Sunday, April 6, 2008

Who the hell is "Crappy-Doo"?

Cole asked me the other day if he could watch tv...he said "I wanna watch Crappy Doo". I had to ask him repeatedly "what show is that?" I kept insisting he had the name wrong but he kept saying "no, it's Crappy Doo". I had to really think about this because there are some wierd shows out there, like Boobah and Yo Gabba Gabba (which the kids are nuts about, BTW). I'm thinking "there can't seriously be a tv show on called 'Crappy Doo'???".....well, turns out he was talking about Scooby Doo. He had seen Scrappy Doo on one of the shows apparently. And who let him watch Scooby Doo?? Do I even need to say?? At least I have the kids watch educational shows....but Tim let's them watch Scooby Doo where these kids chase a bunch of scary ghosts and monsters on each episode. Now I see why Bella climbs into bed with me every night claiming monsters are watching her from her closet. And she's still freaked out by Elmo, claiming "Elmo's scary".

Speaking of tv shows, I know it's bad when I'm trying to convince the babies to try a new food and I start singing "try it, you'll like it" or when Landon walks halfway across the room and stumbles and I start singing "keep trying, keep trying, don't give up, never give up"....courtesy of Yo Gabba Gabba. These songs actually run through my head 24 hours a day....or the Super Why song that Cole and Bella sing all the time. Or the song at the end of the Hip Hop Harry more Fergie or Gwen Stefani for me....Yo Gabba Gabba rocks.

So we took the kids to the park yesterday and at first we were the only family there...but as others would arrive, Garrett would walk up to them and babble to them and begin to rummage through their diaper bags, strollers, or whatever he could get his little hands on. He was hilarious....all the other moms thought he was adorable. My little future Wal-mart greeter....he makes his mama proud. And if any of the kids brought a bike into the park, he'd immediately go up to the bike and check it out. This kid LOVES bikes. A long time ago I thought it would be cute to throw him up on Cole's big boy bike and wheel him along and he's been obsessed ever since. Tim took all the kids to the bike store yesterday morning to get a new part for my bike and I said "be careful with're gonna have a hard time getting him to leave the store". When he came home, he said the minute they walked into the store, there was a little bike at the front of the shop that caught Garrett's attention and Tim couldn't pry him away from it. So he tells me "I asked Bella to keep an eye on him so I could go up the desk and get the part"....I was like "WHAT?? You asked our 3 yr old to watch our 1 yr old in a store that has a very busy street just a few feet away from the opening of the door???"....then he looks at me like "oh, did that seem like a bad idea??" Good God!! Or maybe it's just that as a mother, I tend to over-analyze things to death. I would've taken the 10 minutes it takes to get the babies out of the car, load them into the stroller, get Cole and Bella out of the car, threaten their lives if they dare to even think about walking away from me, only to go into the store for maybe 3 minutes....but, he just got all the kids out, let them walk into the bike store and then practically said "have a great time wandering around the store while Daddy gets the part he needs"....he had no worries in the world. In the meantime, just hearing how the event went down almost gave me a heart attack.

I've been trying for weeks now to get a pic of all 4 kids's virtually impossible. The babies don't wanna hold still, Cole and Bella don't wanna sit next to one another, someone's always crying....this last time, I thought I finally had it all together until Cole held out his finger and said "eeeeeww, I have a booger". In just that tiny minute that my attention was taken away, everyone bolted from the scene with me yelling after them "in the future when you all wanna know why there are NO pictures of the 4 of you together, I'll remind you that I made several attempts". They could've cared less....I've eaten their dust by that time.

Here's my most recent attempt....

Yeah, doesn't that look like it was an extremely painful experience?? But who was it more painful for....them or me?

And then of course I have to post these pics of Landon....both boys love anything that has doors that open. The minute they hear the dishwasher open, they make a beeline for it and try to climb in. Or they start unloading whatever I've just loaded into the dishwasher...thanks for the help, boys.

I think one of the reasons Bella won't sit still for the camera is because she wants to be the one taking the picture. She's very into cameras and taking pictures...everytime she visits with my in-laws, they buy her a disposable camera to take pics of anything she wants and they develop the film for her and she gets a kick out of it. Same with our digital camera...she could spend a whole day snapping pics and looking at at her "art work". Here's a pic that she wanted to take of me and Cole....poor Cole was pouting because he wanted to take a picture and Bella refused to give him the camera. I really didn't want to be in the picture either because I thought I looked like crap but Bella said "Mommy, you look stand still, smile and let me take your picture"...spoken like a true professional, huh?


Becky said...

I seriously believe that you have to be on very powerful drugs to watch Yo Gabba Gabba.

Luckily, I can usually distract my kids with some Dora from the DVR. Bella thinks Elmo is scary but not the skinny giant in the orange spacesuit and hat?

Toddlers are so funny.

IAmDenise said...

I think its so cute the pictures of them together and I think they will have a good laugh at it when they are older!

MamáChanga said...

I can't even get my 2 girls to sit still & pose together, I can't even imagaine trying to do that with 4!!! LOL---you're my hero Helene!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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