Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bananas and meow-meows....

The most favorite thing I like about the stage where Garrett and Landon are at (just 7 days away from being 17 months old) is that they are starting to talk. Or should I say, attempt to talk. What usually happens is a lot of mumbo-jumbo comes out of their mouths and they look at me all perplexed like, "well.....what are you waiting for....go get me some juice NOW". As if I was supposed to understand what they were saying to me. If I just stand there and look them completely confused and have the gall to say "I don't understand what you want...I wish you could tell me", they break out into the most horrific, ear piercing screams. After listening to this every single day, hour after hour, I remind myself not to become increasingly frustrated with them because imagine just how difficult it is for them to WANT to express a need or desire but not be able to get that point across. I can totally understand their frustration.

Anyway, so now that we've got the receptive language down (which just amazes me how much they actually do understand), we're working on the expressive language. I sit with them daily, reading books to them and pointing at everything and telling them what it is. And they scream with excitement when they see something that they the wholesome banana. We give all the kids a banana and a cup of milk before bed. Landon loves bananas so much that one day he came up to me and pointed at a banana and said "banana"....what??!!! Holy cow!!! My child just said his first official word...banana!!! Then I had a flashback to one of Cole's first words...."apple". What is it with my kids naming a fruit as their first word? Then Cole's 2nd word was "outside" which my mom loved to point out actually sounded more like "asshole". Then Garrett said his first word....again "banana". Well, they both have been saying "mama" for quite awhile and now Landon will run up to Tim, after he's been gone all day at work, and scream "dada" but "banana" is officially their first word, outside the "who's who in my family" vocabulary.

Now they're moving onto animals....our cat has been re-named "Meow Meow" by the boys. She used to be "Kitty", a name Cole and Bella came up with. Poor cat has no freakin idea what her actual name is but she still comes running home whenever we call any one of her 5 names.

So hopefully as time continues, the boys will start talking more....dare I even wish for this? Then not only will I hear the chattering of 2 kids, it will be 4 kids chattering and trying to scream above each other just to be heard. Here's where I convince myself that it will be a lovely kind of noise....the sound of 4 little voices....magic to my ears, except if I'm on the phone trying to connect with a friend with whom I haven't been able to talk to for weeks. And isn't that what usually happens? Everyone's calm and playing on their own just fine until Mommy has this great idea to call back those 2 friends who've left messages LAST WEEK....then they suddenly have to have my attention, screaming until they hear the magic words out of my mouth "well, I better go...the kids are flying off the wall". I think I see them all briefly smile with satisfaction when they see me get off the phone.

A friend of mine called the other day and said "this is the 2nd message I've left you but I haven't heard back from you so I'm assuming you're just busy with the me when you get a free moment". I should just e-mail her and write, "Look it's been nice knowing you but let's get back in touch in, say, about 5 years when I can have a social life again..." My kids are determined to be my BFF's for now....I'll have to go through the extremely painful process of trying to make new adult friends after they've all grown up and have gone off to kindergarten. No biggie....


angie said...

My new motto is, "if you need me, email. Don't call. Please. Don't call". :)

joy said...

I can relate to all of this, I could say so much but I don't want to take over LOL so I'll just say, I'm right there with you Helene.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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