Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say cheese....

A loving moment between Cole and Bella (but don't let this fool took me literally 10 minutes and about 25 pics to get this ONE pic)

I just love this pic...yet another moment of bliss, when they weren't trying to strangle each other or lick each other's faces. Sometimes I think I'm raising wild animals...

Someday, Cole will deny he ever wore a Princess Tiara but I'll just whip out this picture as proof that he did (and he enjoyed it too!!) This pic is a must-see for his future prom date...

The kids on their bikes they got for Christmas...yeah, they think they're hot stuff (they have no clue it's the training wheels that are keeping the bikes upright!)

Landon...all smiles....the boy is always smiling!

Garrett thinks he's hot stuff b/c he can stand up now...he's gonna be a computer geek like his dad...

Boys will be boys...Cole is NOT happy with the fact that Garrett and Landon LOVE his Thomas the train collection. I had to take this pic when Cole wasn't around so he wouldn't know the babies were messing with his stuff!

The boys are finally big enough to ride in the double wagon...yeah! It makes a life a lot easier when we just wanna go on quick walks without having to break out the double stroller.

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