Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The latest....

Amidst all the illness, we are prevailing!! I think the colds that all 4 kids had is on its way out along with the nasty pinkeye. The boys still have thrush but we're treating that daily and it's starting to look better and I can tell they feel better as well. Although we had a relapse for a couple days....we were about to run out of the medicine and so I called the 24-hour pharmacy refill number, thinking the medicine would be ready, 24 hours as it says and as it says on the prescription come Sunday afternoon, the medicine still isn't ready and so the boys went Sunday evening without medication. Come Monday morning, their little tongues were coated with that white crap again...ugh!! Monday morning I call the pharmacy and it's STILL not ready. So I decide to go in to the pharmacy in person and bitch someone out and the pharmacy tech says to me "oh, we don't process orders on the weekend" I practically screamed in her face "well, you might wanna mention that on your 24-HOUR RECORDER"!!!! Not her fault, I realize that but someone had to get the brunt of my anger....try treating your twin newborns for thrush and have it practically gone and then it comes back in less than 24 hours because they don't process freakin orders on the weekend!!!! She did sympathize with me, although a better way for her to show her sympathy would have been to offer to babysit all 4 kids for me for a few hours so I could get a nap but no such luck. She filled the order for me in 20 minutes while I chased Cole and Bella around the pharmacy, trying to get them to act civilized, while other people stared at me and some even daring to ask "oh, are they twins?" if I want to have a conversation with people about them being twins while they're running around the pharmacy out of control. And one woman even referred to Cole and Bella as "the most gorgeous children she had ever seen", particularly because of their white-blonde hair and blue eyes. I almost asked her if she wanted to take them home with her.....I was just not feeling the "Supermom" vibe that day I think....

In the midst of all this, somehow Tim and I managed to catch'd think it was from yelling at the kids but I actually have been able to maintain some kind of patience with all the kids. Tim's voice is back but mine still doesn't exist....Tim's loving life. Cole asked me where my voice went and I told him that Bella took it and he said to Bella "give Mommy back her voice"....I forget that 2 yr olds have NO sense of humor.

I have tons of pictures to post but not sure I have the time right now, as I'm about 15 minutes away from feeding the boys, but I will definitely post some either tonight or tomorrow. They have grown so much, it's incredible. They don't look like the tiny 3 lb and 5 lb babies that they were almost 8 weeks ago. And somehow, miraculously without even trying, we've developed a nice little routine during the they eat every 4 hours and then stay awake for a little while after that while I dance around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to entertain them (how does one entertain 2 newborns????) and then when they start showing signs of being tired (or maybe they're completely bored or just plain sick of my entertainment), I swaddle them up and put them in their swings and they're usually asleep within 10 minutes. They take 3 naps a day..the morning nap is usually about 2 hours, the midafternoon nap is usually 3 hours and then the late afternoon nap is about 2 hours. It's perfect and they hardly fuss anymore during the day....they are GREAT sleepers. My friend Tori told me that her kids are GREAT sleepers and I just could never get what she meant by I can!!!! Cole and Bella were horrible nappers when they were this age.

As for the evening routine, well, we're trying to get a handle on that. My friend, Michele, who could make millions of dollars writing a book sharing all her wonderful tips, has given me advice on how to develop a routine as well as my friend Sandra, who had her baby sleeping through the night (12 hours!!!) at the tender age of 9 weeks, thanks to Michele!!! I realize Garrett and Landon won't quite make it 12 hours at 9 weeks because they were preemies and still have a way to go until they can do that but I'm aiming for a good 5-6 hour stretch at night. And I've noticed in the last week or two that the boys are more fussy in the evening. We've been keeping them downstairs with us after their 7:00 pm feeding, with the lights on, the tv on and the dishwasher running. And when Tim and I are liking each other, we'll talk....but on most nights, we're rather annoyed with one another (and that's putting it lightly) so we just watch tv without talking. So I was starting to think all this noise was overstimulating them and not allowing them to have that wind-down time they need to fall asleep. So I shot off an e-mail to Michele....sort of like a Multiples Mom SOS (Michele has triplets and a singleton!!!!) and she shared more tips with me and told me what NOT to do anymore at this point. Last night, Tim hadn't had a chance to put up the video monitors yet so I didn't want to put the boys in their room yet so I kept them downstairs after their feeding but I turned off all the lights, with the exception of a nightlight in the kitchen, turned off the tv and didn't run the dishwasher. I put them to sleep in their swings, with some very soft lullaby music playing, and OMG...they were asleep in 15 minutes with very little fussing. And when they did fuss, instead of picking them up and trying to rock them, I just went over to them and said "ssshhhh" a few times and rubbed their little foreheads and it was just enough to get them on their way to visit Mr Sandman. At 8:30, the house was completely quiet!!!!!! But then Bella decided she didn't want to sleep....oh well, can't win them all in one evening I suppose. Tonight, the boys will go down in their room since Tim was able to get the cameras up late last night. The other problem we have is that we bring them upstairs in the middle of the night for the rest of the night and then Cole and Bella wake up early and come into our room and that wakes the boys up. So they really need to be in their own room so we'll see how that goes tonight....

Goodness, in the time it took me to type all that, I could've posted pics but now it's feeding time and the boys are starting to stir...funny how their little tummies know it's time to eat. The soy formula has done wonders for them...hardly any more gas!!!! But when they do pass gas or poop, it smells like death....Tim says it smells like a weapon of mass destruction has just gone off in the house. I don't even want to begin to describe what our diaper champs smell like when Tim empties them, between all 4 kids' poopy diapers. It's almost as if we need to leave the house and let it air out for 24 hours. We have GOT to get Cole and Bella potty trained ASAP.

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