Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday regurgitation - "The children who wouldn't go to bed"

One of my bloggy buddies, Andy from Creative Junkie, came up with the idea of Sunday Regurgitation and I loved it so much that I "borrowed" it.....again.....for the 4th time. The whole idea is to go back and find an old post and re-post it (or for lack of better words, in my case, I'm just too lazy to come up with something entertaining today....). If you need a good laugh, definitely go check her blog out. I promise she will turn your frown upside down.

The Children Who Wouldn't Go To Bed:

Cole and Bella are the world's biggest stallers when it comes to bedtime. Just when I think they've used every excuse in the book, they'll come up with something so out of this world, it actually boggles my mind. I told them the other night, "You know, you guys could write a book full of all these bedtime stalling techniques, sell it to other kids and probably make a fortune". Cole said, "Would a fortune be enough to buy some trains at the store?". Before I knew it, I realized I was having quite a lengthy conversation about this....yet another stalling technique of theirs....ask Mommy a question that will require lots of thought and discussion.

Here are just a few excuses they've used recently:

I can't find my blankie (that's odd....I'm pretty sure I just saw you put it under your pillow but I have to give you credit...that might've worked if I hadn't still been in the room when you hid it. You're getting there, though your techniques are still a bit rusty....Mommy - 1 pt, Kids - 0 pts)

I think I might need to poop (well, if you think you MIGHT need to poop, then you probably don't need to....tell your butt to take the night off)

I hear voices (are they dead people? No? Well then go to sleep)

I need to floss my teeth (You can floss in the morning...and since when do you care so much about flossing your teeth? Oh, that's only worry about such important things when it's 10 minutes past your bedtime. I suppose tomorrow night you'll be telling me you need to solve world hunger)

My eyebrows are bothering me (Well, then maybe we should shave them off so you can get to sleep)

Why do we have to sleep? (Because that's when your body does all its growing)

So if we don't ever sleep, we won't grow? ( fact, I heard a rumor that if kids don't get at least 9 hours of sleep a night, they start shrinking back to the size they were when they were born. We'd have to wheel you into kindergarten next year in a baby embarrassing would that be?!)

I need you to rub my back again (I've already rubbed your back for more than a few minutes....who's gonna rub my back when it's sore from bending over to rub your back?) Daddy will rub you (yeah, I bet he will, but unfortunately that would probably only make my back hurt worse)

I'm afraid of the monsters *for the 10th time* (That's wierd....I got an e-mail today from Elmo saying that he and Grover are scared of YOU)

Why is the moon so bright? (Because God needs a nightlight too)

I'm worried (What are you worried about?) Ummm, hmmmm, ummmm, I'm worried about....ummmmmm (nice try....NOW GO TO SLEEP)


Kristina P. said...

Love the eyebrows excuse.

Anonymous said...

This is the good thing about being the nanny. I say 'I don't buy it' and the kids know exactly what I mean. I don't fall for any of it! Lol!

Imjustagirl said...

I love Elmo and Grover are scared of you! too funny

Jen said...

I just completed this battle tonight but not with Hayden with the babies. They were too busy jumping and playing to sleep. It took 6 times up the stairs to get them to FINALLY go to sleep.

Alicia said... are so funny!!! The things they come up with! Ha!

Jenny said...

LOL! My daughter informed me the other day that, "Sleeping is not her thing. Playing is."

Nikki B. said...

oh the many, many times my kids have been able to manipulate me with "i think i need to poop."

a mother will drop dang near anything to avoid having to clean up a poopy underwear!!

MommaD said...

i reposted today as well, but without the cool explanation :P they are so very creative when they want to get out of bed!

Baby Jayden said...

That's very funny!

Morgan said...

That sounds like my 2 year old! She has been big on the excuses this past month. Her most common ones are:

*I need to go Pee Pee
*I need to go Poo Poo (right after I've taken her potty 5 minutes before)
*I need a sip of water (didn't you just have a sip when you got out of bed the last time?!?)
*Put my doll/blanket/toy in the hallway

about this time she is getting out of bed and talking to her sister while throwing toys into her sister's bed

*I need covers
*I need to go Pee Pee, I need to go Peeee Peeeee, I NEED TO GO PEE PEE!

As frustrating as bedtime has been with my girl lately, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that has a child who loves to stall.

That's Who I Am said...

Too funny. I love tell your butt to take the night off! What a funny post thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I do not understand why children do not like to sleep. I do.

Anonymous said...

Your kids should host a variety show- there is some awesome material there. The eyebrow bit- GOLD!

Creative Junkie said...

The eyebrow one is my favorite! I might have to use that one myself for those times when all I WANT to do is sleep and a certain someone won't let me.

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I like the moon is God's nightlight. Thanks for the smiles this morning.

Tami said...

LOL, I love their excuses! You my friend are hilarious. I fight tooth and nail when Caleb has to go to bed. It's endless LOL

The Mother said...

Ah, young ones. My bedtime conversations are more like, "Don't forget to put the dog in her crate and turn off the lights," as I toddle into bed while they stay up for a few more hours.

Occasionally I have to tell them to turn down their music so I can sleep.

Heather Happymaker said...

You are so freaking funny! How did you get so funny? I love "my eyebrows are bothering me". Truly, you NEED to write a book!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

My son is a sleepy head but my 9-year-old daughter, the oldest, moves like a snail. Because I don't tend much to her before bed like the younger one, she's on her own ... which is a very bad thing. She'll pee for 5 minutes, brush for 10, turn down her blanket for 15, etc. Ugh!

She has no clever excuse and just moves to a different time zone or something.

TwoPrettyLittleSkirts said...

Thanks for stoppin by my blog and for the follow!
I love your little ditty about kids making up excuses so they dont have to sleep. priceless.

ps followin your beautiful blog too!

The High Family said...

We always get:

* It's dark in here!
* I need water!
* I scared of the closet door!
* I need all my animals! (he has a small duck, monkey and dog that "accidently" fall out of bed)

and the best one...

* I just wanted to tell you that I will wake up when the sun comes up, ok?!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

"My eyebrows are bothering me." Heh heh! Love it. Even at two and a half, my son has learned how to stall. Kids get really creative at bedtime.

LaVonne said...

The eyebrows? That is so funny! I have not heard that one. I am dreading when my own Bella comes up with these. She already doesn't like to go to sleep.

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

eyebrows huh? too funny. :)

lvlc said...

hahahahahahahahahaha... this is somehow familiar! lol

Visiting from MBC! Like your blog!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the moon/nightlight answer!

My son too takes a long time for bedtime. So the battle stars one hour earlier! lol But when he is in bed, right off to sleep... getting in the bed is the trouble! lol

Mrs. M said...

Your kids are creative geniuses. LoL. I consider myself lucky that we do not have this particular battle. Oh we have battles (getting Monkey to eat anything besides bananas and PB&J requires infinite time and patience, neither of which I have readily available) but bedtime is rock solid. Then again, we have had the exact same bedtime routine since he started sleeping in his own room (at a year old) so he's had a while to get used to it...and the idea that no amount of excuses is going to change the fact that he's going to bed.

Tami said...

I wanted to tell you..I have something for ya over at my blog. come by and get it =)

Cascia said...

That is funny! Your children are very creative with their excuses. My three year old also has a hard time going to bed. She was up pretty late last night and finally crashed on the couch.

Sharon said...

"Are they dead people....." Oh dear. That is something I would say! lol

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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