Thursday, May 8, 2008

Daddy, make sure you come back!

Tim left for work a few hours ago and that's what Bella said to him as he was leaving. He said "love you guys" and she screamed after him "Daddy, make sure you come back"....I couldn't stop laughing. I could hear Tim laughing too as he walked to his car.

I took her to see a dermatologist today to consult about surgery for her arm, where her hemangioma used to be. It was a quick appt and I wasn't so sure about what the dr recommended, which was to do laser surgery on parts of the hemangioma and then do plastic surgery on the part where she has a few deep scars and some extra skin. From what I know, laser won't help at this point...the skin is already so damaged that I would think it would take only plastic surgery to repair it. The dr recommended I find someone who can do laser surgery....I was like "isn't this an're the dermatologist, don't YOU know someone in the network who you could recommend?" but she didn't and basically left it up to me to find someone. I told her I'm not comfortable just looking at dr bio's and then just choosing someone randomly so she said she'd look into it but I didn't leave with a very good feeling. I just felt like I wasn't being lead in the right direction.

Bella had laser surgery on her hemangioma when it became ulcerated so I'm not sure what good any more laser surgery would do now that she has such severe scars. A few weeks ago, I had e-mailed a woman who is an organizer of an MSN support group for parents whose children have vascular tumors and she recommended I get in touch with Dr Frieden in San Francisco, who we saw about 2 years ago. So that's my next step...I'm gonna research laser surgery on hemangioma scars and at the same time, e-mail Dr Frieden with pics of Bella's arm and see what her opinion is. We may just have to travel there and meet with her in person, which is fine with me.

I just can't stand to watch Bella have to explain time and time again to kids at the playground what happened to her arm. She's really good about it though and simply says "it's a birthmark" and only a couple of kids have made rude comments, which makes me wanna walk over to their mothers and slap them for raising such rude and inconsiderate children (we're talking kids of the age who should no better, not like little preschoolers or anything). I asked Bella once if she gets tired of having to explain what it is and she said yes. And I told her I was sorry but she smiled and said "It's okay, Mommy". She amazes me.

Garrett and Landon continue to amaze me too....I absolutely LOVE the age they're at. I love watching their little personalities develop. They are typical boys and love any kind of remote or anything with little buttons to push. Bella and Cole both have pretend cell phones and both boys love to walk around with the phones, holding them to their ears and pretending to talk. Landon is very into climbing now...climbing anything he can get to. He loves Cole's train table but Cole isn't feeling very brotherly about it. He had a track all set up and he left it alone one morning and he pushed Bella's princess treasure chest against the table to "insure" that Landon wouldn't be able to get to the track. What he really did was just give Landon something to climb on to get on the table...all of a sudden I heard Cole scream "Oh no...look at Landon" and there was Landon standing on the train table with 2 trains in his hand and smiling like the cat who ate the canary.

Still no real words yet but I can see them trying to imitate words we say. And they both want to eat with utensils all of a sudden....sometimes I just give them a child-sized plastic spoon to play with to keep them entertained and I saw Landon yesterday trying to scoop some of his food with it. Not successfully but I was happy he was showing an interest.

And Garrett is so sweet....every morning when Cole comes downstairs, Garrett runs up to him with his arms wide open and hugs Cole. It is the most adorable thing to watch and Cole I think secretly enjoys it. He acts like it's such a bother for him to hug Garrett back but I can see him smiling.

I do have a weird concern about Garrett...I get the sense that he's not growing. I know that sounds ridiculous but he is so light compared to Landon. I weighed them the other day and Landon has gained weight. He's around 25-26 lbs but Garrett seems to hover around 22-23 lbs. That in itself is not strange but he doesn't seem to gain weight. When I look at them standing next to one another, Landon just looks so huge...I'm just gonna keep an eye on him and weigh him once a week. If he hasn't gained any weight in the next couple of weeks, I'm gonna take him into the pedi. He eats just fine but of course the worry wart in me starts to worry that maybe he has some wierd metabolical disorder that's preventing him from growing. As if I don't enough stuff to keep me busy?? Just add "concerned about wierd medical disorders" to the list of daily stuff I worry about.

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Joy said...

Yes, worrying is my second job as well! :) Your kids are so adorable. I hope you come up with a good plan for Bella. Kids can be really nasty! One day Adrian's bus came by and it was the "short bus" and all the kids at Sanura's bus stop were making fun. I think it bothered me a lot more than anyone else so I can relate to your frustrations! Best of luck with the plastic surgeon search.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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