Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween present...

It was 2:45 pm and Cole and Bella had already asked me 20 times "can we put on our costumes yet?". I swear, it was the longest afternoon on my life. And it didn't help that the weather was kinda crummy so I kept all 4 of them indoors so I can't blame them for being completely bored.

At 6:00 pm, Tim and I got the kids dressed into their costumes. Cole and Bella were SO excited and they totally got into it. Cole was Spiderman and I didn't think he'd really wear the mask but he did. He looked pretty darn cool. Bella was Supergirl and she just melted my heart. She looked so adorable!

Now, if you were in danger and in desperate need of being rescued, wouldn't you want those two to come to your rescue??

As for Garrett and Landon, I totally underestimated them. Landon is usually our happy-go-luck, always-smiling baby. Garrett is usually our high maintenance Mama's boy. They were polar opposites last night. Garrett went as Superman and Landon was Batman. Garrett had a blast...he loved his costume! Landon freaked out the whole time and refused to even let me get a picture of him. I didn't get a pic of all 4 of them posing nicely in their bummer....maybe next year? At some point, Tim snuck Landon off into the kitchen and stood him up on the counter and he managed to get a pic of him with his cell phone.

An unmasked Batman....but doesn't he just look SO cute??

So after everyone was dressed and ready to go, we headed out for our first trick-or-treating adventure as a family of 6. We brought the double stroller for the little twins, expecting they'd just want to sit the whole time. But Garrett refused to sit in the stroller...he wanted to walk right alongside Cole and Bella.

It was funny to watch him because, at first, he just didn't get the whole trick-or-treat concept. The person would throw some candy into his bucket and he'd look at it, grab it and then give it back to the person! I kept trying to put the candy back in his bucket but he would freak out so we just kept letting him give the candy back. After awhile, I think it started to sink in, this whole concept of "free candy that I get to keep", even though he doesn't even like candy, he started to reach into the treat bowls being offered by people who opened their doors and put the candy in his bucket. But then he wanted to plop himself down right there on the spot and pull the candy back out of the bucket and examine it. Each time I tried to get him to stand back up again and move on, he would freak out in pure toddler fashion....screaming, stomping his feet, giving me the "evil eye". This whole time Landon just sat in the stroller, completely comfortable with letting Cole take his bucket up to every door while Cole said "can I please have some candy for my lazy brother?" But I guess he got tired of sitting on his behind in the stroller while everyone else had a good time and he managed to walk up to a few houses on his own.

At one point, it started to rain and we started to head back home but then it stopped raining and the kids wanted to continue going around. Even Garrett, who by now was into the whole trick-or-treating concept full swing. He was even starting to run up to the doors before Cole and Bella could get there!

The other thing about Garrett that was so funny was that every time someone would say to him, "Who are you supposed to be?", he'd throw his hand over the "S" on his costume and say "uh, uh, uh"....I'd translate for him, "I'm Superman and aren't I just about the cutest Superman you've ever seen?"

Here are some more pictures:

I love this pic of Cole and Garrett walking together. They both look like such big boys!

I was so proud of all of them at this house. Each of them took a box of raisins instead of candy, without any prodding or coaxing from me!! The lady was very impressed that they chose a healthy snack over junk!

Overall, this year was a very fun Halloween! I can hardly wait until next year's Halloween!!!


Cynthia said...

they are all SO cute!

Tess said...

Love all the costume photos on some blogs!

mrsbear said...

They're all so adorable. Glad you had a wonderful night, I love how excited they all get, it really is contagious.

Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

They look so cute! Great photos :)

Jade the MommaWannabe said...

Wow I am also impressed that they are very health conscious! They are all so cute.

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Woman in Training said...

Aww. I just love the photos of your kids! Garrett (sp?) and Landon are too precious for words & make me miss the days when Joe was their age.

Cole and Bella are just amazingly cute and obviously very happy. It's sad when you see photos of kids smiliing and the smile doesn't quite reach their eyes. It's so not that way with your kids!

Doré said...

The look like they had a blast... and I can't believe how well-behaved they seemed to be.

I had my hands full beyond capacity Halloween night with just one, but ya'll seem to have it together!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Hajar said...

What adorable pics!
I teared up when I was reading how the little guys were learning to do something 'big kids' do! That's priceless!

jayd said...

oh i loved all the pics! I remember those days when mine were little and i always loved the excitement of taking them trick or treating, enjoy these moments, your kids are adorable

yeah kash was juno! he always knows how to have fun!

Elle said...

Love the superhero costumes. They all look so adorable. We had a great time on Halloween to.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

They are adorable in those costumes!

Kate said...

They do look like big boys! What an honest boy trying to give back his free candy. Isn't it funny about the costumes, you never really can predict how your children will react to life.

barb said...

so very cute!

Creative Junkie said...

Awwwwww - cute, cute cute!!

You had your hands full but it sounds like you guys had a pretty great night!

I miss Halloween with the little ones - mine are growing up so fast and it seems like forever ago when they didn't really get the whole concept of Halloween.

Cathy said...

He's the most adorable, the cutest batman ever! And look at that smile! Love all the photos.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Halloween. I love seeing all the kids in the neighborhood. Can't wait til next year too.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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