Saturday, March 3, 2007

STILL pregnant!!

Tomorrow is another milestone....33 weeks!! I'm honestly shocked that I've made it this far! Although I do have to admit, selfishly, that I wouldn't mind if the babies were born at this point, even though I know it would be best for them to stay inside for another week or two. Last night, I was watching Tim get into a nice, comfy position on the sofa with a little smile on his face and I wanted to curse at fact, I might have. And then a couple nights ago, I woke up to him snoring loudly, laying flat on his back....I wanted to smother him with a pillow. I'm just SO uncomfortable these days and I'm so ready to have my body back and feel 40 pounds lighter. Oh, and to sleep flat on my back again....I live for the day!

Tim and I were talking yesterday about how we're gonna manage 4 kids...we figure schedule and routine is key, once again. So here's a tentative plan we came up with....I'll feed the babies during the day every 3 hours, at the same time. They'll sleep at the same time, eat at the same time, diaper changes at the same time....gotta keep them on the same exact schedule. This time, I won't be so afraid to wake one up to eat if the other wakes up to eat. Everyone says "don't wake a sleeping baby"....those people obviously never had twins. The first few months with multiples is all about gotta do what works to get you through a day! I'm gonna try to give breastfeeding (or at least pumping) a try but I'm not sure how well it'll work out so I'm already planning on having to supplement with formula and that's how I'm figuring I'll be able to get away with feedings every 3 hours. If they were solely being fed breast milk I know they'd need to eat more often than that. I'll do all this on my own during the day, while Tim works....then one of us will go pick up Cole and Bella at preschool and he'll entertain all the kids while I make dinner. Then it'll pretty much be free play until the bedtime routine. We'll take turns with night, I'll bathe Cole and Bella and get them ready for bed while he tends to the little ones. Then the next night, he'll do the baths and I'll take care of the babies. Tim will do the last feeding of the night with the babies, probably around 11:00 pm or midnight and then hopefully we'll be able to go every 4 hours at night so I'll get up for the 2:00 am feeding and then we'll both do the 6:00 am feeding and then take turns showering while we wait for Cole and Bella to wake up around 7:00 am. Of course this is all tentative and based on the hopes that these babies will fall right into this schedule nicely at some point. I know the first few weeks will be hectic as we try to figure things out and find what works for all of us but hopefully by the time they're around 6 weeks old, we'll have our plan in place. It didn't take us that long with Cole and Bella and thankfully around 5 months old, they were both sleeping through the night!

Speaking of Cole and Bella, they were both sitting with me yesterday and we were watching videos of them when they were younger. They both got such a kick out of seeing themselves, especially Cole. When I would put on a video that just had Bella in it, Cole would say "No, not Bella...I wanna see me". It was bittersweet because while I love the stage they're at now, it makes me miss seeing how little they were. I had forgotten what their babbling sounded like before they could talk...I had forgotten how intrigued they were with bubbles in the their faces looked the first time they tried a new food. I'm so happy we captured so many of these moments on video and it's been ages since I had watched them.

The kids have been doing a good job of keeping me company while on bedrest. If I'm upstairs in bed, they'll come hang out with me and watch tv or we'll sing songs. Bella likes coming upstairs and eating breakfast with me....the girl can pack it away! This morning, she shared a bagel with me, then ate half my banana and half of my orange juice. And then she went downstairs and finished HER breakfast!! There are some days I can't stand being upstairs any longer so I'll come downstairs, dragging all my things with me for the day. And then I can just lay on the sofa and watch them play, read books with them and feel somewhat more involved. Being upstairs by myself all day is so isolating.

As of yesterday, Cole and Bella are 29 months....just one month shy of being 2 1/2. I was talking to a couple friends this week about how hard it is to believe that all our babies will be going off to kindergarten in just 2 1/2 more years. I know it's gonna go by fast...part of me is ready for it, part of me isn't. I love the little people that they are turning into...Bella is very social and very talkative. Cole not so much but he's still pretty friendly but prefers to play independently. He's wonderful at sharing and Bella is getting better at it. Everyday they say or do something that makes me laugh. A few nights ago, Bella had the nail clippers after Tim clipped her nails and she said "Mommy, I cut your nails for you....I won't hurt you". Of course, she ended up clipping the end of my finger and I said "ouch, that hurts" and she kissed my finger and said "sorry, Mommy". I've been having blood drawn weekly at the lab and when Cole sees the marks on my arm, he says "let me kiss your owie" sweet.

Well, that's my update for today....still pregnant, still hanging in here. I think the nifidepine is the only thing holding labor off at this point. Tim was joking the other day that if I'm that uncomfortable I should just stop taking it....for a minute, I think we both seriously considered it!! I'm gonna try my best to get in another week or two...I'm sure by 35 weeks, I'll be begging my OB to do the c-section....


Michele S said...

That is awesome that you are hanging in there!!!! I think your plan is perfect and totally do-able. And I should KNOW!!! I had Austin in a good schedule within weeks. There was only a few weeks where he had the fussy inconsolable crying for 2 hours straight. That just took a quick formula change and we were back in business. You'll be fine. You know so much this time and you'll whip those little guys right into shape. I am your cheering team!!!!

Congrats on 33 weeks and OMG on your bellyshot!!! OMG YOU ARE HUGE!

Sonja said...

That's awesome, Helene! :)

Jen said...

Wow is all I can say. I am so happy that you have made it this far. Just make sure to tell Tim how to post a note on your Blog so we will know when the boys arrive.

Good luck!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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