Monday, July 7, 2008

Dream big, my child...dream BIG!

That's what I said to Bella last night when she informed that she's going to have 8 children someday....first she's gonna have 5 babies (quinntuplets) and then she's gonna have 3 babies (triplets). She was very serious when she told me this and said "And you can help me, Mommy, because you can hold all the babies in both your hands" and then just as I was getting over that comment, Cole told me he's gonna have 4 babies, but not all at once. He wants 2 sets of twins "just like you, Mommy". Talk about BIG dreams, right? They're very into "twin" these days, probably because one of the books we got at the library is called "Twin to Twin" (about b/g twins) and at the end of the story I always say "Bella, who's your twin?" and she'll say Cole is her twin and then I ask Cole the same thing. Then I ask them both "what does it mean to be a twin?" and they both say "twins grow in their Mommy's belly together and they're born at the same time when the doctor takes them out".

Landon has been saying more exciting!! He says "hi mama" or "hi dada" and he gets especially excited when he sees our kitty and he waves to her and says "hi, mow mow". Last night, as I was handing him a banana (the kid scarfs down 2 whole bananas every evening...where does he put it?), he said "banana". I was so giddy over it that I kept trying to get him to say it over and over again and I even whipped out the video camera and tried to capture him saying it on video but of course it didn't work never does. They always do something cute when I don't have the camera near me.

Garrett has finally mastered the stairs. He's known how to climb up the stairs for awhile now but he just now figured out how to come down the stairs. He spent about 30 minutes yesterday walking up and down the stairs, obviously very proud of his new skill. When I finally peeled him off the stairs to eat lunch, he freaked out....he has a million toys to play with but he'd rather run up and down the stairs all day....go figure. He still isn't talking at all...he was saying "mama" but now all he does his scream and whine. It seems like that's all he does now and it works my last nerve after hearing it all day long. Landon just points and grunts to what he wants but Garrett will just scream and I have no clue what he wants.

Bella has been especially sweet lately. The other night she came up to me and out of the blue said "Mommy, your my bestest friend ever". It made me melt right there on the spot. And she loves to help....when I'm cooking dinner, she will often come into the kitchen and ask "Mommy, can I help?" and when I ask her if she wants to, say, put the sliced apples on the plates, she'll say "sure, I would love to". The girl makes me giggle out loud constantly.

We took all the kids to Marine World for the 4th of July. Usually when we take all 4 kids, it's stressful and overwhelming but we do it mainly to get out of the house and the trip takes all day so everyone's worn out in the evening and ready for bed by the time we get home. But this time, it wasn't as stressful, which really surprised us. The most stressful time is when we're attempting to get everyone settled for lunch because there are no high chairs there and the tables aren't exactly the best set up for little little kids like toddlers so we usually leave the little twins in the stroller and let them eat off their snack trays, which they really don't like. This time, we decided to let them sit at the table with us, provided we each had one arm around the back of each baby and they actually sat with us really well and ate their lunch. I think they were both just so thrilled to be sitting at the table with us and not in their stroller that they were willing to sit still and eat.

We ended up coming home in the early afternoon because the park started getting super crowded and the kids were more tired than usual. For dinner, we ran over to the local pizza place to have dinner (how bad is it that they know us there now?) and during dinner, Tim and I actually got to eat!!! We both sat there afterwards and said to each other "I think that was the most relaxing meal we've had in 15 months!!!!"

Now when people ask me "so is it getting any easier?" I think I can honestly answer "why, yes, it actually is"!!!


MamáChanga said...

Hooray!! I love when things get easier for you. I can read the relief in your post. Congratulations, mamá, you simply AMAZE me!!

Cynthia said...

Easier is very, very good! I'm glad you had a good weekend. (and good luck with all those future grandkids - haha!)

Supermom said...

Yeah, good luck with all your future grandkids!!


Petula Wright said...

Yes, it's good when it gets easier. I haven't made it to easier yet. Well, with the teenager it's a little easier! LOL! An-t-way, I love reading about the milestones.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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