Friday, June 13, 2008

Transitions suck!

Why does it seem that as soon as I get a perfect routine with the kids something screws it up? Am I the only one with this kind of luck? The transition we just got through fixing was Cole and Bella skipping their nap. Ugh! I knew the time was coming when they were taking naps and staying up until 10:00 pm, well past my bedtime. So I slowly phased out their nap....the one good thing (really trying hard here to focus on the 'glass is half full' analogy) is that they go to bed at night with very little fuss (and at a decent hour!).

Just as I'm finally getting used to the whole "no nap" thing for them (and I'm telling ya, if you haven't gone through it yet, you will miss that 1-2 hours of nap time like you miss chocolate on a diet), Garrett and Landon seem like they're ready to give up their morning nap. They do get tired and fussy about 3 hours after they've woken in the morning but getting them down for a nap now is pure torture. A friend of mine assured me that once they give up the morning nap, they'll sleep for a good 3 hours in the afternoon, which made me laugh for a good 10 minutes because this same friend had assured me way back when Cole and Bella went through this same transition that they would sleep 3 hours in the afternoon and they DID NOT! My kids have never been one to sleep 3 hours straight for a nap, unless they're drugged up on Motrin because they're deathly ill.

Call me selfish but I see the phasing out of any nap as less "me time" for myself. I should be happy that it means I get to do more fun things with them and spend more time out of the house but all I can seem to focus on is "geez, when am I gonna have time to bond with my internet buddies?" and when will I ever get to read that darn Michael Connolly book I've been trying to finish for weeks now. Even if I only get to read 2 pages at a time, at least it's a mini-mental vacation for me while the kids napped. Yesterday afternoon while the babies napped, I pleaded with Cole and Bella to watch a DVD so I could read just ONE chapter of the book, I could tell it just wasn't gonna happen....I stared longingly at my book, laying on the kitchen counter calling out to me "read me, read me, read me". Goodbye, lover, maybe we'll meet again in, say, 4 years when all the kids are in school.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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