Thursday, April 17, 2008

So where does God live?

Even though Cole and Bella are extremely strong-willed children, I completely enjoy having conversations with them about various things in life that they find interesting. Every Wednesday at preschool, they attend chapel where they learn Bible verses and sing songs and learn about Jesus.

Last night at dinner, Cole wanted to talk about chapel and he sang a song to me that they learned called "God is Good". And then we had the following conversation:

Me: So where does God live?
Cole: Um, at the zoo....
Me: The zoo? Why the zoo?
Cole: Cuz he likes the animals
Me: What does God look like?
Cole: He's black with blue eyes and no hair
Me: What does God do all day?
Cole: He feeds the animals
Me: Where does Jesus live?
Cole: (looking at me as if I'm from another planet) the zoo with God, Mommy. Jesus is God's son so they have to be together. And they walk around all day feeding the animals and watching the lions.

And then I asked Bella where she thought God lived and she said "He lives in the song 'God is Good'".

I find their thoughts on life and other things so refreshing and innocent. I love asking them questions about things and hearing what they have to say. This morning, after the babies woke up from their nap, they rode their bikes in front of me while I pushed the babies in the stroller on our way to the park. I told them that I had wanted to do a "nature walk" with them on the way to the park so we could collect various things to do artwork with later but I had forgotten a bag to put everything in and we were already 3/4 of the way to the park.

So Cole asked "what kinds of things do we want?" and I said "things like rocks, flowers, grass, leaves....whatever you find interesting". And then I mentioned when I was younger that I used to collect rocks and paint them. It was my pet rock collection. For some reason, they found this hilarious....I told them how I would wash the rocks and then decorate them with paint and keep them in a box. They were still laughing hysterically over this and then Bella said " didn't have any friends to play with?"....then I couldn't stop laughing hysterically.

I can't believe how well Garrett and Landon are walking these days. Garrett is running...literally running everywhere. Landon actually walks like a big boy...he walks heel to toe and doesn't waddle like the typical toddler just starting to walk. They still aren't saying any real words, except "mama" and they've recently both started saying "dada". Their receptive language, though, is really good. They understand what I'm saying to them and I can now say "go get your ball" or ask them if they want something to drink. The other day I asked Landon if he wanted some milk and he shook his head no...then I said "I suppose you want juice with water" and he nodded his head and walked over to the fridge.

Landon's favorite thing to do right now is anything that he's not supposed to do. He kept going over to the channel tuner next to the tv and turning the tv off and changing the channels. Everytime he would do it, I'd say "Landon, don't do that" and he'd shake his head no and laugh. Then the minute I took my eyes off of him, he'd run right back over there and do it again. And he does the same thing with the stairs...anytime he sees the baby gate is open, he heads right over there and climbs a couple steps and then looks to see if I'm watching him. If I even start to move towards him, he starts climbing as fast as he can, looking back every few seconds to see if I'm coming after him. The other thing he does that cracks me up is if I ask him if he has poop in his pants, he'll smile real sly and shake his head no and run away from me. That's how I know he pooped...well, that and the God-awful smell....

They both have discovered if they bend over, they can see everything upside down in between their legs. They think this is the funniest thing and they can entertain themselves for at least a few minutes doing this.

It seems like everyday they are discovering something new, which is amazing to watch. Garrett finally realized if he takes 2 blocks and hits them together that they make a loud noise. So now he walks around the house banging things together.

Well, I gotta wrap this up because as I write this, Cole and Bella have dumped the balls from the ball pit all over the's mind boggling how two 3 yr olds can create such mayhem in just a matter of minutes.

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Joy said...

Firstly Cole and Bella are hilarious. Your conversations with them are some of the cutest things I've ever read.

I love when babies look between their legs upside down it's so funny. I think they all go through that stage.

I hope I can get outside like you guys soon, it's been raining here constantly.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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