparin injections...thank goodness that's only temporary. I've managed to avoid stretch marks, thanks to Cole and Bella's daily rub down with shea butter lotion!! The OB I saw on Tuesday measured my belly and it's measuring 44 weeks already....not sure how much more I can stretch!!!

Okay, so if that picture didn't scare you off then you'll enjoy seeing these next few pics of the kids!! Our friends, Sandra and Jerry, sent the kids a package full of neat stuff and you'd think it was Christmas around here...they just tore into that box like there was no tomorrow!! I told Bella it was from "Jerry and Sandra" and she said "SANTA????"....she was so excited! They also sent the cutest, most tiniest little outfits for Garrett and Landon, which we'll have them wear as their "coming home" outfits the day they come from the hospital...everytime I look at the outfits, my heart skips a beat!!!

The kids are at Chuck E Cheese right now with my sister and her kids. Last night, I told them they were going and at first I thought I would regret telling them because it's all they would talk about. But then as they started misbehaving and talking back, we were able to hold it over their heads!! Each time we said "well, it's too bad you won't be able to go to CEC tomorrow if you don't get ready for your bath", they would scramble to get undressed!! I've never seen 2 kids hustle up the stairs for a bath as fast as they did last night! Hopefully they're having a good time and not driving my sister nuts, making her regret her offer to take them there!!


sandra said...

Hi Helene!

We are so glad that the parcel made it before Garrett & Landon's arrival! We love that you will bring home the boys in the outfits...what an honour! Cole & Bella look adorable in their shirts. Of course, a John Deere tractor was a must, as well as a Princess change purse.

You are a very beautiful preggo mama, Helene. It won't be long before you are comfortable again and have your boys in your arms!

Love ya lots & many hugs!
Sandra, Jerry & Blake XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene,
When I saw the 1st picture...the 1st thing I thought was...HOLY Crapola! Your poor tummy! You are doing great! The kiddos are so cute! Call me if ya need to complain or talk ;)!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helene!
You are looking amazing! So glad you are able to stay at home. Keep up the good work.
The outfits are adorable! Sandra knows I love that tractor!
Keep on resting -

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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