Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where's the mouse? Where's the freakin mouse??

Thank God we're not talking about an actual live mouse or I wouldn't be writing in my blog right now. I'd be wrapped in a thermal blanket on the back porch until the little creep was outta my house!!

No, we're talking about a computer mouse. Funny how Tim never learns. But then again, he's a man. Need I say more? Sometimes he works from home and has made the mistake SEVERAL times of leaving his laptop accessible to the kids when he steps away to run errands or take a 20-minute break in the bathroom, which by the way still really irks me. Why is he afforded a 20 minute bathroom break at least twice a day but I haven't been able to even pee for 5 seconds without 4 pairs of eyes watching me? But that's a whole 'nother tangent.

The last time Tim left his laptop out was when my mom and stepdad babysat the kids so we could go to a movie. He left it sitting out on the dining room his headphones on the keypad.....can't you just tell where this is going? He didn't bother to check his laptop when we came home but the next day, as he sat down to check his e-mail, I heard him yell, "OH NO, OH NO.....(throw in a couple curse words)....OH NO". I came running in the room like a bat out of hell, "Oh My Goodness, what are you screaming about?" and he said, "LOOK". The whole screen of his laptop was cracked in half and it was all blank. Apparently, one of the kids must have sat on his laptop, essentially closing it on the headphones, thus cracking the screen. It was a $500 mistake!

So after that, one would think he'd never leave his laptop accessible to the kids again, right? Well, that's what I would think....

The other day, he left it out on the dining room table. When he went to check his e-mail first thing in the morning, he started yelling, "Okay, who took my mouse?". But he was met with blank stares from children. I have to say all 4 of my children have totally perfected the "Who? Me?" look. It's cute....sometimes.

None of them would admit to taking the mouse. He asked each of them, "did you take the mouse?". Each one shook their heads. Bella said, "I didn't take your mouse, I swear", which made Tim wonder if she was in fact guilty since she actually was the only one who protested outloud.

I figured one of the babies took it and hid it somewhere. But each time I asked them about it, Landon would point to the laptop. Yes, I know that's where the mouse is SUPPOSED to be, but it's not there. He'd just shrug and run off. Garrett wouldn't give me the time of day, whatever. Then Tim gave up and before taking Cole and Bella to preschool, he asked them each one more time, "did either of you take my mouse? Tell me the won't be in trouble at all but I just need to know where it is so I can do some work". They both shook their heads and said, "Daddy, we swear we didn't take it".

Off they went to preschool and I continued scouring the house for the freakin mouse, silently cursing Tim for once again leaving his damn laptop out where the kids could get to it. Once he came back from dropping them off, we continued to look for it. I kept saying, "I know it's probably in some place that's pretty obvious but we're missing it somehow".

3 hours later, when Cole and Bella got home from preschool, Bella asked, "Daddy, did you find out who took your mouse?" and he said, "Nope and I still haven't found it". She said, "oh, do you want to know where it is?" and he said, "do you know where it is?". She said, "yeah" and walked over to the kitchen and pointed....

This would be where one of our kitchen drawers USED to be until Garrett and Landon pulled it out one day. Or should I say, completely destroyed it. Not only did they pull it out, they pulled off the whole front of the drawer, leaving it completely useless to us. Our family room looks like the inside of Toys R Us with all its toys and books, yet they enjoy playing with kitchen drawers, among other things they shouldn't be playing with.

Tim asked Bella, "it's in here?" and she said, "yes, look" and he looked and sure enough, when he looked in where the drawer USED to be, the mouse had fallen down to the next cabinet and was sitting in one of the frying pans.

Tim asked her why she didn't just come right and tell him where it was in the first place. That was simple. He said, "so you knew where it was the whole's been missing for 4 hours now and you just now thought to tell me where it was". She said, "yeah, you asked me if I took the mouse and I didn't take it".

So now Tim has learned 2 lessons, the hard way of course. Never leave his laptop out ever ever again and be more direct in his questioning! This totally reminded me of the time Garrett took the tv remote and hid it somewhere and we tore this house apart looking for it and never once thought to ask him where it was. I mean, he's a toddler after all and doesn't quite talk yet, plus we were sure his memory wasn't that fantastic. 4+ hours later, in complete exhaustion, we finally said, "Garrett, do you know remember where you put the remote?" and he ran over to where he had hidden it and pointed at it. Definitely a "duh" moment for Tim and I.

And yet, do you think Tim has fixed the kitchen drawer since the whole mouse episode....nope! But at least next time one of the kids takes something, we'll know that should be the first place to look! Or maybe we'll just come right out and ask them "Show us where the lost item is, regardless if you were or weren't the one who hid it"!

Oh, and we still don't know which kid took it, though we suspect it was Garrett. He seems to have an affection for taking things that aren't his and hiding them in various places throughout the house. Just like now, when I caught him on the stairs playing with a jar of vaseline he must have found in the bathroom....

Doesn't he look so proud of himself? If I could read his thoughts, it'd probably go something like this, "hahahaha, Mommy is busy writing her stupid blog post...I'm gonna go hide her vaseline and see if she can find it...that'll teach her to take her eyes of ME for 5 minutes".


Hajar said...

*whew*! another great adventure at Tim and Helene's house! Kids are hilarious (and frustrating).

Lana said...

Oh yes. Direct questions. I too have learned/am still in process of learning, the hard way.
Isn't it grand?!
Glad you guys recoverd it!

Anonymous said...

the bathroom thing totally irks me to..why do they get to escape for coutless minutes when we barely get to go for 2 seconds?

bonnieearly said...

Ha ha, I have a wireless mouse for my computer and I was trying to type posts without it because Quinn stole it and mixed it in with his toys. I can laugh about it now. fun times.

Anonymous said...

Kids are so completely literal minded, aren't they? Sorry for the computer breakage but I did love the post.

Connie said...

I know it's not funny to your husband but I was laughing so much when I read this. I love the way children think!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi, just stopping by your blog to wish you "Merry Christmas" before I hit my hometown for the holidays.

Christine said...

Lol Helene, I too was thinking about the hidden remote as I read your post. I hate to say it, but men are like toddlers it takes them many times of being "punished" for their mistakes to learn. My daughters therapist says it takes 2 weeks to retrain a child to stop doing an undesired task, I wonder how long it takes to teach a man? I am glad you found it the missing mouse, much like the missing remote is grounds for punishment at our house. hehe

Kim said...

So funny! So true!

We have a TINY remote that the girls keep "putting away." Inside the VCR. Under the chair. Inside my slipper. I've learned that when the remote goes missing, get down on the ground and look around the room at the twins' eye level. Not unlike an FBI agent profiling a serial killer, I must get inside the mind of a toddler.

twinmama said...

Kids are quite literal, huh? I am glad you found the mouse though it took 4 hours! I usually have my laptop out around the girls, but I have to keep it put away when I finish with it or they will start "typing" on it. Not good. However, Peanut does know it is not hers. She will walk over to it and say, "Mommy's."

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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