Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He opened his mouth and he sounded like ME!

I'm sitting here drinking some OJ and trying to down my 2 horse-size capsules of Omega 3's (gotta fight the depression every way I can these days) and the little boys started fighting over a pretend microphone that goes with Bella's princess karaoke box (yeah, yeah, yeah, my kids are spoiled rotten but if they're happy, I'm happy). I'm trying to take the new route with G & L by not jumping in too soon when they fight (unless someone's spewing blood from somewhere) because I want them to learn how to work out disagreements. I jumped in way too soon with C & B and now at almost 4 years old, they can't solve a problem together to save their lives. They would rather scratch each other's eyes out than try to get along sometimes.

So anyway back to the little boys with the microphone...I was just kinda sitting here keeping an eye on them to make sure they'd figure out someway they could both play with the microphone and be happy but Cole jumped in before I could say anything. And Oh My Gosh...he's a little Mini-me...I guess he IS listening when I discpline him....here's what he said:

Cole: If you guys can't share the microphone, then no one gets the microphone. Understand?

G & L: No response, they just look at him totally confused like "That's something Mommy would say, but you're not Mommy"

Cole: Did you hear me? Either take turns with the microphone or I'm gonna have to take it away from you guys, okay?

G & L: Still fighting over the microphone

Cole: Okay, I'll tell you what...I'll set the timer and one of you can have it for 2 minutes and then the other one can have it for 2 minutes. You like that choice better?

G & L: Still no response and still looking at him completely confused

Cole: Oh, you don't want to answer me? Fine...no one gets the microphone. Give me that (proceeds to rip the microphone away from both of them)

G & L: Waaaahhhhhh (as high pitched as possible so all the windows in the house actually rattle)

Cole: You were warned...now go find something else to play with.

Oh My Gosh....I almost died laughing, listening to all this go down. Then Cole came up to me and handed me the microphone and said "Here Mommy, I took care of the problem for you...what do you say?" and of course I said "thank you" and he walked off as if he had just solved all the world's problems.

I told Cole and Bella I'd take them to a bounce house place today and I'm having a babysitter come stay with the babies so I don't have to drag them with me (not to mention they're both sick AGAIN!!!) Bella just came up to me and said "I told the babies they have to be good for Julie or they'll get a time-out when we come home".

Awww, I'm so proud of my little discplinarians....


IAmDenise said...

Helene that si great every time I say something to one of the kids it comes back to haunt me lol

MamáChanga said...

Now that is "FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!!"

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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