Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Creepy crawlies...

Cole and Bella wanted this cute little bug catching kit when I took them to Target recently. No big deal...I thought maybe Tim would enjoy catching bugs with them but I was mistaken. He took one look at the kit and was like "yeah right...go have fun".

So we all went to the park and the kids broke out the kit and said "Mommy, help us find bugs". Now if there's one thing to know about me it's my huge fear of anything creepy crawly. I literally feel like I could puke when I see a spider. The hair on my arms actually stands up. But because I love my children and because I want them to be "one with nature", I decided I could put my fears aside and do this with them. I kept convincing myself "this is a memory in the making...something they'll always remember".

I managed to catch an ant the first time around. No big was tiny and harmless but it took me forever and a day to get that darn thing into the plastic cup. Finally he was trapped and I closed the cap and attached the magnifying glass to the cap so the kids could examine the ant close up. They weren't really that impressed. Cole said, "I don't like ants. Let's find a really big spider". I could feel a lump developing in my throat. As we walked around the park, I was praying like a crazy woman that we would not come across any spiders.

Apparently, God was off that day and didn't hear my prayers (either that or He did hear my prayers but was still laughing at me....) and Cole managed to find a fat, juicy, hairy spider. Just looking at it made me wanna hurl. Then I looked at both my kids and saw them looking at the spider with anticipation, just itching to get it in the cup so they could examine it close up. But I just couldn't do it...yuck. So I made up a story that went something like this, "You guys, listen, if I capture the spider and I put him in this cup, his family will wonder where he is. He's the Daddy of the family and his family is depending on him to bring dinner home so that's why he's sitting here on this web, waiting for a fly or two to stick to it so he can bring food home for his, see, we should just let him be". I held my breath waiting for a response from them. Would they buy it? Or would they be able to see through my chirade...that I was really a huge wimp when it came to creepy crawlie things even when it came to a good learning experience for them??

They fell for it hook, line and sinker! Instead they settled for a dead bee laying on the sidewalk. They enjoyed staring at it through the magnifying glass and pointing out its wings, its stinger and how ugly it was close up (yeah, I agree)...and then they shook the poor thing and all I could think was "thank God the bee is already dead".

So not exactly the "memory in the making" experience I wanted to have with them but it was good enough.

Just a quick mention: Garrett and Landon have now mastered going down the stairs. Is it bad that when I need to cook dinner or do something that requires my full attention that I open the gate on the stairs and let them run up and down until they get worn out?

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Cynthia said...

I can tell you right now that the first time one of my sons wants to look for - or show me - a snake, I will make up an equally outrageous story to deter them. I think a little lie in these types of situations is okay because we're just protecting them from seeing their mommies freak out. I think that would scar them for life if they saw THAT!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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