Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well, that was fun....NOT!

So I attempted the library again yesterday with all 4 kids but this time I came prepared....I brought Tim with me! Was he a huge help? No, not really but I figured if he was there perhaps the kids would behave better. Did they? No, not really...Tim was just one more person to chase after them. We had the little twins in their stroller, held as prisoners against their will. Within 5 minutes of being in the library, they quickly realized that we had no intention of getting them out of the stroller (the memory of letting them out of the stroller last time I was at the library will forever be engraved in my brain...I may be crazy but I'm not stupid...well, maybe a little stupid....)

Of course, they both started screaming at the top of their lungs. If I could translate the screams, I would imagine they were saying "Get us out of this piece-of-crap stroller or we'll make your life a living hell". But awwww, have they forgotten that my life is already a living hell? It's actually not but at times like this it does actually feel like I've been condemned to a life of hell. During moments such as these, I have to quickly take myself back in my mind to a time when I was desperate for children and actually longed to hear screaming like that. I did say I was crazy, didn't I?

So Tim said "I'm getting the babies out of here" and with that, he left the library and walked up and down the front of the mall waiting for me to check all the books out. Last time I saw Cole and Bella, they were sitting at the computers that have access to the internet. They actually looked like little college students doing research for an upcoming assignment, perhaps "How to Get Into Mischief Without Looking Like You're Getting Into Mischief". They didn't seem to be bugging anyone and no one else was waiting for the computer so I figured no harm, no foul. After I checked our books out, I walked over towards them and I could hear Cole say, in a not-so-quiet library voice, "Hey Bella, see if you can type the word 'fart'?" to which she replied "Okay, and you see if you can type the word 'poop'" it a requirement that as soon as a child is 3 years old, they instantly become obsessed with farts and poop and every other bodily function that either makes noise or smells? I wonder what the 4 yr old stage will bring us....maybe an obsession with private parts?

I quickly grabbed them and hustled outta there and found Tim and we decided since it was still early to head over to the mall and let the kids roam around the play area. We are so fortunate that both the malls in our town each have a play area. At first, we were the only ones there but then within a matter of 10 minutes, the place was swarming with other parents and kids. Because I didn't expect to be going to the play area, I hadn't dressed all the kids in the same color shirts (our signature get-up is everyone in red shirts and blue jean shorts). After losing sight of Cole and Bella in a sea of blonde-haired children, Tim and I decided it was becoming too stressful to keep track of all the kids and we darted outta there and headed home.

Instead of listening to music the whole drive home, we were all treated to the sounds of Landon and Garrett screaming because a) they were tired, b) they were hungry and c) they were pissed about being stuck in their car seats after having a little taste of freedom at the mall's play area.

After lunch, came naptime....again, just another part of the day that went over like a fart in church. Cole and Bella wouldn't lay down and rest and they made so much noise, they woke the little twins up. And my in-laws were due over any minute and all the kids were up and crankier than a heroine addict going through withdrawals. Tim was pissed because the kids didn't nap....yeah, buddy, now you're getting a taste of what I deal with on an almost daily wonder he LOVES business trips.

We all went out for dinner at a nice, little Mexican restaurant overlooking a beautiful lake. It sounds romantic and peaceful, doesn't it? I'm sure that what's the other patrons expected when they decided to dine at this restaurant last night. HAHAHAHAHA! We got plenty of dirty looks as the little twins shrieked about having to sit still in their highchairs and as Bella and Cole talked at the top of their lungs to try and talk over each other. My MIL, at one point said, "do you really think it's a good idea to take them out to restaurants?" and I said "Look, Tim and I HAVE to get out of the house...the kids have to get used to eating out if we ever wanna have any attempt at a normal life so the more they're exposed to eating out, the better it will get". She gave me a look, as if to say, "and what kind of crack are you smoking today?" Yeah, lady, I know, I know....but I can strive for it to happen some day, can't I? Let me have my fantasies....

As we left the restaurant, with my IL's looking as if they both had been run over by 3 mack trucks and Tim looking as frustrated as ever, I smiled and said "Now that was my idea of a good time, how about you?" the kids ran out into the parking lot....I don't think my IL's will be coming back over any time soon.


Annette Piper said...

Oh wow, Helene. What a day you had!! You braved the library again? I probably would have avoided it for a bit longer. But then again I live in a small town with long memories LOL.

I can still associate with the children trying to be heard over each other. Still happens here and mine are 7. *sigh*. And it's OK, we don't eat out as a family very often and when we do it's still much the same. You spend the whole time being slightly uncomfortable about the ruckus your family is causing! But hey, that's life!!!

Thanks for more lovely comments on my jewellery :) I ship worldwide for free. The only additional cost is insurance if you choose it - so definitely tell hubby ;)

PS, My son (a singleton) has a very similar name to one of your boys - Langdon :)

Joy said...

At least you won't have to see your in laws for a while.... :)

Helene said...

Annette, I will definitely send the link to your blog to my husband with the subject title being "hint, hint"!!! I can't get any more clearer than that, can I?

Joy, wiser words have never been spoken..LOL!!

The Burger Blog said...

I tried the library with my twins a few weeks ago....I actually thought they would like the magic show/juggler. My five year old did...but Liam and Brenna decided they liked looking out the window of the second story building better. Oh well maybe next time...or next year or two.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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