Saturday, September 19, 2009

An 11-yr old published author? Now that's talent!

One of my biggest fears when I was pregnant with Garrett and Landon (our 2nd set of twins) was how to explain everything to Cole and Bella (our 1st set of twins). They were only 22 months old and while they were somewhat verbal, I'm not sure how much they truly understood about the situation.

Some of the things we did to help prepare them for Garrett and Landon's arrival were:

1) Buying each of them their own set of twin baby dolls to care for.
2) Letting them listen to the babies' heartbeats almost every night on the doppler I had borrowed from a friend.
3) Allowing them to come to some appointments with us to actually SEE the ultrasound as it was happening. They absolutely loved watching the babies' little hearts fluttering and they'd get a kick out of seeing the babies moving around.

All that seemed adequate enough....but part of me still worried about how they would react when they realized that the babies were real little human beings, with whom they would need to share us with. So I went on a search for books that may help explain things better but there simply were none available. The books I did find explained how to prepare children for the birth of ONE child but not twins. And there certainly were no books available from a child's perspective.

The reason I felt it was so important to prepare them for a twin arrival was for the obvious reason that two babies would require much more of my attention than just one baby would (attempting to breastfeed and/or pump for 2 babies, having 2 more babies in diapers....). Not only was I worried about how I was going to juggle it all, but I was also worried about how they would feel, as I tried to make time for each of them.

In the end, it all worked out....somehow. But having a book to explain it all, at the time, would have been nice.

That's why I was so excited when Dave Morris, from New Year Publishing, recently contacted me and told me about his talented 11-year old daughter, Paris, who has written several books on the topic. He offered to send me some of her books to review. Her first book, I'm Having Twins, is told from her perspective, based on her own experience when she was 3 years old as her family was preparing for the arrival of twins. She went on to write 2 more books called My Twins are Coming Home and My Twins' First Birthday. Soon, she will be adding more books to the series.

I received I'm Having Twins and My Twins are Coming Home to review. The kids helped me open the package and they were instantly enamored with the bright colors of the cover page's illustration. We read both books right away and they loved them. They especially liked that it had been written by another child....someone close in age to them who truly understood what it was like to become an older sibling to twins. They could relate to her and they said as much, "Mommy, she's just like us....she has twins too" and "Her twins were in the hospital too, like our twins were". The books each came with a sticker....a cartoon picture of Paris.

Paris' books are best sellers on Amazon's site and she has been featured in several magazines. This is one amazing little girl, who has found a way to help other children ease into the role of "big brother" or "big sister" of twins.

These books would be valuable to any family that is expecting twins. They would make great gifts for future big brothers or sisters!

If you'd like to order Paris' books, they are available online at the following sites:
Double Up Books (a wonderful bookstore specializing in twins, triplets and more....owned by a mom of twins!!)


Barnes and Noble Registered & Protected


Kristen said...

that is amazing! how awesome that she wrote the books from the kid's perspective :)

Tami said...

Miss you mucho! I'm on my way baaaaaaack! heh heh

Twins Squared said...

What a cute idea. Would have been great. I see the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins. That would have been nice - never knew that version was out there. I was terrible at getting my first twins to sleep. Oh well. 'Tis in the past!

Theta Mom said...

Holy cow! Published at so young, that's amazing! Looking forward to your review. :)

Stephanie Faris said...

Ally Sheedy was published when she was 12...and look what happened to her! I think some people are just born to be stars.

blueviolet said...

I had no idea there wasn't a book out there dealing with twins. How ridiculous!

Sounds like this will fit the bill nicely!

The Lane Family said...

I saw these books on the double up book website and ordered a couple for my son and He LOVES them. He calls them "the sisters books". So much talent from one so young!!

Mrsbear said...

That really is wonderful that she authored those books at such and early age, but I have to admit I hope to never ever need these books. I'm pretty sure if I told my kids we were expecting twins, my teenager would move to another state. ;)

Mrsbear said...

That really is wonderful that she authored those books at such and early age, but I have to admit I hope to never ever need these books. I'm pretty sure if I told my kids we were expecting twins, my teenager would move to another state. ;)

LazyCrazyMama said...

How amazing!! Cool!! :) said...

11 years...really? That is so awesome!

Are You There Mom? said...

That is so inspiring!!!

Brenda Jean said...

WOW, how awesome that she wrote these books! I'll bet your twins just loved them, especially since they were written by a kid:)

The High Family said...

I am speechless. 11 year old author? That's amazing!! My aunt had two sons and then twin sons (they tried one more time for a girl...ooops!) and I think she would have LOVED to have these books back when her older sons were young. I will keep these in mind if I know someone in the future that might be able to use them (hopefully not me!)...what a great gift idea!

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