Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas break....already off to a crummy start

I knew I was in trouble last week when on Friday I dropped Cole and Bella off at preschool and the teacher met me with a huge smile and said, "Remember...today is the last day of school and then we're off 2 weeks for Christmas break". My tummy started to hurt and I was already calculating in my head how long EXACTLY this 2 weeks would be. 14 days....or 336 hours....or 20,160 minutes....or, if I really want to set myself off into a major panic attack, that would be 1,209,600 seconds. Breathe, Helene, breathe.....nice, deep breaths....take yourself on a mental vacation. Envision being in Hawaii on the beach...the smell of salt in the air, the sounds of seagulls buzzing about, the feel of the warm water covering my body...until I go under the water and can't come up. UGH!!

So yesterday was our first official day off for break, not counting last weekend. I knew the day was headed for disaster when Cole and Bella woke up in the morning, all groggy, and asked, "do we have school today?" and I said, "no school today" and they both got a twinkle in their eyes and smiled at each other like they had something horrible and evil up their sleeves. I was hoping to keep them busy all day so I met a friend and her kids at the mall's play area but when we got there, they weren't there yet and the kids noticed that there was a line forming over in the food court. SANTA CLAUS!

We had taken them over to see Santa a couple weeks ago but that went over like a fart in church. Cole and Bella literally yelled their wish list to Santa from 2 feet away. Landon just watched from a distance but wouldn't smile at Santa, let alone make eye contact with him. Maybe he thought if Santa made direct eye contact, he'd be able to figure out how many times Landon had bitten Garrett. Surpisingly, Garrett was the only one who got close enough to Santa to give him a high-5.

But yesterday was a whole 'nother story, Garrett freaked out when Santa put him on his lap. Total meltdown mode. The lady by the camera kept saying "Mom, play peek-a-boo with him...get him to smile". I said, "he's not gonna smile...it's okay for you to take the picture with him crying...it's more realistic...we'll laugh about it in 10 years". She sighed and looked rather annoyed, which made me wonder if she only gets paid a commission for every picture she takes where the kids are happy and smiling. I wanted to slap her.

Then Bella asked Santa if she was on his nice list. He said, "well, do you think you've been nice?" and she said, "yes" but then quickly glanced at me with a mischievous look in her eye. He said, "hmmmm, I think you need to work a little bit harder to make sure you stay on the nice list". Do you think she heard that? Nope, all my children have selective hearing, which they've inherited from their father. As I was grabbing all the kids off Santa's lap, she said, "Mommy, see....Santa said I AM on his nice list". Then Santa looked at me for quite a few seconds and said, "Bless your heart, Mom....you really do have a lot on your plate, don't you?". I guess Santa has been watching me all year.

Here's our $15.00 Santa picture....

After that, we saw our friends in the play area so we headed over there and the kids ran around like wild animals for a good 90 minutes. I was hoping they'd be tired enough for a nap but no, that just left even more wired.

This is when it really started to downhill. While the babies napped, I wanted Cole and Bella to rest. All they had to do was lay on the sofa and either watch a short movie or read a book. Cole would've been fine doing that but Bella, after just a few minutes, wanted to play with her dress-up clothes. I told them they could play as long as they did so quietly so they didn't wake up the little twins. I sat down to read one of my books and they kept interrupting me every few seconds to the point where I got maybe only 4 lines read in 20 minutes. How come other people's kids can play independently for a little while but mine can't? I just wanted 20-30 minutes to dive into a book and escape for a little while. But when Bella insisted that I put some dress-up shoes on her, I lost it. She wanted them on the wrong feet and then she didn't want me to fasten the straps but then she kept getting mad at ME because the shoes were uncomfortable and they kept falling off when she tried to walk. I kept trying to explain to her that if she let me put them on the right feet with the straps on, they'd work better for her. But she had such a snotty attitude about it, that it just sent me over the edge. I put her on time-out and she proceeded to cry so loudly that she woke Landon up.....after only a 60 minute nap, which is not nearly long enough for him to feel refreshed. So he was grumpy all afternoon, she was whiny and snotty, and I was just dreading the rest of the week. No, I was dreading the rest of the Christmas break.

Tim said he'd come home from work early but when the clock said 4:00 and he still wasn't home, I began to lose all hope. The house was a mess....their room was a mess....the laundry was overflowing with dirty clothes that desperately needed to be washed....the kitchen still had dirty dishes from lunch all over the counter.

When Tim walked in the door 35 minutes later, I didn't say one word to him. He looked around the house and saw the house in shambles and I ran upstairs and locked our bedroom door and laid down on the bed in my nice, dark, quiet bedroom. He didn't come after me....I think I even heard him lock the baby gate downstairs and say, "don't go upstairs....I think Mommy needs some time alone".

I came downstairs after a half-hour and started to throw together dinner. Tim came over to me and didn't say anything. I think he was actually a little scared to open his mouth. I turned to look at him and I said, "I think Christmas break was a really crappy time for me to try to lower my dosage of Wellbutrin". Ya think?


Lana said...

That really sucks. Sorry you had such a crappy day.

Other people's children can play independently? Tell me who! Quick! Give me all of their contact info! I too must learn their secret!

glitzen said...

Oh, that is a cute pic! I remember our crying santa pics...hee hee.
Merry Christmas!

Paula Constable said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I am at my end with snow days and delays. I'm scared for Christmas break. One day at a time.

Merry Christmas!

AmberP said...

I don't know how you do it!
*Hugs* to you and your crappy day... ohhhhhhh the joys of the holidays. Mine are wound up like tops today! wooohooooo! Merrrry Christmas! (I love the pic btw... and thanks for popping in on my blog :)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

{{hugs}} You know the worst thing for me is when DH says he will be home early & then isn't. I'd rather he not get my hopes up because it is quite an out of proportion crash when they are dashed

Christine said...

Sending you lots of hugs and positive energy!! I tell ya what if someone elses kids are giving their parents mommy/daddy time I must know who they are!!! I am signed up for the 1-2-3 Magic classes on post next month. I think we are all feeling the "crunch" of Christmas break! Want a 15 year old she will be wonderful for you and take awesome care of YOUR kids, but is driving me crazy!!! I love the kids Santa picture Alexander is crying in his too. lol

Tess said...

Love the pic! Mine won't sit on santas lap or are too big too. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

I read an encouraging post recently that reminds us, "This too shall pass." I'll try to find the link for you.
; )

Thank you for the photographic evidence of something I've always suspected: 1 out of 4 children HATE Santa.

Merry Christmas, Helene!

Stephanie Espo.... said...

Hi lady! I found you thru Amber! I am stuggling with infertility, and hope and pray everything works out like it has for you! Have a good day!

Kate said...

Yes, who are these people who have children that play independently? I would love to meet them. I'm sending you prayers for the remainder of the christmas break.

Connie said...

Play independently? I think that's a term that experts made up so that all Moms think we're doing something wrong. There's no such thing.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately that day can only happen once but you're going to laugh at it later and you'll love that picture!

Doré said...

I really don't know how you do it. I am home alone with Brayden for 2 weeks right now and really wonder how I managed to be a SAHM for 13 months. I love my little man more than life itself, but forgot how tough it can be to have him with me constantly. Especially now that he is getting into the tantrums. He does not take me seriously EVER and it makes it really hard!!

Anonymous said...

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