Monday, May 14, 2007

Have I dropped off the face of the earth yet?

May...geez, I don't know and I can't even begin to guess at what today's date is....I know it's Monday....I think....

I wanted to post these beautiful pics that Bonnie took a few weeks ago....the boys were only 5 weeks old....I had forgotten how small they were!!! The pics came out gorgeous and I'm so proud of them...I'm gonna use a few of them for our birth announcents. Yeah, I suck...have YET to get out birth announcements for my 9 WEEK OLD sons but I've been busy (can I use that excuse or is it null and void after you've used it too often??) And last time I checked there isn't an "overdue" date for when you can send a birth announcement out, although at the rate I'm going I'll probably get their high school graduation announcements out before their birth announcements. Won't the world be shocked?! Anyway, I hope the pics show up here b/c I'm posting them directly from Bonnie's photobucket account...if they don't post, I'll have to re-post them tomorrow.



It's amazing how much the little dudes have changed in just these last few weeks since those pics were taken. Landon is so much chunkier now....I sit there and pinch his cheeks constantly and now when I squeeze his thighs, I can actually see cellulite (the one time in your life when cellulite is acceptable and actually adorable is when you are a baby!)....OMG, he's just too cute for words. I think I caught a glimpse of a smile today when I was changing his diaper, although it could've just been pure relief from having a horribly disgusting poopy diaper removed. But when I was changing him I saw him look directly at my face so I smiled at him and I swore he smiled back...sorta....well, it was more like an Elvis Presley kinda smile where half his lip was turned up so I'll consider it a smile in my book, just to make myself feel better. Garrett is still in his own little world, although he is starting to focus more on looking at me when I talk to him. Even Garrett is starting to get a little pudge on him....he's my little fragile guy, even though he has lungs on him that when he cries he could wake people up in another country. My sister thinks he's an "angel baby" because he never cries around her so the other day when he went into one of his crying fits, I called her up and as soon as she said "hello" I put the receiver to his mouth so she could hear "angel baby" scream at the top of his lungs...he literally says "waaa-waaa" when he cries like when you imitate a baby crying. She was shocked and said "what's wrong with him" and I said "oh, nothing...absolutely nothing....he's just crying for the sake of crying and I wanted you to hear it firsthand...your precious little angel baby is crying....". I still think she thinks I must have pricked him with a pin or something to get him to cry like that...she just doesn't believe that "angel baby" would ever cry like that.

How was my Mother's Day? Well, I don't even wanna go was ugly....but it ended on a good note with Tim and I having a lovely conversation that very much needed to happen. We had gotten into a huge fight and we both said some things that were cruel and uncalled for and I ended up telling him that I was packing my bags and leaving...and I would have had I not decided to call Bonnie and ruin her Mother's Day with my crying about how evil my husband is. Then Tim ended up coming upstairs (I had locked myself in the bedroom) and he wanted to talk things out and I told him I needed some more time...I was too angry. Within a couple hours, we had made up and talked and we went to my mom's house to celebrate Mother's day. The babies got held by everyone there. And Cole and Bella were also the center of attention so Tim and I were able to relax and enjoy the day, for the most part. Until evening time came and we realized that none of the kids had gotten a good nap and 7:00 pm rolled around and all hell broke loose....ever wonder what it sounds like when 4 kids cry at the same exact time for absolutely no reason, other than they are so stinkin tired they can't see straight???? All my mom could do was look at me and shake her head....I think that's the first time my mom ever felt sorry for me. And then my stepdad offered to take all 4 kids for us overnight next mom's eyes practically popped out of her head. It won't happen....but it was nice of him to offer.

So now another long, busy week is ahead of me....the boys have a doctor's appt tomorrow and they need their shots, I have to have b/w done for my thyroid and I have 2 scrips to fill....all the while, being stopped by strangers asking questions like "twins??", "are they 2 boys or 2 girls?", "how much did they weigh when they were born?", "what are their names?"......and I won't mention the fact that they are our 2nd set of twins b/c the questions get even wierder at that point...."were you trying for twins again?" (huh???? how do you try for twins??), "that's rare, isn't it?" (yeah, thanks for making me feel like a total freak of nature), "did you need help?" (now I'm assuming they must mean did I need medical help but I would love to answer this question saying "um, husband might have helped a little here and there for about 5 minutes")....and the one question that EVERYONE asks "how do you do it?".....honestly, I have no idea how I do it.....I live, eat and breathe 2 sets of twins and I don't know how I do it....but I can tell you this, I wouldn't want my life to be any other way....

(Jen, I could not stop laughing at your comment in my last entry about Tim brushing my hair for 2 one can replace you, my darling!!! If I even look at Tim with a hairbrush in my hand, he takes off running....)


Debbie said...

Helene, You are AMAZING, don't let anyone tell you any different. I couldn't do what you do for one day, and here you do it EVERY day. You will always be a hero to me in many ways, especially the Mommy category!
Lots of love, I'm off on a cruise (w/o teen!!)

Michele S said...

Helene- Um, yeah, I do know what it's like to have four kids crying FOR NO REASON ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!! HOW DO I GET THESE CAPS LARGER????????? It's a scary thing, isn't it???? Everyone has always wondered why I was such a schedule freak, but having four kids crying at the same time is enough to put the fear of God into a person.

I'm so glad that you didn't pack your bags and leave Tim, although one night alone with all four kids may have put the fear of God into Tim too. Then he'd be brushing your damn hair 22 hours a day.

Hang in there Helene! The boys are absolutely beautiful beyond words. You are an amazing and wonderful gal!!!!!!!


Michele S said...

Okay, now I think you HAVE dropped off the face of the Earth! It's not like you don't have time! We NEED to say the babies. HELLO??? GILLIGAN???

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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