Thursday, March 6, 2008

The shoe has dropped....

So today was an extremely LONG began at 6:15 am when I could hear one of the babies babbling away in his crib. I suspected it was Garrett because ever since he started that new antibiotic last Saturday for his double ear infection, he's been crapping non-stop, usually beginning at 6:15 am and not stopping until bedtime. And for some reason today none of the kids could be easily pacified....they were all whiny, clingy and extremely sensitive about every little thing. And was it just yesterday where I was writing that things seemed to be going unusually well and I was waiting for the other shoe to drop??? The shoe has dropped....and it's dropped hard....

By 5:00 pm this evening, I was ready to grab a bottle of wine from the fridge and sneak upstairs to hide in our bathroom. I yelled at Tim "this day is dragging on forever...when is it going to end??" 6:00 pm, the babies were freakin losing all grips on reality, both screaming at the top of their lungs, wanting me to hold them and only ME. Anytime Tim tried to hold them, they'd scream even louder and reach their chubby little arms out to me and cry "mama, mama, mama", sending my guilt radar into overload. I finally asked him to finish the dishes (and what the hell is up with that anyway...I cooked dinner, why am I the one doing the dishes???) and I scooped the babies up and took them upstairs for a bath. Once they were up there and it was just me and them, they started to calm down and I sang "The Wheels on the Bus" and they were all smiles, completely unrecognizable from the little demon babies they had been only 10 minutes prior to that.

Then after they were dressed, Tim took them downstairs and I bathed Cole and Bella. Here's where things start to get much better....they've really been into washing each other lately. But tonight Cole said "Mommy, if you put your feet on the tub, I'll wash them for you". And Bella said "yeah, and I'll put lotion on them". So I laid on the floor and put my legs up over the tub and they actually did wash my feet and then lathered my feet and legs with lotion. I swear, I thought I died and went to heaven. Bella said "Mommy, are we making you happy?" sweet!! And then she made me laugh a few minutes after that when I thanked them for washing my feet and putting lotion on them, for taking such good care of me, she said "you're very was my pleasure".

I've been considering switching preschools. Their preschool just raised their tuition again considerably, like a 10% increase!!! And then on top of that, they reduced their sibling discount from 25% to 10%!!! That's huge to another $175 a month. And honestly I haven't been impressed with the school lately...I talked with Cole and Bella's teachers last week and told them that I was concerned that the kids have regressed and don't seem to be learning anything. When this new director took over, there suddenly was no curriculum anymore. I fell in love with the curriculum when I originally put the kids in this school but it seems to have fallen by the wayside lately. So with the increase in tuition, it's just given me that much more incentive to look into other schools for them, especially since next school year will be very imperative because they need to be prepared for kindergarten. I found out our district has free preschool but I'm not excited about the schools that are offering the program. But I'm still willing to go check them out and see what they have to offer. Then there are also 2 other schools I want to check out, one of which is the preschool where my sister sent her kids. I'm worried about how Cole and Bella will react to being moved and I'm not happy about having to move them the year before they enter kindergarten because it's just one more change they have to endure. I was hoping to keep them in the same preschool they've been attending since they were 2 until they went off to kindergarten but looks like that won't be happening now.

Well, it's my bedtime....10:00 pm! And I'm more than happy to go to bed....tomorrow is another long day and I need to put the finishing touches on the Garrett and Landon's b-day party for Saturday! I hope I don't cry my way through their party....the last of my babies are growing more first smiles, no more first laughs, no more first time sitting up....but I know there will be a lot more firsts for us to enjoy, starting with our first professional family portrait next week. I asked the photographer if he thought he could handle 4 little kids and he didn't hesitate a bit before saying "oh sure, no problem".....I had to bite my lip to hold in my laughter.

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