Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are we supposed to be quiet in the library? Ooops!

So I got this wild idea to take all the kids to the library today!! I've done it before but only when Garrett and Landon were little babies still in infant seats so they would just nap or people-watch while I helped Cole and Bella pick out books. I'm fortunate that all my kids love fact, recently, Landon will go get a book on his own and bring it to me and he says "uh" in his little caveman way, to be translated as "read this book to me NOW or I will make your life a living hell".

The library we usually go to is being remodeled so they set up shop temporarily at a little store outside the mall. So obviously I hadn't been to this temporary spot so I wasn't sure of the layout, etc. In the actual library, the kids area is pretty far away from the adult section and all the computers so the kids can actually talk in regular voices...not loud voices but nice, quiet inside voices.

This temporary spot is not the best set up at all. The whole room is very small and the adults were actually sitting in the kids section reading books.

Okay, so I walk in and I've got Garrett and Landon in the double stroller, happily subdued with sippy cups and vanilla wafers. Cole and Bella are skipping along delightfully because they are excited about finally getting to go to the library to get some books. We walk up and down the aisles to find books and they're both pulling books off the shelves faster than I can keep up. Finally after we had about 10 books, I said "okay, this is enough...we have more than enough books to read for the week". So then I got another crazy idea...hey, let's sit here on the little carpeted area and read some books that we might want to check out for next week....what the hell was I thinking??? Why didn't I just check out the 10 books we had settled on and get the hell out of dodge?? The only thing I can figure is that I've clearly lost all my marbles. Any grasp I had on sanity has escaped me. Yes, I realize this is often the theme of many of my blog entries but it's my stepfather would say, my driveway doesn't go all the way up to the house and/or I'm one egg short of a dozen.

So in this instance of temporary insanity, I unleash the boys from the double stroller...and when I say "unleash", that's exactly what it was like. They were both freaking out about even having to stay in their stroller in the first place...oh, they were happy campers as we walked into the library but then they turned into evil demon spawn after about 5 minutes of being in the place, when it was clear to them that I had no intention of springing them free from their bondage. I did feel bad for them and so as I started to get each of them out of the stroller and in their excitement about being set free, they got tangled up in the stroller belts and buckles, their sandals fell off and before I could even stand up straight, they both bolted in opposite directions. Garrett was easy to catch up to because he's got short little legs and he has this awfully bad habit of looking behind him to see if I'm coming after him, which he hasn't figured out that that actually slows him down. When I picked him up, he arched his back and screamed this horrible blood-curdling scream. Everyone in the library looked at me...I mean, EVERYONE. Then I managed to catch up to Landon, who by now had picked up about 10 books on CD and was scattering them around the library in various places. And if I thought Garrett screamed loud, oh man....Landon put Garrett to shame. He screamed the most ugliest, high pitch scream I've ever heard come out of a human being....the only time I remember hearing a scream like that was when my very first rabbit was being examined for a brain abscess and he was in so much pain, that he started screaming on the exam table and then finally collapsed and died. And rabbits DO NOT normally scream.....aren't I painting such a lovely picture?

At this point, the librarian comes up to me and reminds me that the library is a "quiet place". Yeah, I know....I'm sorry....I had a lapse in judgment thinking that bringing my young children to the library would be a fun adventure. Then she said "Have you considered bringing them in for our weekly story week?", which I took as my cue to pack up my shit and leave as quietly as I could and, in addition to that, definitely cross the library off my list of fun things to do with the kids.

We checked out our books and I walked out of there as fast as I could, with my tail between my legs. I don't know how I'll show my face in there when I return the books....maybe it's time to dig out that old baseball hat I have somewhere in my closet and borrow Tim's sunglasses and return the books incognito....

So that was my adventure for the day....on the way home from these fun little excursions that I attempt with the kids on an almost weekly basis, I actually laugh at myself. If I don't laugh, I might cry...and I may never stop crying....

Well, on that note....I thought I'd post some recent pics of the kiddos....

Here's Landon playing with these funky magnet toys that my mom and stepdad bought for Christmas. The magnets are on the inside of the toy so there's no way he can swallow them. He LOVES this toy...he will sit for a good 30 minutes constructing different things with these magnets.

This is Garrett sporting a mohawk. There's something about a mohawk that just makes this kid look ultra-cool.

Here's Landon petting kitty...he loves kitty. Kitty does not love him but she does tolerate him. After this picture was taken, she bolted for the door and I promptly let her out. I think I heard her whisper "thank God".

But poor kitty couldn't escape the wrath of my kids for long...she ventured back into the house later and was greeted by these 3. You just know this cat is thinking " I only have 1 life left"

Here's Cole with Garrett...."here brother, let me press you against me as hard as I can while Mommy takes a picture....try to look happy"....

Oh, here's another "bright idea" I had today....I attempted to teach Cole and Bella our phone number. I really think preschool teachers need to be paid a hell of a lot more do they have the patience for this stuff???


Jae said...

Hi Helene! Yes ma'am, MORE power to us Mama's w/twins. (Double for you!)

You do realize, right, that they will always do that - run in opposite directions? Don't mean to scare ya - just educate you. Mine boys have been polar opposites since birth, and have ALWAYS run in opposite directions, while their sweet, often neglected sister stands at my side. So don't stop going out - just put 'em on leashes!! Hee hee!

God does have a good sense of humor, and obviously finds us both strong enough to do this job. Often I wonder if I'm already insane, and that's why I don't see it as a big deal anymore, or if he's just kindly wiped away enough brain cells to keep me comfy. ;)

Take care - I'll be visiting!! :)

joy said...

I'm sorry the library didn't go sooner, at least you get to enjoy the books! I love your pictures, the kids are adorable as always :)

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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