Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's play a game of tag-team....

So Tim and I cleared the air about my birthday at our therapy session yesterday. I felt bad about not being more clear with him about what would make me happy and he felt bad about not doing anything. Even our therapist agreed that Tim screwed up (and the therapist is a MAN!!)...he said "Dude, you should have at least called a couple of her good friends and asked them for ideas". Tim agreed in the future, even if I say "oh I don't want anything in particular" that I do in fact still want to be made to feel special on my birthday. Our therapist told him he has a chance to make it up to me with Mother's Day coming we'll see.

As for the tag teaming, Cole and Bella are at it again. They're always conspiring to get away with something...I always seem to catch them whispering to one another about this or that and smiling mischievously, as if they just solved figured out how to pull off the crime of the century. It's a total shit-eating grin too like "hahahaha, this is gonna be our BEST antic yet...Mommy will never know what hit her...hahahahaa".

For instance, a little while ago, they wanted to play with the playdough that I smartly keep in a cabinet in the laundry room high up on a shelf where they can't reach (unless they pull the stepstool up to the counter...yeah, can you already see where this is going?)

So Cole asks if they can play with the playdough and I told them no since I was getting the babies up from their nap in about 10 minutes and I didn't wanna deal with the mess if they only had a few minutes to play with it. Once the babies were up, we were gonna go to Target to pick up some things and then go look at the animals at PetSmart (our form of free entertainment!). It didn't matter that I told them no, apparently....once I was in the kitchen and cleaning up the counters from the mess that breakfast left, I heard whispering between them. I could barely make out Bella saying "Cole, let's go over to the baby gate and open it"....they both made they're way over to the CHILD-PROOF baby gate and managed to both put their feet on the pedal that pushes the door open. With enough weight, they were able to get that open. Then I could barely hear Bella muttering something to Cole like "go get the stepstool and push it over to the counter". Next thing I know, I see Bella just about to stand up on the counter and open the cabinet that has the playdough in it. This is about the time I yelled "hey you two...get down from there...I said no playdough".

Do you think that was enough to deter them? No...they continued to conspire to find a way to get the playdough. All they do all day long is tag-team me...I say no to something and then they spend the next few minutes working up a plan to do it anyway somehow. I can only imagine how bad it's gonna be once Garrett and Landon are old enough to get in on the planning....4 against 1....I better start gearing up for it now, mentally and physically.

Speaking of Garrett and Landon, they are the best babies....well, toddlers now I suppose. They definitely have different personalities with Garrett being the feisty, vocal one and Landon being the easy, laid-back one. We're down to 1 bottle a day, which is the bedtime bottle. We're now doing milk in sippies for breakfast and lunch...yeah! It was a harder transition than I thought it would be but we're muddling through. They eat everything and anything but they mostly love fruit. Apples, pears, pineapple, oranges, bananas, strawberries,'s the first thing they'll gobble up on their plate before anything else. Landon loves cheese too. Both of them really enjoy being outdoors and on most afternoons when the weather is nice I'll take all of the kids to the park and just let them run free. I need to take my camera sometime and get some pics of them playing. One of their favorite things at the park is the toddler climbing structure...Garrett likes to climb to the top and then just hang out. But Landon is a risk-taker...he flings himself down the slide in any position he can manage, laughing the whole way down. And then he gets up and walks back over to the steps and climbs right back up and flings himself down the slide over and over and over. Oh and they also eat dirt....they refuse to eat ritz crackers with peanut butter but they'll eat dirt. I'll never figure that out. How can dirt taste good?? And they also like putting those little bark pieces in their mouths...Landon always chomps on them and then spits them out. Why bother? I handed him some cheerios the other day when he did this and he pushed my hand away and shoved more bark into his mouth. When Cole and Bella were babies, this would have totally freaked me out and I would've been rinsing their mouths out and doing everything short of wiping antibacterial sanitizers over their tongues. But with these guys, I'm like "oh well...." It's amazing how being a 2nd time-around parent changes you....the things that I was so anal about before are simply no big deal to me now.

Well, I got about 50 water balloons to fill up....I made the mistake of telling Cole and Bella they could pick anything they wanted out of the dollar bins at Target and they both picked water balloons. Once the babies are up from their afternoon nap, we're gonna head to the park and have a water balloon fight. This should get me through until dinner time and then Tim comes home...then tomorrow's Friday...yeah!!!! And I'm tired, tired, and even more tired than that....if that's possible. At Target today a woman came up to me and asked "are these all yours?", pointing at the kids and I said yes. And her eyes opened wide and she said "oh my....are you gonna have anymore?" and I said "no, I think I've done my fair share of populating the earth"....I'm just plain tired....

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Treighsie said...

Your kids sound so cute!!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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