Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fun times at the Gaither household

We've had lots of "excitement" here lately...at least we can say we're not a boring family. Sunday night, Tim's parents dropped the kids off and we put them to bed and everything seemed fine. But while Cole was sleeping he seemed agitated and he woke up a couple times crying. The 2nd time he said his ear hurt so we gave him Motrin and some Triaminic because we noticed his coughing was getting worse. We figured we'd wait until the morning and take him to the pediatrician. Cole wanted Tim to sleep with him so I went back to bed by myself. Then at 3:30 am, Tim comes storming in the bedroom, flips on the light and yells "Sweetie, you have to get up"...my first thought was that my water broke in my sleep and I had wet the bed or something! Then he told me to go downstairs and be with Cole while he was on the phone with an operator from 911. Cole did not look good...his face was very pale and cool to the touch and so were his hands and his feet. But he was shivering and he kept stiffening his arms and legs, as if he had no control over them. Tim tried to take his temperature but our thermometer decided to take a crap right then so I felt his back and it was very hot to the touch but his face, hands and feet remained cool. And his breathing was very erratic and his little heart was pounding...I could tell he was really frightened and I was trying my best to calm him down. I grabbed his inhaler and had him take a few slow puffs and that did help with his breathing...he was able to calm down and his breathing became more regular. But he was still shivering pretty badly and stiffening his arms and legs. Finally a firetruck arrived and all these firemen piled into the house and that's when I realized I was in a tank top that barely covered my huge belly and a pair of torn up boxer shorts so Tim ran up to get me a bathrobe (which still didn't really cover me but it was better than not being at least semi-covered). Cole started becoming more frightened when all the firemen started piling in the house and then an ambulance arrived, so more people were coming in. How Bella slept through all this, I'll never know. They even pulled up to the house with all the lights and sirens and I was so sure she'd wake up but she never did. They tried to take his vitals but couldn't get any so they just decided to stop wasting time and get him in the ambulance to start heading over to the hospital so they could get him on oxygen and give him some more albuterol on the way over. He was so cute as I said goodbye to him....I said "you get to ride in an ambulance...how cool is that" and he said in a tiny weak voice "okay"....Tim went with him and I think that's probably the only reason he didn't freak out.

Of course I ended up staying up waiting for Tim to call and he finally did and they were still waiting for the doctor to come in and see them but at least they were in a room with a bed and Cole was trying to get some sleep. They took his temperature and it was 38.9 celcius...still not sure what that is in farenheit but I knew it had to be high. After we hung up, I don't think I prayed as hard as I did during that moment....every possible scenario was going through my head and I kept imagining the worst. But I knew he was in good hands being at the hospital but it was so hard to not be there with him, knowing exactly what was going on at every minute. Tim called back an hour later and said that the doctor had seen Cole and determined he had a slight ear infection in one ear and they did chest x-rays and found he has a respiratory infection. Still not sure if he had a seizure or a convulsion due to the sudden rise in his temperature but this was no longer a concern as his temperature had gone down considerably since being at the hospital. So they gave him a couple shots of antibiotics and wrote a scrip for the ear infection and resp infection and said he'd be fine as long as he came home and rested some more.

Against my better judgment, I got Bella up and drove over to the hospital to pick them up. My sister had offered to but she wouldn't have been able to pick them up for at least another 90 minutes and I knew Tim and Cole were exhausted and needed to get home. I figured the drive was only 7 minutes and Bella could climb up into her carseat so I wouldn't have to lift her. Unfortunately though I had been having contractions, cramping and pressure most of the night but I was so concerned about Cole that it wasn't the most important thing on my mind at the time. I felt okay driving over and Tim drove us back home but after being home for about an hour, every time I stood up, I got very crampy and had this horrible aching pain in my crotch and my upper inner thighs. So I called the perinatal service and asked if they thought maybe I should see if I could get into my OB that day instead of waiting until my appointment today. But as I was talking to her I was becoming incredibly crampy and then I could feel Garrett pressing hard against my cervix, which was becoming more intense and painful. She said "I think you better get over to L&D immediately....I don't like the sound of that at all". So she called over there to alert them that I was coming and I could imagine all the nurses sitting at the nurses station rolling their eyes at the thought of me coming down there yet again!! I felt so bad for Tim....my sister came over and stayed with the kids while he drove me over to the hospital....by now the guy is functioning on very little sleep. I'm used to getting no sleep b/c I don't think I've actually slept a couple hours in a row since my 20th week of pregnancy. The nurses were really cool about seeing me again and 2 of them helped me get set up in a room. Tim fell into the recliner and immediately started snoring and I had to explain to the nurse that he had just spent most of the night and the morning in the emergency room downstairs with our son. So they monitored me for about an hour and I had a couple contractions but nothing that was intense or painful. The OB on call came in to check my cervix and he said it was maybe a fingertip dilated but still posterior and high and still only 70% effaced so he felt comfortable letting me go home. I think that was the quickest visit we've ever had to L&D.

Monday felt like it lasted 36 hours....between Cole's emergency and than me having my "OMG, this is IT" moment we were all SOOOO exhausted, with the exception of Bella who had gotten a wonderful night's sleep and had no intention of taking a long nap.

Today, Cole is feeling much better....he's back to his old self, playing with his cars and trains and antagonizing Bella. I haven't had very many contractions in the last 12 hours but I still have that nagging, aching sensation in my crotch that I'm afraid will probably stay with me until I deliver. It's so painful that I can hardly walk to the bathroom and believe me when I say walking to the bathroom is the highlight of my day b/c it's the only form of exercise I get these days.

I have an OB appt today and an NST. Originally, my OB had said she would schedule my c-section for 38 weeks but I think I'll go insane having to wait another 5 weeks. There are no signs that these babies are coming anytime soon, even with all the contractions, cramping and pressure. If I can go this long having this many contractions and not having it change my cervix any, then I think I'm in this for the long haul. So my plan is to ask her if I'm willing to do an amnio at 36 weeks to check the maturity of the babies lungs, if she'd be willing to schedule my c-section for sometime during the 36th week. I had the steroid shot a couple weeks and also knowing that multiples mature in the womb much faster than singletons, I would imagine their lungs would be mature by then. If not, then I'm fine with waiting the extra 2 weeks as long as it means they'll be nice and healthy when they're born. But why wait those 2 weeks and continue to be miserable if they're lungs are mature and they're good weights...might as well deliver them and make me a happy woman again whose hoo-haw doesn't hurt every waking minute of the day.

So wish me luck that my OB will feel sympathetic enough to agree to my new plan....


Jen said...

Oh my goodness, no kidding excitement! I hope they figure out what was going on with Cole, but if they don't hopefully it won't ever happen again. That had to be so scary, I can't even imagine it. Thank goodness you guys stayed calm. Good job!

Anonymous said...

38.9 is 102.02F :)
Denise (IAmDenise)

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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