Friday, August 29, 2008

The last 24 hours....

Here is what's happened in my life in the last 24 hours:

1) The little twins napped for 3 glorious, uninterrupted hours yesterday!!! From 12:00-3:00 pm!! I could not believe my luck. However, I couldn't convince Cole and Bella to take a nap so I was stuck watching yet another 90 minutes of Spiderman (see post from yesterday for reference).

2) We went to a playdate at one of the mom's in our new playgroup's home yesterday afternoon. I spoke with Cole and Bella right before we left about using manners, being polite and how to be respectful of other people's homes and things. I especially told Bella she was not to ask for something to eat unless she was offered something (and I brought chips along to share with everyone just in case there were no snacks offered). We were there not 10 minutes and the 4 kids were all over the place! And walking back and forth from outside to inside, bringing dirt into the house...ugh! The mom kept saying it was no worry but geez, she had to be thinking that my kids were complete pigs. Then of course Bella asked the mom if she could have some gummies for a snack....I think I turned a bright shade of red. What was the point of having a talk beforehand with them?!

3) Cole had his first soccer practice last night. He told me they learned the "elephant" which I guess is learning to take big steps. Tim took him and said it was pretty funny watching all the kids play and there were actually more girls than boys. I think Tim is secretly hoping to make Cole into a professional soccer player someday, regardless of whether Cole wants to be or not.

4) This morning, I took Garrett and Landon to the mall to play in the indoor play area since I had to get my watch fixed. Landon loved it and had a blast....Garrett had more fun running out of the play area and making me chase him down. Why am I paying for a gym membership when I can get more of a workout chasing him around the mall and the library?! I made the mistake of dressing them alike, yet again, and endured tons of people staring and making comments like "oh, twins?", "you have your hands full", and....I'm not little old man who was taking a leisurely stroll around the mall and stopped to ask me if the boys were twins and when I said yes, he asked if they have the same birthday. I said "yes, they are twins and of course they have the same birthday". He smiled and said "I was thinking they must have the same birthday since they're the same size". HUH?? I said "they're close in size because they are twins but they're obviously different people with different personalities"...he stared at me for a minute and then said "wait, I thought you said they were twins?". Either he hit the bottle of booze a little too early in the morning or he missed a bunch of lectures in biology when he was in high school.

5) I had to bring the boys with me to pick Cole and Bella up from preschool. Sometimes I've lucked out and had Tim go get the kids but I figured since I was out anyway and nearby the school, I'd just go get them. As I was walking up to the classroom, I noticed a couple parents staring at me. One mom smiled and said "don't you have twins in Miss Denise's class?" and I said "yes" and she looked confused and looked at Garrett and Landon and asked "are these another set of twins?"....I said,"yes"....and then....say it with me...."you have your hands full"...and "how do you do it?" As I left the classroom with Cole and Bella, with the little twins in tow, I must have looked like a Mama Duck with her little babies following her as I said "everyone hold hands", "use the crosswalk", "no running", "everyone stay together".

6) Finally, this afternoon, on the way to the gym, Cole and Bella were fighting in the backseat as usual. Unfortunately, we've had to move their carseats right next to one another because the latch where we originally wanted to seat Cole didn't allow the carseat to be secure enough to my liking. Tim kept saying it was fine..."what are the chances of us getting into an accident?". Yeah, he really said that. But now they sit so close together that they can't keep their hands to themselves.

After Bella reached out and slapped Cole across the face, he said "Mommy, Bella just hit me". And I snapped back to him, "I'm so tired of you both fighting with one another" and he asked "can you move my seat over by the window so I don't have to sit next to her?". I told him it wasn't safe for his seat to be over there because it wasn't tight enough but if they kept fighting I'd move one of the little twins into Bella's seat and Bella would move into the 2nd row, thus hopefully ending the fighting.

Cole said, "yeah Mommy I think you've made a good choice....let's do that". I said "I'm glad you think it's a good choice" and he said "it's a very good choice that you made".

I wonder what the next 24 hours will bring....

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Janine said...

Wow. You have your hands full. LOL. Only joking. I have 3 and I also feel like mother duck calling out instructions for them to hold hands, keep together, walk faster... It never ends.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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