Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day got off to a rocky start, thanks to my MIL. But after tossing and turning and pretty much not sleeping last night stressing over it, I decided that I wasn't about to let her ruin my Mother's Day (or any more holidays for that matter). So instead of venting about her (which I was gonna do), I'm going to focus on the positive!!

I was greeted this morning at 6:30 am by Bella, who came into bed with me and cuddled for about 30 minutes. What a great way to start off Mother's Day! She asked "is it Mother's Day yet?" and I said "yes, today is Mother's Day?" and she said "when? right now?" and I said "yes, all day long" and she hugged me and laid with me for awhile. There's nothing better than laying with your child in total silence while watching them...I just marvel at what perfect creations they are. And isn't it funny how all sleeping children look like such sweet friend Jen once told me "you know why all children look like angels when they're sleeping? So you don't kill them when they're awake". I think all mothers would agree with that!

The kids and Tim gave me their cards and gifts. Well, Cole and Bella opened my cards and my gifts and then handed them to me. I got a digital picture keychain and Bella sat with me and helped me pick out pictures to put on it. And Tim got me a gift certificate to a spa for a massage...I can hardly wait to use it!!

Tim took care of the kids while I showered....a nice, long, hot leisurely shower where I actually had time to shave my legs...imagine that!!! We took the kids to the neighborhood pool and had a lot of fun! Although they changed the rules this year and they're no longer allowing any children to swim in the pool with swim diapers...WTH?? I'm sure they have good reason...perhaps something happened last year and hence the new rule. But it sure makes it difficult for any parents who have young kids who aren't potty trained. So Tim packed the babies up and walked across the street with them to the park and they played and had fun while I stayed at the pool with Cole and Bella. We swam for a good 3 hours and we were all wiped out and came home and took a nap!

This afternoon I made cookies with Cole and Bella. They're both getting really good at measuring and mixing. Oh and they can both crack eggs perfectly now. I like to think that these cooking/baking experiences will be happy memories for them when they're older. My mom never took the time to teach me how to bake or cook so I'm hoping that not only will these be memories to be treasured but they're also learning a skill they'll need when they are living on their own.

For dinner, Tim had offered to have us all go out to any restaurant I wanted but I just wanted to avoid the crowds so he took all the kids with him to go get take-out. There's a place here in town that has the BEST chicken wings and that's all I wanted so that's what he got me and he and the kids had KFC. Cole wanted to try one of the chicken wings and upon his first bite he said "Yum, that's like really tasty". But then the next chicken wing he said tasted "really creepy". I said "creepy, huh?" and he said "yeah, it's all creepy in my belly". I had no doubt his belly wasn't feeling too good after all the cookie dough he ate while we made cookies.

So all in all, it was a good day. Bella kept making it a point to repeatedly tell me "Happy Mother's Day, Mommy" sweet! I just really enjoyed them today and perhaps more so b/c it is Mother's Day and for awhile there a few years ago I wasn't sure I'd ever be celebrating this day as a mother. I feel extremely blessed.

On a sidetrack, Landon can eat with a spoon!!! Both boys have been showing an interest in eating with utensils so the other day instead of me feeding them applesauce I figured I'd just give them a little bowl of it and see what they did with it. I was shocked when Landon fed himself perfectly...very little mess!!! Garrett, on the other hand, wasn't very coordinated with he decided to stick his finger down his throat and puke all over his highchair tray (oh and then he proceeded to play with it). He's been doing that lately...I must have the only 14-month old bulimic.

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Joy said...

I am SO happy to hear that you had a good day! That's wonderful. You are doing great things for your kids with all that quality time you give them. I think you do better with it than I do (LOL I was about to post this when I realized it might sound like I'm competing but I'm not LOL) but you can inspire me.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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