Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snot, snot, snot and more snot....

Good God, I'm drowning in snot over here. First off, Landon has a case of RSV...thankfully a mild case that didn't require hospitalization. During his appt, the dr asked me to take him to radiology for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia and she forewarned me that she was gonna ask them to put him in a harness. I said "yeah, that's no big deal" and she said "No, it is....it looks very barbaric but it's necessary so I can get a good look at his chest...I don't want you holding his arms or hands, he needs to be in this harness". I figured after everything I had been through with Bella and her hemangioma that NOTHING could possibly freak me out (and trust me, nothing compares to watching your child scream in pain while a dr is injecting steroids into a bleeding, ulcerated hemangioma).

The guy in X-ray shows me the "barbaric" device and I have to admit I asked "and how exactly am I supposed to put him in this?". It was an upright plastic device with a chair in it...kinda like an exercauser with a plastic encasement around it. The x-ray tech helped me put Landon into the harness and had me hold his arms upright so he could encase Landon in the device. I actually started laughing at how silly Landon looked, which thankfully prompted him to laugh. And everytime he started to look like he might start crying, I'd start singing The Wheels on the Bus to him and then I'd end up hysterically laughing...aren't I horrible? Afterwards, the tech said he couldn't believe how well Landon did...he said "he's actually the first baby I've ever seen in that thing who laughed". My little trooper....

Although he wasn't such a trooper during his breathing treatment that the dr insisted we do right there in her office....he flailed, he screamed, he ripped the breathing mask out of my hands, he tugged at the tubing attached to the nebulizer. All I could wonder is what IS wrong with this child...he doesn't mind being totally immobilized in some wierd plastic harness for a chest x-ray but he refuses to wear a mask for a breathing treatment??

And if the RSV isn't bad enough, his ear infection in his left ear was actually worse after 8 days of antibiotics so she switched him to a different medicine. Wonderful, huh? Oh and he's getting 2 more baby teeth and 1 molar....good times.

So he's all snotty and congested....then yesterday morning I wake up to Garrett who has so much snot pouring out of his nose, that he's actually licking it off with his tongue. Cole was impressed and said "next time my nose is running, I'm gonna try that". Boys will be boys. Oh and I suspect he has an ear infection again, as he's been fussy and tugging on his ears. So he'll be going to the dr today....I honestly think my ped's office is SICK of seeing us, although they are always friendly and helpful when we walk in the office but I can't help but wonder if they're rolling their eyes the minute they see me with my 4 demon spawn. To top it all off, I caught the cold too and every time I bend over, my face feels like it's gonna fall off because there is so much pain and pressure in my sinuses.

Cole and Bella are still getting over the mild colds they've had for a couple weeks now.....I'm so sick of snot. That's definitely one of the things they should've taught us in the birthing class in preparation for our babies....that having a baby means you'll forever be drowning in snot. And poop. And pee. And let's not forget the constant puking....formula puke is not nearly as bad as regular whole milk puke. I had forgotten all about that until recently when the babies started whole milk.

Well, besides the snot and possible ear infection, the babies are doing well. Landon is walking more, although he's still doing the whole drunken Frankenstein walk. Garrett is running....his legs are shorter than his entire body but that lil guy can run, esp when he's just gotten caught getting into something he shouldn't be getting into. Tim and I finally stepped out of denial that we didn't need a gate for the stairwell....both babies have mastered climbing the stairs and they would freak me out every single time by standing up on a stair and looking back down at me, while wobbling back and forth as if they might fall any minute. I couldn't deal with having mini heart attacks 40 times a day so I convinced Tim that putting the gate back up would be better for my well-being and sanity.

They are communicating more too...well, not actually talking in actual words but their receptive language seems to be developing well. They understand what I say to them and I think that's a good start to some kind of communication. They also can wave "hi", "bye" and shake their heads "no", which they do constantly, by the way.

Cole and Bella continue to have the funniest conversations. Yesterday in the car Cole was looking at a Thomas the Train catologue and he was telling me the trains that he wants (yeah because money grows on trees) and Bella says to him "you can't have those trains cuz they're too expensive", which sent Cole into a rage of tears. And then we've been saying nightly prayers at bedtime and here I am thanking God for a good day, good weather, our family and friends.....what are they thankful for? Sleeping Beauty and Thomas the train. Oh, to live in a 3-yr old's word for only a day.....

I was reading Dr Sear's book "The Successful Child"......I really like Dr Sears and respect his opinion on a lot of things but all that book did was make me feel like shit....I don't think the guilt ever stops....

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