Friday, March 14, 2008

Whoever said kids are like sponges was right!

Cole and Bella are little sponges...they observe, listen and then eventually repeat back to me something I might have said one month ago. How do their little brains remember so much??

Take for instance the fact that everytime Cole hurts Bella, he instantly says "sorry" and thinks that makes everything okay. So one day I told him "look, 'sorry' doesn't mean anything unless you mean have to say it from your heart and really feel sorry for what you did or doesn't mean anything". So last week Tim was gone all day at a conference out of town and Landon had been fussy all night and pretty much most of the day and grabbing at his left ear. Uh-oh....ear infection? I called the dr's office and found out I could get an appt for him at 2:45, the only appt that the dr had left that day and then he was going on vacation for 2 weeks. I looked at the's already 2:20 and Garrett, Cole and Bella are all down for a nap. It takes 15 minutes just to drive over to the dr's office, let alone getting all the kids ready, out the door and into their carseats. But I really did have to get Landon checked out so I scrambled to get everyone up, apologizing profusely for waking them up out of such a peaceful sleep (although I was kinda tempted to say "hahahaha, how does it feel???") and by the time we were halfway to the dr's office, everyone was cheery and smiling, with the exception of Landon who just looked miserable and tired.
So yes, it turns out Landon does have an ear infection in his left off we go to the pharmacy, which isn't far of a walk from the dr's office. On the way there, Cole says "Mommy, you didn't say sorry for waking us up" and I said "yes, I did...I said 'sorry' like 10 times already". He was quiet for a minute and then he said "well, 'sorry' doesn't mean anything if you don't mean it". I kept telling him that I did mean it when I said "sorry" to them and then he said "did you say it with your heart?" and I said "yes, I felt very bad about having to wake you up but it was necessary". End of conversation.....but wow it amazed me that he had listened to me when I had talked to him about saying "sorry" and stored it away in his little brain.
Then there's the saying "it sucks"....everything "sucks" to the kids. Where did they learn that? One guess.....Tim! I forget what the kids and I were talking about but Cole said "that sucks" and of course we happened to be walking across a parking lot at the time and an older woman was getting out of her car right when he said it. She just looked at me like "you horrible could you let your child say such filth?" know the look I'm talking about, as if her children were all shining stars every minute of the day.
So I had to have a talk with the kids that "it sucks" is not a nice saying and we won't be saying it anymore. And all Bella can say is "but why?" every 5 seconds as I'm explaining things to her. She's hit the "why?" stage much sooner than I anticipated. And the most horrible part??? I say the same exact thing my mother said to me...."because, that's why". I hated when my mom would say it to me but with Bella I just run out of patience sometimes because she can go on and on and on for hours.
And lastly we have the discussion about "no one touches your private area without your permission". Cole and Bella refer to their private areas as "pirates" or "my piracy". I giggle everytime they say it....yes, it's immature but I can't help it. One evening as I was changing Garrett, Bella touched his pee-pee and I had to explain to her that those were Garrett's "privates" and that she shouldn't touch him there. Then a couple nights ago, in the tub, Cole touched her butt and she turned around and waved her finger in his face and said "don't touch my's pirate and no one can touch me there...Mommy said so". So finally something good has come out of my discussions with least I know they know how to say "no" when it comes down to it.
The babies are doing great....gosh, actually they're not babies anymore. They are officially toddlers, with Garrett running all over the place and Landon finally becoming braver by the day as he takes more steps on his own. They are at a really fun stage right now....I love sitting on the floor with them and watching them play. We have a ball pit which they totally love and Garrett actually likes me tossing the plastic balls at his head and saying "bonk" when I do that. If I don't do it quickly enough for him, he starts hitting himself in the head with the balls. They don't interact often with one another the way Cole and Bella did. Cole would often bully Bella and use her as a step-stool or steal her food. But Garrett and Landon could care less about one another...sometimes I'll catch them smiling at one another or stealing a toy from the other one but for the most part, they don't seem to have that same relationship that Cole and Bella had at this stage. Hopefully they'll share a strong bond as they become older.

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