Saturday, June 21, 2008

My kids say the cutest things!

But then again I might be a bit biased. I remember in my pre-kid days (yes, I actually can still remember those days quite clearly but I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday...wait, did I eat lunch?) I would babysit my niece and nephew quite a bit and I would laugh for hours over some of the things they'd say. Probably the funniest thing my nephew ever said to me was when Tim and I kept them overnight one particular time and we promised to take him and his sister to a movie if they behaved and in all seriousness my nephew said "we're only bad for our parents, but not for other people". Now if that's not honesty straight from a babe's mouth I don't know what is. I couldn't wait to have my own kids and laugh for hours over some of the things they would say.

Well, that day has finally come...or maybe I should say that phase has finally come. Literally almost everything that comes out of Cole and Bella's mouth cracks me up (and some of the stuff makes me wanna cringe when they repeat a cuss word or two that I've said when I thought they weren't listening).

Cole has this new thing he says when I ask him if he wants something, he'll respond with such enthusiasm "I sure do". It's not really WHAT he says, but HOW he says it that makes me laugh. And then he now describes everything he likes with such enthusiasm, such as if he sees a commercial for a toy he might like he says "Mommy, that toy is's freakin AMAZING...I want it". He says it was such ooomph that I have to laugh.

And Bella is suddenly very interested in looking at pictures. It all started the other day when we were standing at our front door looking at a birds' nest that a family of swallows built right above our front door. This same family comes back every year for the last 5 cool is that? So we get to watch the mama bird build the nest back up again and then watch her guard the eggs and then finally the babies hatch and we get to observe the little babies chirping (endlessly for can get annoying) and watching the mama and daddy birds bring food back for the babies. Well, yesterday, we actually got to watch the one of the babies take flight for the first time. Were Cole and Bella completely amazed by this? No, they were more interested in the fact that before the baby bird took flight, he hung his bird ass out over the next and crapped all over our front porch (poor Tim keeps power spraying the same area over and over and over but the birds keep eating and pooping...horrible cycle). I said "Oh My Gosh, you guys, that baby is gonna try to fly for the first time and we get to see it...isn't that amazing?". Cole said "The baby bird just pooped all over the ground...that's AMAZING". Then of course they had to examine the poop, much to my disgust, and observe how it's white with specks of gray in it and "Mommy, how come it doesn't look like our poop?" and "why do we poop in toilets but birds poop on the ground?". I was hoping more for an interesting discussion on birds flying and stuff like that but no, they were intrigued by the poop and wanted the low-down on that.

Anyway, I digress....our huge wedding picture happens to be framed right by the front door and Bella loves to look at it but she never really says anything about it. But the other day, she finally said "Mommy, I like your look really cute". So I told her it was my wedding dress and how I have it saved upstairs for her to wear someday at her wedding...her eyes opened wide and she said "for me at my wedding? Wow"...Cole would've said "wow, that's freakin stupendous". Then I said "Do you wanna look at some old pictures of Mommy and Daddy?" and she said yes and Cole ran over, very interested too. They loved our wedding pictures and they were very upset that there was no wedding cake for them to eat...."Why didn't you save us some wedding cake?", because you didn't exist yet. But they didn't get that part...they kept saying "where were we?", well, um....hmmmm, um....hey do you guys wanna see pictures of Mommy and Daddy swimming with dolphins??

They loved those pics too....I had totally forgotten that Tim and I did that back in 2003 when we were in the midst of our 1st IVF cycle. Stimming in, that's the life. I would stab myself in the belly with my stims and then run off to the beach...shouldn't all IVF cycles start off like that? But Cole had to ruin the moment by asking "Did the dolphin poop in the water?" and I said "probably" and he said "eeeewww, and you and Daddy were swimming with dolphin poop". Yeah, son, isn't that freakin AMAZING?

That night, Bella said to me "I don't want Daddy to get married"...just out of the blue. And I said "Daddy's already me" and she said "yeah, but I don't want him to be married" and I said "but if Daddy wasn't married, you wouldn't be here"....SO stupid of me to say'd think I'd learn from the conversation I had had with them earlier in regards to the wedding cake. She said "why not?" so I tried to explain in the simplest of terms..."well, in order to have kids, you have to be married first so if Daddy and Mommy weren't married, you wouldn't be here". She thought about it for a second and then said "oh, okay". I was thanking my lucky stars that that's as far as the conversation went. Then she wanted to look at her baby pictures and she was so interested in them but she wasn't happy about the fact that her skin was too pink at birth. She wanted to know why I let her get sunburnt.

Yesterday I asked Bella "who's your twin?" and she said Cole. I asked her who Garrett's twin was and she said "Landon" and I asked "does everyone have a twin?" and she said "yes". It's funny to me that since all we have is twins in our family she thinks everyone is a twin. Anytime she sees someone who's pregnant, she loves to go up to them and ask how many babies they have in their belly. I just try to smile politely and say "I'm so sorry...she's very nosy".

Speaking of Garrett and Landon, they are getting cuter and cuter by the day. Not just in terms of physical appearance but in terms of personality too. Garrett is a smart lil guy...I only have to show him something once and he catches on so quickly. Yesterday, I showed him that if says "awwwww" and pats his hand over his mouth quickly, that it makes a funny sound. Now he runs around doing it constantly. I also taught him how to blow kisses, which is cuter than heck to watch. I taught him to point to his nose and anytime I say "Garrett, where is your nose?" ....he points to his nose (or sometimes his cheek but the right intention was there).

Landon is funny too...he doesn't catch on to things as quickly as Garrett but he's very skilled with his hands and loves to build things. He could sit for hours building something with legos or constructing a huge train track to put Cole's trains on.

I'd love to write more but Bella is crawling all over me naked and saying to Cole "you can't get me"....I sense another smack down between those about two happen if I don't get stop typing...

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croissantpark said...

It is amazing the type of questions that children ask. It was especially cute that they asked about the dolphin pooping in the water when you did the swim with the dolphins program. At least you answered that honestly with a "yes", because they do poop, just like us. :)
Great blog,
God Bless,

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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