Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel....

We had a great OB appt yesterday! I really hate using a wheelchair, even though I know it's necessary at this point. And if I even try to stand up for a minute, Tim is right there insisting I sit back down in the darn thing. We got off to a funny start at the OB's office....normally, the nurse calls the patients back and gets all the vitals and takes you to the exam room and asks you a bunch of questions. They don't allow anyone else to come with you at that point b/c of the new privacy laws. So usually Tim waits in the waiting room until the nurse comes and gets him. But yesterday, the nurse let him come back right away, saying we've been there so often and my OB doesn't mind if Tim is in the room at first so she cut us some slack. But when she was motioning for Tim to come back, he got all confused and in the waiting room full of husbands waiting for their wives, he says loudly "Don't I have to wait here?" and the nurse was trying to be very subtle and she shook her head and motioned for him to come to the door. So again Tim says, all confused, "Usually they have me wait until you call me back"....I finally said "Will you just come here??" and we get in the back and the nurse laughed and said "Why don't you just blow it for me??" Good thing she has a sense of humor! Well, if Tim has any faults, it's being too honest I think!

The first thing my OB did was check my cervix and I was surprised that she didn't have to reach very far to get to it, like she has in the past. Then she said she was able to get her index finger in so she figured I was about 1 cm dilated and it's very, very thin, much thinner than the last time she checked me. Kinda wierd, considering I had just had it checked at L&D the other day and the OB said everything was okay but it's possible that it changed that much in 24 hours. She said she could feel a baby body part, probably Garrett's back, which concerned her if he continues to lay in a transverse position. The concern is that if my water should break suddenly and I start to dilate quickly, his cord could fall through and become compressed, compromising him of oxygen and blood flow. Tim and I got a little freaked out and asked if I should just be admitted to the hospital and she said we could wait it out a little while because he may change positions and/or my water may not even break. She said she'll continue to check my cervix at least 2 times a week at this point to monitor the progress. In the event that my water does break while at home, she said to get to L&D time to mess around. So we came up with a new plan...if the kids are home from school or it's in the evening, we'll just take them to the hospital with us until my sister or my mom can come get them. That saves us the time of waiting for someone to come to our house to watch them. And if it's the middle of the night, we may have to ask one of our neighbors to come over and hang out until my sister can come over. I really pray it doesn't happen in the middle of the night's so much more stressful to make arrangements and I hate to inconvenience anyone.

The great news is she was willing to move up my c-section date from 38 weeks to 36 weeks....yeah!!!! At first, she said she would do it during week 37 but after looking at the calendar, she realized she'd be gone that week and she has the OR already scheduled for March 30 at the hospital. I'll be 36 weeks, 5 days on that day so she said she felt comfortable enough doing the c-section on that day. So if I can keep these boys cooking a little bit longer, March 30 will be our BIG day!! 2 days before my birthday....I can't think of a better birthday present!! And the best thing about getting to that point is that she was pretty confident that the boys will be able to come home with us when I check out of the hospital....will Tim and I know what to do with 2 full-term pudgy, pink babies???? I would imagine it will be a lot easier with not as many worries and concerns as we had with Cole and Bella. I remember it would take each of them about 45-60 minutes to finish a 3 oz bottle and then burping them would take forever, if we could even manage to keep them awake during the feeding. It was very challenging and frustrating at times. She said if they do come early, around 34-35 weeks, there is a possibility they may need a little NICU time but not nearly as much as Cole and Bella, which is a relief. Now Tim really needs to get on the ball and get things ready for the boys....we don't even have their carseats ready to go yet!!

I talked to my OB about the horrible crotch pain I've been having and she said it's the pelvic bones softening and spreading to make room for the babies as they drop. It's wierd to be experiencing things now that I never experienced during my pregnancy with Cole and Bella, as I never got this far with them. I would imagine the boys have to be close to at least 5 pounds by now, if not more. And then she said there is a possiblity as they gain more weight and there's more pressure that my pelvis could become completely separated and I wouldn't be able to walk!!! My mom had warned me of the same thing, as she knows someone who had twins and experienced this. Let's pray this doesn't sounds downright painful...more painful than the crotch pain I'm already dealing with now.

Then my OB had the nurse schedule me for the next 2 weeks for appts and I have another ultrasound on the 22nd so that gets me through the next 14 days. Only 23 more days until my c-section....I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and it feels GREAT!!! It's amazing how just the other day I was in tears, feeling very depressed on strict bedrest and wondering how much longer I could do this and now just having a date set, I feel so much more encouraged and positive that the next 3 weeks will go by quickly and hopefully be uneventful.

After that, I went down the hall for my NST. The nurse checked their positions on the u/s maching and sure enough, Garrett was transverse with his back against my cervix. And Landon was head down but higher up on my right side so they're kinda laying in an L position. This was encouraging because it seems like Garrett has room to move a little bit and maybe he'll get back into a head-down position, which would make me feel better after hearing my OB explain the risks of him being transverse if my water should break and I begin to dilate more. She checked the level of my amniotic fluid and it was a little high, around 16.4, so she's gonna check it again on Thursday when I go back.

We got the babies on the monitor and they were pretty sluggish for the first 20 minutes so she gave me some cold water to drink. Then Landon came to life and we got enough accels on him for her to be pleased but Garrett still continued to be a concern, as he still wasn't really moving too much. I kept poking at him and trying to shove him around a little bit and finally the little guy started moving and 40 minutes later, he had enough accels to pass. But I had been having contractions every 8-10 minutes and the nurse said that my OB might want me to go to L&D and I just had to roll my eyes at the thought of going back there again. Thankfully, once she checked with my OB, she said it was okay for me to go home b/c my OB had already checked my cervix but I had to agree that if the contractions continued or got stronger I'd go into the hospital. Once I got home though and I was able to comfortably lie down, the contractions lessened and I got through the night without any worries. The nurse did say it sounds like the nifedipine might not hold me for much longer though since I had just taken my pill an hour before my NST and I was still having breakthrough contractions. I can only hope it'll continue to hold me at least another week or two, if I can't get another 3 weeks in.

So everything at this point is kinda touch and go.....I love that we have a c-section date scheduled but at the same time, part of me is worried that I won't make it that far. But then again, I've made it further than I did with Cole and Bella which is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. I'll be 34 weeks in just 3 more days and that was my personal goal from the beginning so if I can make it to that point, I'll happily give myself a pat on the back!!!


Michele S said...

OMG! That is so awesome! Can you imagine having two TAKE HOME BABIES? Good job Helene! Really you guys are doing a fanstastic job! Woohoo!

sandra said...

Yay for your c-section date being booked and for getting this far. It would be awesome for you to take Garrett & Landon home with you! You are doing great. I'm sure you are anxious at this am *I*!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

You are doing so good. All those prayers must be working, I will keep them going for you, March 30th will be here before you know it!! Keep doing the right thing and resting. It would be so nice for you to be able to bring the boys home. Good luck!

Mari C said...

How wonderful for you Helene that you made it this far! While I can only imagine how uncomforatble it must be to have 2 little peanuts in there, you have to be thrilled that they've stayed put this long. Believe me when I say you are a "GODDESS"! :)

I think about you so often. I can't wait for the big day. Now that you have the date scheduled it will just fly by.

Big hugs to you missy! I can't wait for the big day.

P.S. I love the belly picture!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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