Friday, May 9, 2008

Mom, do I have to tell you again?

So Cole has taken the big step of giving his paci to the Paci Fairy...finally!! This happened last week when I realized his paci had a huge hole in it and it just wasn't safe for him to be using anymore. I told him the paci fairy would come get his paci while he slept that night and she'd leave him a present, along with a nice note, and that she'd fix his paci up nice and new for a new baby who needs it. That's gone well but every once in awhile he does ask to "borrow" one of Garrett's paci's and we have to tell him no.

I had a funny conversation with Bella this morning and I had to write it down, while it was still fresh in my mind b/c it was just so funny.

Bella: Mommy, my paci has a hole in it so I think I need to have the paci fairy come and get it.

Me: Okay, we'll leave it for her tonight.

Bella: Well, where is she now? Can we call her?

Me: No, she's resting right now after a long night of collecting pacis from other big kids.

Bella: Where does she live?

Me: Where do YOU think she lives? (I actually only said this b/c I had no freakin clue what to, with Santa Claus when Mrs Claus is on vacation??)

Bella: I don't know WHERE she lives but I know she sleeps on the floor.

Me: She sleeps on the floor? Is she comfortable sleeping on the floor?

Bella: Yes, it doesn't bother her. She has a blanket but no pillows.

Me: And she's comfortable sleeping like that?

Bella: Mom, do I have to tell you again? *Sighs* Okay, listen to me with both ears...the paci fairy is magic so she sleeps on the floor with a blanket, no pillows. She has brown hair like you and black eyes like God and she's very pretty.

Me: She sounds very nice.

Bella: She is nice because she gives us presents. What does she do with the pacis? Does she suck on them?

Me: No, she makes them new again and gives them to new babies.

Bella: Does she wash them first?

Me: Yes, of course she washes them and then she uses her magic wand to make them new again.

Bella: What babies are getting the pacis? Where are they?

Me: *thinking "oh crap, how long is this conversation gonna go on"* I don't babies are born every minute of the day so the paci fairy decides which baby is closest to us and then she gives it to that baby.

Bella: I want to see that baby.

Me: We can't see that baby b/c we won't know who it is. It's like when we make donations at Goodwill. We give our stuff away but we don't know who's gonna get it but it makes us happy to know we're giving something to someone who needs it.

Bella: Oh, that's okay then.

Then we had an interesting (and very awkward) conversation about tampons when she went into my bathroom cabinet and pulled out a box of tampons. She wanted to know what they were for and then she pulled out the little instruction pamplet that comes with it.

Bella: Oh, look a coupon, you can buy more tampons.

Me: Thanks...

Bella: Look at these pictures...the tampon goes in your hoo-haw

Me: Thanks for the tip...

Bella: I don't think I like tampons.

Me: Well, you're not gonna have to worry about them for a long, long time.

Bella: When I'm old?

Me: Yeah, won't be an old woman but you'll be older than you are now when you need them.

Bella: But I don't like them. Why do you have to put it there?

Me: Where?

Bella: In your hoo-haw

Me: Can we have this conversation another time? Maybe when it's time for you to use tampons when you're older?

Bella: Oh're silly.

Whew....all I could do was breathe a sigh of relief that the conversation ended quickly. She wants to know everything....I just know any day now she's gonna ask me where babies come from....I'm so not ready to explain all this stuff to a 3 year old...I have no clue how to even explain it in terms she'll understand. Isn't there a book out there or something...there has to be...I think I'll go to Borders today and look....

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Joy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. She's so adorable! The first conversations is like "duh mom, you should know this stuff about the toothfairy" LOL Cracks me up. Good thing she let go of the whole tampon thing, that could have turned into a VERY long conversation LOL

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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