Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Heart Art #2

Are you all as excited as I am about this fantastic We Heart Art contest/giveaway?! My 4 little artists are all ready to go, gearing up for more super fun art projects....but this time, they have promised me that they will leave my family room walls and my cabinets alone. Whew!!

Wait until you all see the fantastic prizes that will be given to a few lucky winners....these prizes will be announced on MONDAY so make sure you check back in here to see them! Here's a little secret that I'll let you in on now....I've gotten a sneak peek at one of the prizes that will be awarded in the kids portion of the contest and it is FABULOUS!! It's sitting on our kitchen counter and the kids and I are chomping at the bits, just waiting to dig in and get started on it. We'll show it off sometime this week as the contest continues....

In the meantime, I've received some questions from some of my readers about what is considered to be "art" for this contest? Some have asked "is the whole bedroom wall that my child colored considered art?"...."my kids have decorated their art desk...does that count?"....YES!! The whole premise of this contest is to promote art and creativity!! We want to see it all!

And we hope you'll participate as well....this contest is for adults, just as much as it is for children! I know some of you are amazing cooks in the kitchen...and some of you have beautiful off your talents and showcase what you've got!

Need more suggestions? Hop on over to these creative blogs. Ideas, tips, and insights are never in short supply: Tip Junkie, Today’s Creative Blog, Toddler Craft, and I Blame Mom.

So what are you waiting for??!! Go get started on those fun art projects, or take pictures of the projects you've already got completed and get ready to share them with the world! There will be a Mr Linky up on my site, as well as the Three Bay B Chicks and Domestically Challenged this week. More details will follow on please be sure to check back in!! Have fun!!

I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to Mommies everywhere, including Angel Baby Mommies and Future Mommies-to-Be. Whether your child is already in your arms, still waiting to find their way to your arms or being comforted in Jesus' arms....I hope this day is a special one.


Anonymous said...

Just stopping by from SITS. Boy you have your hands full here.

Onna@toddlercraft said...

Helene-Hope you have a great mother's day!! Looking forward to getting to see all the great artwork here!!

I have been posting ideas and will post them all week for those who need inspiration!!

Design it Chic said...

Your story in your profile makes me laugh really bad. God does have a great sense of humor sometimes! Never thought of it this way! But way to go girl!:)
Just came here form SITS and wanted to spread some cheers!!!

Happy Mother's Day

Jennifer said...

Hope you're enjoying your Mother's Day!

Tami said...


The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Happy Mother's Day! You deserve the best! I love the art post! I will give it go! I hope you enjoyed your day!

MamaHen Em said...

Yesterday I walked in from gardening to find that my two chickies had WALLPAPERED my bedroom with pictures they had drawn/painted. Too many to count were stuck to the wall with tape.

I did not see it as art. I made them take it all down. Now I wish I had taken a picture and at least blogged about it. Darn OCD. All I saw was the potential for paint to be ripped off...

Happy Mother's Day!

Jen said...

I understand now thanks for clearing it up. We are sure going to play.

And happy mother's day to you.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Thank you for such a beautiful sentiment about ALL mothers. Happy Mother's Day to you, as well. :)

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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