Monday, July 28, 2008

Why didn't I do this sooner?

I finally joined a gym....well, I signed the whole family up, regardless of whether Tim wanted to go or not. I figure maybe if he sees me working out, he'll start too (and give up the nasty habit of drinking 5 cokes a day). I'd been hesitant to join a gym for many reasons....a) the money it would cost, b) dropping the kids off at the gym's daycare made me feel guilty and c) pure and total intimidation of just being at the gym with others who are in better shape than me.

But I got over those concerns pretty quickly my first day at the gym. I walked in with all 4 kids and dropped them off at the daycare. I held my breath as I handed Garrett and Landon over to one of the young girls working there. Landon took off to play with some cars he saw, Cole and Bella immediately ran over to the climbing structure and Garrett cried...figures, I knew he would. He's such a mama's boy and it broke my heart to see him crying to the point where I was ready to just say "this isn't gonna work" and take the kids and leave. But the girl convinced me that he would be fine once I left (and he was which makes me wonder if the lil guy is just manipulating me with all the fuss and tears).

I met with a trainer, which was a joke. He yawned his way through the appointment and at one point I said "I'm sorry, am I boring you?" and he told me some lame story about how his roommates had "forced" him to go to Reno the night before to gamble since he's everyone's good luck charm so he was incredibly tired. He couldn't resist staring at himself in the mirror the whole time he was supposed to be working with me. Think he's a little arrogant? In love with himself perhaps? And he kept telling me how he used to be 100 lbs overweight. I started to wonder if he had dementia because he had mentioned the same story over and over and over to the point where I started to yawn.

The whole 50 minutes was really a waste of time and I really just wanted to hop on a treadmill and try to fit in 45 minutes of jogging before I needed to get the kids from the daycare when I heard my name of the pager..."Helene, you're needed in the Kid's Club". I just knew one of the babies had pooped (they don't change dirty diapers and who can blame them for having that rule?) but I also knew once I stepped foot in there and Mama's Boy saw me, it was workout for the day was done. And so it goes...

Before I left the gym, the trainer wanted to set up another appt. I really didn't want to but I didn't have guts to come right out and say it. I figured I'd just cancel it later that week. And I did and I told the girl I'd have to call back to reschedule.

So I've been going to the gym almost every day now and bringing the kids with me and it's worked out really great. Why didn't I do this sooner? I could kick myself for not doing this 6 months ago!! Cole, Bella and Landon always have a blast and never want to leave. I actually had to chase Landon around the daycare the other day because he didn't want to leave. I tried to coax him out by saying "okay, Mommy's leaving....bye-bye" and pretend to walk out the door and he just waved goodbye to me and went back to playing. Garrett has a hard time adjusting at first but he's fine after I leave. Today, the girl watching all the kids couldn't stop gushing about how affectionate both Garrett and Landon are. My little lovebugs...they really are very affectionate babies, esp Garrett who will grab onto you like he's a baby monkey and he's depending on you not to drop him.

My biggest challenge remains to be how to fit a shower in after a workout. Sometimes I've been lucky that Tim is still at home when I get home and I can grab a quick shower. But days like today he wasn't home so I had to sneak in the shower while the kids read books. That was probably the quickest shower of my life because everytime the kids went quiet, I envisioned one of them getting stuck inside one of the closets or figuring out how to open the gate at the top of the stairs. I could shower at the gym but somehow that takes me back to the whole P.E. experience in 8th grade when you have to be naked in front of 20 other girls and you know they're all staring at you, trying to see if you have more boobage than them. Although being naked in front of my kids isn't any less painful, especially the babies who totally eye my boobs which is kinda creepy. Like they are starting to realize they might have missed out on a really good time if I had been able to successfully breast feed them. They get this look on their faces like "we totally got a bum deal having to eat from the bottle...."

Anyway, so the gym is working out and I'm feeling so much more energetic and like I'm really taking good care of myself, finally. And it makes me happy that the kids enjoy the daycare at the gym. Everybody wins!


MamaBriggs said...

Good for you! I need some of your motovation(sp)!
I'm creeped out too when the boys stare at my boobs! Too funny!

joy said...

Yay!!! I am SO SO happy for you, this is going to be so great for you, and hopefully Tim if he gets going too. I'm kicking myself that I didn't join a gym that has a daycare, I can only go when Glen is home and vice versa.

Mommie Mayhem said...

LOL high five on joining the gym . Now can you give me some of your workout mojo??!! Pretty please? ;)

workout mommy said...

This is awesome! Keep up the great work at the gym. I think you definitely deserve the time to take care of yourself! (2 sets of twins? makes me sweat just thinking about it!) :)

and that really stinks that you had such an inattentive trainer. I am hoping it was a freebie? Maybe an anonymous note to the manager to help "remind" this trainer that it really isn't about him!

Chatabox Girl said...

You are going to feel like a fifferent person each time you walk out of the gym!

You need to take some time to look out for yourself. :)

Mommie Mayhem said...

Ok you have inspired me to find my mojo again. Please check out Mommie Mayhems Biggest Loser Contest .

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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