Saturday, May 31, 2008

A diva in the making....

Yes, those are Bella's hands with fake nails...ugh! My mom thought it would be cute to buy some little girlie-girl fake nails for her and you'd think my mom had handed Bella a million donuts or something...she was so excited and immediately wanted to put them on. Then she walked around in total diva fashion, being careful that the nails didn't fall off. The nails finally fell off and I managed to gather them all up and toss them when she wasn't home one day. I was hoping she'd forget about them but last night she said to me "hey Mommy, I need new nails" and then she waved her hands in my face. The irony here is that my mom wouldn't even let me wear nailpolish until I was 16 yrs old....yes, 16 yrs old!! I don't even know what her reasoning was, except to maybe embarrass me in front of my friends when I had a slumber party when I was 12 and one of my friends brought over a bunch of different polishes for us to try and my mom walked in the room, gasped at the sight of the nail polish, and said "absolutely nail polish until you're 16 yrs old" about wanting the ground to open up and swallow you whole. Now that I think back, I think that was the last time those 2 friends hung out with me.

But my mom has no problems buying fake nails for my 3 yr old daughter...go figure! So my little girl is already training to be a diva....she needs new fake nails ("with bright red polish this time") and she'd like to accompany me next time I get a pedicure.

The dr's appt for the boys went well yesterday...I have to say how amazed I was at how well they behaved. They are very well behaved boys actually, for the most part, but they're not ones in favor of being confined in a stroller for longer than 5 minutes (unless we're actually walking and the stroller is moving). But for them to sit perfectly still in a motionless stroller is completely unheard of. However, yesterday, they sat still like little dolls....many people commented on how well-behaved and quiet they were. I knew they didn't feel well for that exact reason...they were too still and too quiet. But they let the dr poke and prod them and turns out Garrett has an infected left ear...surprise, surprise?? No, not really...I had a feeling since he's prone to ear infections. So he gets a scrip of antibiotics...yet again. The dr couldn't find anything wrong with Landon and was actually surprised that his fevers have been so high, even though he should still have some zithromax in his system from his bout with pneumonia. So we'll keep an eye on Landon...something may be developing or maybe it's just a viral infection somewhere in his little body.

I had to wait a little while at the pharmacy so I entertained them by letting them feed me Honeycombs. They are much more interested in feeding food to someone else than eating the food themselves..they get such a kick out of it. The minute they put a piece of food in my mouth, they laugh hysterically. It's just funny the little things that make them laugh...this morning Bella was wearing her winter gloves (perhaps to cover up her hands since she didn't have any fake nails on) and she told Landon "give me a high-5" and he did but he couldn't stop laughing. There's something about a child's laughter that makes you forget all your's like pure music to my ears.

Tomorrow we're taking Cole and Bella to Marine World. They've been talking about it for weeks so they're very excited...Bella has already told me all the rides she's gonna go on. We're leaving the babies at home with my mom and stepdad so we'll have more freedom to do things with the older kids. One of Bella's favorite things there is the butterfly exhibit. You walk around this extremely humid glass house where butterflies fly around freely and if you're lucky, one may actually land directly on you. Bella is always sad when this doesn't happen and she walks around all mopy afterwards whining "the butterflies didn't land on me". That's about the time we buy her cotton candy and that helps her snap out of her depression over the butterflies. Cole's favorite thing is Thomas town...where we ride Thomas over and over and over and over....until we can finally convince him to go over to the shark exhibit.


MamáChanga said...

Hope you all have fun @ Marine World! And I pray everyone gets better soon. You need a mom break girl!

Joy said...

Love the nails, too cute. What a diva!

ines said...

Too cute that Bella. Mayita got her first Manicure to be a flower girl in her uncle's wedding and she LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! We only got her very pale pink on her nails, French Manicure type of pink and then the Korean lady added a little hand painted flower on one finger of each hand....very discreet and then she was really over the MOON! It cost me 2 extra bucks too!


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