Sunday, September 14, 2008

The adventure for the perfect Halloween costumes...

As always, Target was a blast. The first thing we did, of course, was look at Halloween costumes. I can't believe you have to start shopping for costumes this early in the season (it's not even officially fall yet) if you want to get a good costume, rather than the scraps that are left a few weeks before Halloween. It took the kids 35 minutes to decide on their costumes. I wish I was joking about that but I'm afraid I'm not.

Bella is obsessed with Spiderman....still. And she kept insisting that she wanted to be Spiderman but a girl Spiderman. She was so insistent that I was ready to just buy her the darn Spiderman costume and throw a long wig on her and give her a magic wand to carry. But no....she wasn't going to settle for that. I kept hoping that when she saw all the costumes, she'd forget about the whole Spiderman thing. Which she did...she decided she wanted to be.......Super Girl. Huge shock for me because I was so sure she'd go for the Princess or Barbie stuff. It didn't even attract her this year.

While Tim tried the Super Girl costume on her (because her sizes always seem to vary), Garrett was getting restless in the shopping cart. I decided to take him over to the aisle with all the "scary" things that make sounds and noises, thinking he'd enjoy that. Stupid, stupid, stupid...will I ever learn? Cole came with me and crouched behind me whimpering everytime I hit the "press here" button on one of those things. The witches cackled, the skeletons screamed, the bats fluttered, the ghosts rattled their chains. And then there was this bowl with a little hand attached....I showed it to Garrett who went to touch it and the hand came down and grabbed his hand. Totally freaked him out. I couldn't get out of that aisle fast enough.

So all the kids will be super heros. Cole is gonna be Spiderman (but the black spiderman with the puffy muscle chest, which I objected to because the black spiderman wasn't exactly a nice guy but Tim didn't think it was a big deal..."it's not like he'll turn into a psychopathic killer as an adult because he's the black spiderman this year instead of the red/blue spiderman....yeah, I'm sure Ted Bundy's father tried to convince his mother of the same thing...but then again Ted Bundy didn't have an active male role model in his life so I guess Cole has THAT on his side), Bella will be Super Girl, Landon will be Batman and Garrett will be a mini-version of Superman. Bella says Garrett will be her "assistant".

The rest of the shopping excursion went over like a fart in church...they were all excited to pick out costumes but not necessarily anything else we might have needed. The little twins no longer wanted to stay in their shopping carts so we let them walk next to us. People who were in our line of fire path just stared at us, some even so daring as to say "are they all yours?". Some people even commented, "oh what a beautiful family you have", which I thought was very sweet, even if they probably didn't mean it but didn't know what else to say.

We finally got to the check-out counter with everything we needed and proceeded to dig out my coupon "$15.00 of purchase of $150". Our stuff came to $149.85. the clerk says "why don't you buy a pack of gum and that should do it". Fine, I throw in a pack of gum and that brings us over the $150 minimum. But the coupon still doesn't scan...she sits there for about 2 minutes saying "hmmm" and scratching her head. She finally calls a manager over, as the customers behind me are starting to grumble and the kids are going nuts having to wait. Garrett is so mad he actually takes his paci out of his mouth and hurls it across the air, hitting a lady who was walking by on the side of the face. I smile at her, shrug and say "kids!!"...she gives me the dirtiest of dirty looks. She must either not have kids yet or not want kids. I wanted to say "it could've been could've been a dirty diaper that hit the side of your head" but she doesn't look like she has a sense of humor.

The manager comes over and says "ah, I know what the problem is....the tax doesn't count in the $150 so you need to buy something else for $8.00 to get your $15 off". This boggles my mind....and of course in the tiny little print it says "tax not included". How does Target get away with this crap? We ended up getting baby wipes, which we needed anyway, so it wasn't a complete waste of money to save money.

Then we headed over to Payless Shoe Source to buy new shoes for Cole and Landon and then Babies R Us to buy diapers. We encountered a dad shopping by himself with all SEVEN of his kids. Tim said "are they all yours?" and the guy laughed and said "yeah". Neither of us had much to say to one another after that....


Kid Friendly Asheville said...

Sometimes people need to get a clue. I get tired of the looks and "are they all yours?". People please!! I am sure back in the day your great grandparents popped out 6-8 kids. lol

SUPERHEROS!!! Woohooo, I'd love a pic of all of them to post oh Supermoms blog.

I have a pumpkin and blue for Halloween so far. I am not sure what B2 is going to be and I think H, at 14, is to old to trick or treat. She can go though and help out and then eat her sisters candy.

I hope u and ur family have an awesome day!

Luckygirl said...

Just found your blog and I love it! You've inspired me to take my 5 month old twins to Target... my husband is working on our home remodel today and I was leery of going by myself, but we need diapers, wipes and paper towels. With twins, we always need that stuff... sigh :)

Supermom said...

I am sorry I posted under another name earlier. Kid Friendly is my other blog. I didn't realize it until after the fact.

I hope u enjoyed the weekend.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Oh, don't get me started on Target! They threw away my Christmas Card negatives because I was out of town for Christmas of all things and couldn't pick them up for two weeks.

Sweet post. I felt like I was there. Can't wait to see the Halloween pictures!

Anonymous said...

Good Idea! I have no clue what the boys will be for their first halloween.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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