Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello Kitty has met her biggest fan!

One of our local shopping centers holds an event called Friday Night Live every 4th Friday during the summer, where all the stores stay open late and there are car shows, live music and lots of fun things for the kiddos. I had read in the paper earlier this month that Hello Kitty was going to be at one of the stores to say hi to her fans. Of course, as soon as I read this, I had to mention it to was like Christmas had come early!
So all day long, last Friday, Bella kept asking me, "is it time to see Hello Kitty yet?" and I'd say "no, Hello Kitty is still at school" or "no, Hello Kitty is at home resting before her big debut". She was just so darn excited to meet Hello Kitty in person. And I have to admit it was kinda nice to have something this huge to hang over her head each time she misbehaved...all I had to say was "Gee, it would be so sad for you to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Hello Kitty all because you aren't listening". I'm evil....
We went out for pizza before heading over to meet Hello Kitty. We are regulars at this pizza place, since it's right in our neighborhood, and the kids know that there are lollipops in a bowl on the counter for them to take if they've eaten all their dinner. Bella was so thoughtful....she also asked if she could take a lollipop for Hello Kitty, which the manager said was okay.
The parking was horrendous and we ended up having to park 3 blocks away and we walked over to the stores. The whole time Bella kept asking "where's Hello Kitty? Do you guys see her? We have to find her before she leaves". After hearing this for about the 10th time, Tim and I were really starting to lose our patience with her but I kept trying hard to imagine the excitement she must have been feeling and see the whole experience through her eyes.
We arrived at the store just in time to meet Hello Kitty, who wandered out from a potty break and greeted her fans. One of the ladies who worked in the store told us that we could stand in line and Hello Kitty would actually be sitting down and letting her fans have an opportunity to hug her and have their picture taken with her. I thought Bella was gonna pee in her pants right there on the spot out of sheer excitement....not only was she getting to see Hello Kitty in the flesh, but she was gonna get to actually touch Hello Kitty and talk to her.
Then finally it was Bella's turn to be face to face with her beloved Hello Kitty....she handed HK the lollipop and said, "here, I got this for you"...awww, how sweet is that?!

Then she posed with HK and I made sure to get her picture...afterwards, Bella kept asking, "are you sure you got the picture? Lemme see". I promised her I'd print the picture out and frame it so she could keep it next to her bed.

Notice she has a Cinderella tattoo on her arm....what a traitor! But she did make sure to wear her best HK shirt and her HK flip-flops. Look at that makes me wanna cry just seeing how happy she is. There's something about seeing your child so happy that it can just bring you to tears. It reminds me of a time a couple years ago when we went to the state fair and it was the kids' first time on a carousel. Tim went on it with them and I stood there watching them go round and round, enjoying their laughter and their smiles. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched them and I just felt so blessed to be their mother. It was one of those motherhood moments that I will always remember and keep close to my heart. I think this Hello Kitty experience measures right up there with the carousel memory.

And I think this made Bella's night....heck, I think it made her whole year. Her birthday and Christmas could come and go but she will always remember this night when Hello Kitty met her biggest fan!


Chatabox Girl said...

Aww! She looks so happy. She must have been fizzing with excitement beforehand!

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet, and I know just what you mean about seeing your child so happy.

Emma Rose thinks it's "Hello Kitten," which I think is very cute especially since she ONLY calls cats "kitties."


Supermom said...

Awwww. I love hello kitty toooooo!!

LJ Charleston said...

hello kitty has such longevity, i remember getting a hello kitty pencil case when i was young. most of these things make a comeback, I'm still waiting for holly hobbie!!

Elizabeth Channel said...

She does look so resolutely and completely happy!

I have a similar picture of Sue with Cinderella at Disney. In fact I cried throughout the whole Princess lunch, I was so happy to see her so happy!

Great post!

joy said...

She is so stinkin cute! You have me all emotional now, I know what you mean about seeing them happy. It's so special.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, so so cute! Aren't kids great?! My 3 and 5 year olds are also really into "Hello Kitty." They even had her adorn the top of their birthday cakes this year! Funny how things from the 80's return to so vogue! Thanks for the post - very, very, nice!

Anonymous said...

She will always remember that night. What a sweet memory for all of you.

M said...

I am a total Bella fan and I love how happy she is. That little gal of yours just has the cutest most contagious smile. **swoon**

And then there was 4... said...

I love Bella's big smile!!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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