Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mommy, is Spiderman on a time out?

Tim let Cole and Bella watch the Spiderman movie one day about a month ago. It's not a movie I personally would have let them watch just because of the violence but Tim said "I used to watch the cartoon all the time when I was little...what's the harm?" The only harm that came from them watching the movie is they're completely obsessed with it. They talk about Spiderman morning, noon and night. Cole has a Spiderman backpack for school, he has Spiderman sandals (and convinced me to buy Landon a pair too), and he wants to be Spiderman for Halloween.

Each time they watch the movie they have a million questions for me, such as:

1) "Mommy, is Spiderman on a time out?" During one of the scenes when Spiderman is sitting on the ground against a wall with the Green Goblin looking over him

2) "Mommy, where's the Green Goglin right now?" Nope, that's not a typo...Bella insists it's the Green Goglin, not the Green Goblin. Everytime there is a scene without the Goglin, she asks me where he is. One time I said he was taking a potty break and she asked if he wipes his own butt.

3) "Mommy, how does Spiderman get webs to come out of his arm?" I have no freakin clue but it just seems downright creepy to me.

4) "Mommy, can Spiderman see out of his costume?" I'm assuming they ask this b/c his face is completely hidden behind a mask. Then they want to know why he wears a mask and I say "he wants to be anonymous..he doesn't want anyone to know who he is"...."but why mama" and "he's a good guy so why doesn't he tell anyone?"

5) "Mommy, why'd that spider bite Peter Parker on the arm?" I'm amazed that they aren't frightened of spiders after watching that scene repeatedly. They also love to say Peter Parker over and over again until they spit on each other.

As I'm typing this, I have a sandwich that Tim got for me for lunch sitting next to my computer. I only ate half of it. I look beside me and I see Bella eyeing my sandwich as she says, "Mommy, that sure looks like a good sandwich". I said "yes, it is" and she keeps staring at the sandwich and then back at me. she says again, "I bet that's a really good sandwich" and I nod my head. Then she says (where on earth does she get this stuff?), "I bet it melts in your mouth, huh?" and I finally say "would you like a bite of my sandwich?" and she looks all shy and says, "sure...if you want me to". She ended up finishing my sandwich.

On a side note, I took Garrett and Landon to the library for storytime this morning while Cole and Bella were at preschool. Landon actually did amazingly well and sat by me most of the time. Garrett, on the other hand, wanted to be the center of attention, not the librarian. So he ran around pulling CD's off the shelf, ran in front of the librarian as she read the book and started clapping his hands and bee-bopping his little body as if he heard music, and walked up to several other little children who were enjoying the story read by the librarian and stood directly in their line of view and started babbling to them in toddler-ese. To my amazement, we didn't get booted from the library....but at the end of the storytime, the librarian did mention that they would be moving back to their permanent location in September and they would be going back to having 2 separate story times, 1 for toddlers and 1 for older children since "toddlers sometimes get the wiggles and can't sit still for very long".

I avoided eye contact with her as she said that. And I hurriedly packed up the boys and strolled out of there. But I'm proud of myself for trying it and staying through it all, even if it meant I was getting a better work out chasing Garrett around then when I work out at the gym. I'm gonna keep trying (in the famous words of Yo Gabba Gabba)....keep trying, don't give up, never give up....maybe after a few more times, storytime will be a breeze.


Teresa said...

Beware! This is how my husband got me to allow my boys to watch many different movies, and now my children are walking/talking billboards for their favorites. Right now my 7 year old is into "army" everything & my 3 year old plays right along!
I came across your blog a few days ago & have really enjoyed reading it, thanks for the laughs!

Tess said...

You are brave- I always notice the storytime at the library and thank God that my 3 year old doesn't know how to read!

Caroline said...

Hysterical! I completely understand. I get these questions CON-STANT-LY. And I get so befuddled trying to explain in terms my son would understand and by the time I do, he's onto something else anyway. But if I don't answer him, he repeats it over and over and over. Anyway, babbling here. Just a great post, I hear you!

Joy said...

Adrian is in love with all superheros and it's really cute in a little boy sort of way but a lot of superhero movies aren't really kid appropriate. We compromise because it makes him so happy.

Marissa said...

My husband is obsessed with Spiderman. He buys our son Spiderman outfits and hung a big inflatable Spiderman in his room. He claims it's for the baby but...I have my doubts.

Cathy said...

I plan on taking my little one, finally, to our library here in my city instead of the library in the next city. I am really excited since she's been really liking books lately.

Hmm, I sure I would get to that stage where mine would ask a million questions and I would have to find a good explanation on each of them.

Anyway, my first time visiting your blog and I noticed you have two sets of twin. I admire your girl. I'm sure you have a handful.

Thanks for dropping my blog btw. See you around.

Life of a Juggernaut said...

2 sets of twins??? WOW! You must be a strong and very blessed woman for God to have trusted you with such a hand load! Nice to meet you Helene! Looking forward to hearing more about you!

Angela Moore said...

LOL! Great post. I love the random questions my kids ask.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My walk was awesome and my feet are finally healing!

Elizabeth said...

I love the Green Goglin! And, quite frankly, I have the same questions about the movie as your cute kids do! Whew! Glad someone had the guts to ask them besides me! LOL. Thanks for your comments on "Elmo". I'm having my coffee right now while they are watching him and oh it feels so good! Have a great weekend!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Ah, the question stage. Kids ask the funniest, off the wall questions. The funniest part is that they're not trying to be funny...they really want to know.
Thanks for sharing that cute story.

Elle said...

Sounds like story time was fun. I bet they're looking forward to going again.

Nina said...

My son is the same way, 20 thousand questions and they just never end. It is always about something on tv or a show he has been watching. I try to be patient and answer his questions but sometimes I just don't know how to answer him.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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