Friday, April 4, 2008

12-month checkup

Garrett and Landon had their 12-month check-up today...and they're doing well, right on target. Here are the stats:

weight - 24 lbs
height - 28 1/4 inches

weight - 22 lbs, 8 oz
height - 28 inches

I think the nurse must have been a little off on their height b/c Garrett seems at least an inch shorter than Landon. Dr Chou checked their ears and said they look good...I actually breathed a sigh of relief on that one. We've been going round and round with ear infections in the last month with both of them and I'm glad to see we're finally on the mend.

When it came time to discuss vaccinations, I told Dr C that I wanted to wait at least a few more weeks to get them done b/c the boys have been on antibiotics repeatedly over the last month and I want them to be at 100% before we do vaccines. And then I asked him which ones they do at 12 mos and he said the MMR, Prevnar and chicken pox. I told him I want to hold off on the MMR and asked him if we could separate the shots out and he said his office doesn't do that but he was fine with me waiting. I want to wait until the boys are 2 yrs old but he strongly recommended having it done by the time they're 18 months old. Just with the boys being premature and the fact that they're boys (making them more prone to autism) makes me want to wait as long as I can for that specific vaccine. He was concerned that I wasn't going to do it at all but I'm fine with the vaccine, I just wanna wait awhile longer. I also told him that I want to spread out the vaccines so they're not getting a bunch all at once and he was fine with that too and said he'd note it in our medical file so when I come in for the shots, the nurses will know what's going on.

I felt so relieved after talking to him about it, even though he's always been very respectful of my views and opinions, I just wasn't sure how he was gonna react. Then he threw me for a loop by saying he's leaving in June and we'll have to find another pediatrician...ugh!! It's so hard to find a good pediatrician and we've been very lucky to have had the 2 that we've had. We loved Dr Aguilar, who was Cole and Bella's first pediatrician and he also 2nd as a dermatologist so he really helped us get through the rough times with Bella's hemangioma. But when he left suddenly, he recommended Dr Chou to us and we've been with him ever since. It's almost like losing a close friend in a way...we've just really come to depend on him for such good medical care for our children and I trust him completely. I do love his staff though so I'm hoping we can find another pedi in his office that we trust just as much.

I taught Garrett how to clap's so amazing watching them learn new things. He was sitting in his high chair and rubbing his hands together for some reason and I clapped my hands and said "Garrett, clap your hands too" and he did it!! After he finished his snack, we were playing on the floor and he would keep running up to me and clap his hands and then run away laughing. When he and Landon are feeling well, they are the happiest, most fun babies. I'm really enjoying my time with them, even more so than I did with Cole and Bella at this stage probably b/c I was so stressed out being a first time parent and not knowing what to expect.

Speaking of Bella, we had the funniest conversation tonight. I was laying on her bed while Tim read her and Cole a bedtime story and she came over to me and handed me her baby doll:

Bella: Mommy, this is my you wanna know what her name is?
Me: Sure, what's her name?
Bella: Tori with the long hair
Me: That's her name? Tori with the long hair?
Bella: Yeah, I like the name Michelle too but she's Tori with the long hair
Me: That's a nice could call her Tori Michelle if you like both names
Bella: No, she's just Tori with the long hair
Me: Oh okay, she's very pretty, like you
Bella: Yeah she is....and you know what, if I break her, I can get another daughter from over there (she points to her doll crib where she has 3 other baby dolls)
Me: But you're careful with won't break her
Bella: I'll try not to but if I do break her, I'll just get another one. I need you to feed her a bottle because I'm (she hands me a pretend bottle)
Me: Okay, I'll feed her
Bella: And don't forget to burp her and don't let her puke all over you because then you'll smell like puke and that's disgusting. Puke is chunky and gross and it smells badder than farts
Me: But why aren't you feeding her if she's your daughter?
Bella: Because you need a baby too
Me: I'm done with babies...I need another baby like I need a hole in my head
Bella: Why do you want a hole in your head? What are you talking about? Just feed Tori with the long hair and don't ask any more questions....and don't break her...and don't let her puke on you

OMG, she cracks me up. And the funniest part is that she's so serious when she's having these conversations with me. I really should record some of them b/c even though I'm writing a lot of the things she says down, it's just not the same as actually hearing her in person.

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Theresa said...

Bella is hysterical!!

I wanted to let you know that we are going the same route w/ our vaccines, I'll be talking to our ped about it at Conor's 9 month checkup next week.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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