Thursday, January 24, 2008

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Well, let's talk about the kiddos...they're growing up so quickly! Although I have to say when people tell me to enjoy the "babyhood stage" b/c it passes quickly, I just laugh, literally outloud. While I was waiting in line at Toys R Us one day with the babies, one mom said to me "my son will be leaving for college in September and it makes me so sad...I miss when he was a baby...enjoy this babyhood stage as much as you can b/c before you know it, they'll be grown up"...I said, as sympathetically as I could manage, "you know, this last year has been hard...amazing but hard...I'll just be thrilled when they can all finally take a shower by themselves and brush their own teeth".

I'll start with the oldest of our clan...Cole! He's tall and thin and SO handsome, of course I'm a little biased here, but he gets compliments all the time, even from complete strangers. He's got white-blonde hair, stunning blue eyes and a cute little button nose. He's as hyper as boys come though....give that kid the tiniest bit of sugar and he's bouncing off the wall for hours. He's finally completely potty trained, 100%. I know this b/c the director at the preschool he and Bella attend said we now qualify for the "potty-trained tuition rate". We'll save a whole $30/month now....hey, that's a box of 100 diapers for Garrett and Landon right there. Cole has an amazing sense of humor and his laughter is enough to send me into laughter. I could just sit there and stare at him for hours...he's very good with his hands and loves to build things and put things together. He has a Cars puzzle that we got him for Christmas and he can put the whole thing together by himself. He is still obsessed with Cars and Thomas the train. His favorite past-time is to go on E-Bay with me and bid on auctions selling anything related to Thomas. He's been wanting the Mavis die-cast train, which has been discontinued, so we finally won an auction and he asks everyday when will it arrive in the mail. He doesn't forget a fact, he can tell you something that happened a year ago that still seems fresh in his mind. At bedtime, he enjoys reading books to us now, which I absolutely love. His 2 favorite books to read to us are "The Very Hungry Catapillar" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?". The 2 biggest problems we seem to have with Cole is his constant whining and his "I want, I want, I want" attitude. When he whines now, I imitate him, obviously making it sound worse than it really is, and then I say "that's what you sound like...I can't understand a word you say when you whine" or I'll say "awww, what kind of cheese would you like with your 'whine'?". Usually he laughs and then he'll say what he's trying to tell me in his big boy voice. The "I want" attitude, in all honesty, is b/c Tim and I have spoiled him rotten. He has no patience and doesn't understand that the whole world does not revolve around him. We're quickly trying fix this problem, by being more consistent and telling him "no" more often to things he wants and trying to explain why he can't everything in the world on a silver plate. Sometimes when he asks why he can't have something, I'll say "because money doesn't grow on trees" and he'll say "but apples do". Okay, son, well as soon as Target starts accepting apples as payment, you can have anything your little heart desires...Oh, the other thing he does is imitates everything we say and I mean EVERYTHING. The other day Tim said "dumbass" and now that's Cole's new word about everything..."this movie is a dumbass", "this train is a dumbass". Lovely, right?

Bella, next in line, is as cute as they come. And the thing is, she KNOWS she's cute. We have a closet in our bedroom which has a huge mirror on it and she'll be talking to me but I'll see her actually watching herself in the mirror. When she notices that I've noticed her looking at herself, she gets embarrassed. She has the sweetest voice and she says the funniest things. Gosh, I don't know how she comes up with some of the things she says. She's a little love bug, very affectionate, always wanting hugs and kisses or to sit on our laps. She, too, loves to read books to us at bedtime and Tim and I just look at each other and smile as she reads b/c her little voice is just so sweet (and she messes up some of the words in the books which cracks us black sheet, black sheet, what do you see, instead of black sheep, black sheep). She adores the babies and loves to help me with them...she must be involved with every feeding and every diaper change. She likes to carry them from room to room, while the babies laugh, never realizing for one minute the danger they're in, until I catch her and ask her to put them down. And Bella is a total girlie-girl...very into purses, nailpolish, make-up, shoes. She loves to watch me get ready in the morning, asking about every item of make-up I apply or asking me how I'm gonna wear my hair that day. Last night, I was getting ready to go out with some girlfriends and she was watching me...she wanted me to put some powder and lipstick on her too. Then she watched me flip my hair upside down, fluff it a little with my fingers and then spray some hairspray. She thought that was really cool and insisted on doing the same thing and she absolutely had to have hairspray too. Then she said "Mommy, you look really cute...I bet your friends will think you're cute too..and they're gonna like your hair b/c it's really long...longer than any hair I know".

Then there's sweet, little cuddlebug of a baby. He's as pudgy as they come, with rolls that go on forever...serious rolls that I have to take time to pry apart each time I bathe him. Anyone who finds baby buns adorable would be in love with his little's so pinchable!!! He loves to be held and cuddled with, in fact so much that he reminds me of a baby monkey clinging to its Mama. If I have him in my arms and I bend down to pick something up, he digs his fingers into me and pulls himself closer to my body. If I try to put him down, he grips me with a death-grip and will not let go. I'm constantly having to make sure his nails are clipped down to the core b/c the boy has scratched me so hard a few times by trying to stay clung to me that it draws blood. He babbles all the time and can now say "mama", which he mostly says when he's crying and wants me. He's a great crawler and has now mastered pulling himself up into a standing position and coasting along the furniture. He's recently started to let go and stand on his own for about a minute or so before he loses his balance. He also really enjoys walking with the push toy. I think he'll be walking by his 1st birthday, if not before. He used to be my good eater when it came to pureed baby foods. He'd eat everything and anything I gave him, with the exception of the pureed mac-n-cheese (that stuff is pukey, I don't blame him). But now that he's on regular table food, he's showing his picky side. However, he does love Puffs and Cheerios...he could live off of those 2 foods if I let him. He weighs about 22 pounds and I'm not sure how tall he is at this point but he's gonna be just like Bella in terms of physical features. Short and pudgy!! He's starting to get more, which is all blonde, and he has the biggest blue eyes, just like Cole. Definitely has Tim's coloring but he looks just like me when I was a baby in terms of features.

Landon....he's the most laid back of them all BUT when he's pissed about something, he screams this ugly high-pitched sound that could shatter glass. And God forbid I'm holding him when he does this right in my ear...there have been a few times I've wanted to literally drop him on his ass when he does it b/c it's so painful to hear directly in my ear. He has a great sense of humor...he laughs about everything. Always smiling too. He's crawling too and standing up on things but he's nowhere as interested as Garrett is in trying to walk with the push toy. I think once Garrett starts to walk, that's when Landon will want to. He's tall and thin, like Cole, but has my coloring (brown hair and brown eyes) and looks just like me. He's a great eater...he'll eat anything put in front of him. He especially loves dino chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese. The one surefire way to calm him down if he gets hurt or he's upset about something is for me to sing that song by the Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" but I change the name Delilah to "Little Chicken". Yes, of course, my 2 littlest onces have to have funky nicknames just like Cole and Bella. When Landon was a newborn, b/c he was a preemie, he was all scrawny and his skin just kinda hung on him. My stepdad came to the NICU to visit with us and the babies and Landon was only wearing a diaper and I handed him to my stepdad and Landon was kinda all curled up in the fetal position on his belly and my stepdad said "I've eaten chickens bigger than this guy". And that's what Landon looked of those little 5-lb fryer chickens you buy in the store. So the name "Chicken" has stuck with him.

Well, Bella has just informed me that she has to pee and I "must" accompany her to the bathroom so I'll write more another time.

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