Friday, August 8, 2008

Word to the wise - don't ever ask your kids "so what do you want to do today?"

Cole and Bella have been out of preschool for the last week and a half. They were only going 3 days a week but now I realize how much those 3 days were a life-saver to me. Guess it's true what they say that you don't realize what you have until it's gone! They don't start their new preschool for another 2 weeks. That's 14 more days....336 more hours....20,160 minutes....but it's not like I'm counting down the time or anything. When Tim asked if I was going to ask our babysitter to come over more often to help in the meantime, I said "no, I can handle it....really, do you think it'll send me over the edge?"

Needless to say, one week into this, I called our babysitter and asked "Hey are you available for about 6 hours today?" and she said yes and then I warned her that Cole and Bella were also home and that it wouldn't just be Garrett and Landon she'd be watching, but all 4 of them. She said "no problem"....I had the last laugh. On the day she came over, I could NOT run out of the house fast enough. I wished her good luck and seriously ran out without looking back. Did I feel guilty? No....well, okay, I did a little bit. But then I heard Garrett crying and Cole and Bella yelling at each other and the guilt immediately floated out of my body.

When I got home, the babysitter looked tired....extremely tired. She said "I can't believe you do this every single do you do it?" and I said "yeah, and you were only here for 6 hours today...could you imagine doing it 24/7?" Good thing I can still laugh about it...but then again, I had about 3 cups of strongly caffeinated coffee in my system (and some chocolate...but shhhhh, don't tell anyone)

So anyway, today I said to Cole and Bella, who are totally bored out of their minds as am I, "so what do you want to do today?". Here's what they suggested:

1) We could go to Disneyland and tell the Disney princesses that Bella can poop in the potty now (Disneyland is about 6 hours away from us so obviously this wasn't going to happen but I thought it was humorous anyway).

2) We could leave the babies at home and go to the Bounce House place. I asked "who will watch Garrett and Landon?" and Cole said "no one...leave them some snacks and they'll be fine. They can change each other's diapers". Now I was starting to wonder if Cole knows something I don't know.

3) We could cook a bunch of cookies and eat all of them and then Mommy won't have to bother making dinner (I suppose if we made peanut butter oatmeal raisin cookies I might be able to consider them a health food)

4) We could go to the park and eat dirt (does that count as a protein or a carb?)

5) We could paint the house (huh? I still don't get that one)

6) We could brush our teeth (yeah, that sounds good but will it kill a whole day? No, I didn't think so either)

7) We could buy chicken wings (I didn't get this one either) I asked, "you want chicken wings for lunch?" They both looked at me and said "no, we want chicken wings so we can fly". I still don't know if they were being sarcastic or serious.

8) We could grow bananas (where do they come up with this stuff?) I asked, "why bananas? why not apples?" and Bella said, "because bananas are yellow Mommy" with her hands on her hips and looking at me as if I have no clue, which apparently I don't.

9) We could go to Toys R Us and buy a bunch of toys (we do this all the time though....check out my bank statement which proves it...onto the next idea)

10) We could go swimming (ultimately this sounds like a realistic plan but then I quickly remind them that Garrett and Landon can't swim, to which Cole says "how do you know? Let's put them in the water and find out. If they can't swim and they go under water, then we'll just leave them there")

So what did we do? We ended up going to the park this morning (but no one ate dirt) and then came home and had lunch (no chicken wings, no cookies...just left over ravioli) and then the little twins went down for a much-needed nap while Cole and Bella watched 10 minutes of Polar Express and then decided they were bored with that. Driving Mommy up a wall was much more fun....only 335 more hours until they start preschool again....


angie said...

The count is on. My girls start school. In. a. month. Yep, the count down is on. Now, if only the twins were old enough for school. Sigh. j/k. LOVE the list.

Mommie2my3girls said...

Lol Helene!! The count is on at our house too the three older kids go to school on the 26th oh it is gonna be so magical not to listen to three preteen/teen girls fight. Oh but wait I lost my mind this year and had Alexander. hehe I guess I better get busy and figure out what it is that 6 month old boys like to do. Can you tell I could use some adult conversation that is not dh? I agree I have no idea how you do it 24/7 as I can hardley keep up with the four of mine.



Joy said...

We too are counting down. We start on August 21st here, I'm SO excited! Im thinking about putting my 2 1/2 year old in preschool too but not sure if we can swing it financially.

And then there was 4... said...

one month and counting

twinmama said...

The list is hilarious!! What creativity!! I am looking forward to interesting conversations with my twins. Right now, all I get is "doggie, doggie, doggie."

MamáChanga said...

Oh cr*p, I'm seriously having an asthma attack after reading these posts, they are sooo hilarious! I tell you, I have no idea how you do it, I'm exhausted and brain fried just with Da'Gorgeouses. I've been asking the girls what they want to do today, I guess next year I'll keep that question to myself---LOL!!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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