Monday, April 28, 2008

Does food taste better when it's eaten directly off the floor?

I really wanna know the answer to that...I just gave the babies lunch...a grilled cheese sandwich, mixed veggies, strawberries, diced apples and sliced turkey. Well-rounded, healthy meal, right?? They ate some of it but mostly just enjoyed throwing the food on the floor and mashing it into their hair, while laughing at each other. Oh and mashing strawberries into any part of their clothes that were NOT covered with the bib....I really should buy stock in Shout stain remover.

So I got them all cleaned up and before I could sweep up the mess on the floor, they both come flying out of nowhere and swoop down on all the food that they threw off their highchair trays. And yes, they gobbled up everything...all the food they didn't want 10 minutes prior to that. And if that's not bad enough...I had thrown their bibs in the laundry room in a basket and Landon went in the laundry room, dug in the laundry basket, pulled out his bib and managed to find a piece of grilled cheese in there and ate that too. Can someone please explain to me why food tastes better after it's considered "garbage"???

Oh, the other thing I wanna know is how many times can a child hit his/her head and not suffer brain damage? Seriously, Garrett has bonked his head 5 times already today....he'll just be walking along, happy as a clam, and then suddenly lose his balance and fall over (and of course there's usually a chair or a table nearby that he hits his head on). The kid has bruises and red marks all over his head. He cries for maybe 30 seconds and I give him hugs and kisses and then he's off on his next adventure...well, until he falls down and bangs his head again. He's so accident prone...just like Cole. I think things literally fall out of the sky and hit Cole.....he's always got some kind of scrape on his knees or on his knuckles, a bruise here and there....and he could care less.

Here are a couple of cute pics I got of the boys yesterday scouring the fridge for treats....too bad I foiled their plan before they actually swiped something. We were in the kitchen and Bella called me into the bathroom to help her and I thought I shut the door to the fridge but I guess it swung back open. The "dynamic duo" swarmed in...these guys do not miss an opportunity when they see one. When I got back into the kitchen, I had to take the pics b/c they were just too cute and so totally unaware I caught them red-handed. It's funny b/c it looks like Garrett is hoisting Landon up to the shelf and guiding him but I'm sure in reality Garrett was actually trying to pull Landon down so HE could get up there. After I took the pics, I made them get out of the fridge and they both had the biggest meltdown, as if I've been starving them and it was the first time they had seen food in days or something.

I had to put this pic of Cole and Bella in b/c I just love it! We took the kids to Marine World on Sunday (yes, we are total gluttons for punishment...WHO in their right mind takes 4 kids, ages 3 and under, to a theme park??) I love the pic b/c it totally captures their personalities....Cole all smiling and silly and Bella, a total diva in her own right ("wait, Mommy, let me pose for the pic")

Tonight after I gave them a bath, I decided to let them play in the tub while I washed my face. They had a funny conversation.
Cole: Hey, Bella ask your mom if it's okay

Bella: Ask MY mom? Or YOUR mom?

Cole: YOUR mom

Bella: But MY mom is YOUR mom

Cole: Huh? What you mean?

Bella: She is MY mom and YOUR mom...she says we were in her belly at the same time and then the dr took us out after he ripped a big hole inside of her

Cole: Yeah I know

Bella: So, YOUR mom is MY mom, okay?

Cole: Okay....

Bella: Hey, Cole, sing the ABC's with me

Cole: Okay...

Bella: A B C D E F....Hey, Cole, sing with me....

Cole: No, now I don't want to

Bella: Why? You tired?

Cole: Yeah, I'm tired....and I'm gonna be a baseball player when I'm all growed up

Bella: I'm gonna be Dora....but my hair needs to grow...I think I'll grow it long in 2 weeks

Cole: In time for Halloween

Bella: Yup

Where do they come up with these things??? Good God, they keep me in hysterics....


MamáChanga said...

What a wonderful thing that Bella has such command of the language. She totally understood the difference between my and your mommy and explained it so well to Cole. As for the food off the floor, I have no idea if it's better, maybe the floor somehow adds nutritional value or flavor?? Now that the girls are older and eat off the floor I will admit that I've tried it, doesn't taste any different to me!

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Anonymous said...

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Joy said...

Nevaeh is always throwing down her food and smearing it on the table. I have no idea if it tastes better, maybe us dumb adults are really missing out on something! LOL
Cole and Bella are so cute together. I love their little conversations, too funny! Bella is so sophisticated :)
GREAT pictures too!!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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