Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's take a ride on the formula merry-go-round...and other fun things to do....

So once again we find ourselves on the formula merry-go-round, trying to find something that will help Garrett and Landon with their gas. By Monday morning, Tim and I had finally concluded that we couldn't keep the boys on Neosure anymore. Garrett has terribly painful gas and pretty foul-smelling runny poop...Landon has gas but he doesn't seem to be as bothered by it as Garrett is. I know the Neosure is good for them b/c they are preemies but I'm not willing to watch my kids suffer. Our pedi had suggested switching to soy formula but b/c the Lactose-free formula worked so well for Cole and Bella, we decided to try that first before going right to soy. We have to make the mixture equal to 22 calories so that was kind of a pain in the butt to figure out....and let me just say for the record, trying to count scoops of formula while extremely tired is never a good idea. Right in the middle of counting scoops, I forgot which number I was then I sat there trying to decide if I should dump the batch I was working on or suck it up and assume I was on scoop #4. Because of the horrible "mommy guilt" I constantly suffer from, I decided to dump the batch and start counting scoops in a separate bowl instead of dumping it directly into the container of water so if I lose count again (and I will...) I can just dump the formula back into the cannister and start over without losing a whole batch of ready-made formula.

After the first feeding, things seemed to be going well....the boys were great with accepting the new formula, even though it smelled pretty foul. They didn't seem to notice the difference. But sure enough, 2 hours later Garrett was red in the face and all balled up into the fetal position and squirming and grunting in pain. Tim declared "oh just great...the formula isn't working...". I think he expected it to be the "miracle formula" and see great results from it immediately. Nope, doesn't work like that, sorry. I told him it would probably take 3-4 days before we noticed a change. So now the boys have been on it for almost 2 days and the gas doesn't seem to be as's still there but Garrett doesn't seem to be in as much pain as before. And his poop looks better (OMG, did I really just write that???)....his poop on the Neosure was runny and green but now his poop is more like a yellow color with more consistency to it (again...OMG, am I really writing about the color and texture of my kid's poop??) I called the pedi's office today to see how long we should give the new formula before deciding if it's really working or not....Dr C is on vacation so I spoke with one of his partners. He said give it until Friday and if it doesn't seem to be helping, switch to there we have it...we have a plan. Oh, the formula merry-go-round is such a fun ride....

Other than that, I'm a little saddened that Landon no longer fits into his preemie clothes anymore. He's now in the newborn-sized clothes. And when I go to pick him up, I can actually feel his weight makes me sad that he is growing so fast. And even Garrett is starting to pack on the weight...he actually has a double chin now. They're both starting to recognize my face and voice now...the other day when my stepdad was here, he was holding Landon and when I started talking, he turned towards me and my stepdad said "oh, he hears your voice". And when I'm holding them, I hold my face real close to theirs and they just stare at it. I'm noticing that their eyes are lightening up a longer a dark shade of grayish/blue but now a medium-dark blue. I was thinking their eyes would be brown but looks like they'll be blue-eyed kids, like Cole and Bella.

Speaking of Cole and Bella, those two continue to push my buttons every day. Last night, I was feeding Garrett and Bella, wait...she needed my attention. That's what she said "Mommy, I want you...." and I said "Bella, can you wait a minute?" and she said "No, I NEED you" (emphasis on the word 'need').... Again I told her I had to finish feeding the baby and she didn't like that and proceeded to do things that she knew would set me off, like play with the babies' swings, sit in their bouncey seats, turn up the volume on the tv and run away with the remote....oh and the other night I found her holding Garrett all by herself!! I had gone upstairs to pump and Tim was downstairs with Cole and Bella and the babies. He must have moved Garrett into the Papasan chair and then he went into the laundry room to change Cole, leaving Bella alone with the babies. I came downstairs to find her cradling him in her arms and I immediately yelled "Bella...stop...freeze right where you are". I was so afraid she was gonna drop him or lose her balance holding him. I ran over to her and helped her hold him and she said "Baby wants to sit with me"....apparently, her plan was to have him sit on the couch with her. I'm not sure how she planned to get up on the couch, while holding him in her arms, but the thought really frighened me. And poor Garrett was totally unaware the whole time of how close he came to being dropped on his head...he just sat there looking at both of us like "anyone got a boob they can pop in my mouth?".

I had my mom's housecleaner come over today to clean our disgusting mess we call a home. The ironic thing about it was I was running around this morning like a chicken with my head cut off trying to clean the house for HER!!! There was clutter everywhere...laundry baskets all over the place with clean laundry awaiting to be folded and put away, used bottles sitting by the sink, the kids' breakfast dishes were still on the table, toys everywhere, baby blankets, bibs and spit-up rags all over the floor....I was so sure she'd walk in and take one look at the place and either leave immediately saying we don't pay her nearly enough to conquer this mess or tell me we'd need to double her pay for today. But she didn't, she just smiled her polite smile and said hello to the kids and went about cleaning. And she cleaned like a mad woman, never even stopping to eat lunch....I saw her running around from room to room, all out of breath trying to get every room clean before her time was up. Now our house is clean....I told Tim he better enjoy it for the next few hours b/c as soon as Cole and Bella come home from preschool, the house will be dirty again. It never lasts for long....all good things must come to an end, as my dad used to say.

So with that, I better sign off.....and figure out what to make for dinner....why can't I be rich like Oprah and have my own personal chef?????


Michele S said...

Helene- I just caught up on your blog. (I should be making dinner but I was afraid you were eaten by a spider so I kept reading.) I've been on the formula merry-go-round so I hope you get it figured out soon. It sounds like you have a great game plan. I used the very exact same one myself.

You are doing a great job, Helene. The older kids are going to go through an adjustment period and they are going to test you CONSTANTLY!!! You'll all be okay. Let go of the guilt and enjoy them through the sleepy haze. Sleep is on it's way! Just a few more years, LOL!


Jen said...

Good plan on counting out formula scoops, better to use an extra bowl than waste formula. Good luck with the gas, (I am still trying to find food that won't give Kevin gas!) I think all mom's have talked about baby poop at one time or another. Good luck with the older ones. It is hard to be sleep deprived and maintain any kind of discipline, but just do your best, that is all you can do. Try to turn her enthusiasm to your advantage. I don't know how, but there has got to be a way. Distraction sometimes can be a wonderful thing. When Bella "needs" you, maybe ask her to get you something i.e."Be a big helper for Mommy and get me a blanket", or something like that.

And if you ever need to talk, just give me a call!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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