Friday, March 5, 2010

Feel Good Friday…

Awww, nothing feels as good as Friday does. Well, maybe a nice massage or an amazing night on the town (minus the kids) but, yeah, like that’ll ever happen.

feelgood2The Girl Next Door Grows Up hosts Feel Good Friday every week! She provides several different writing prompts to choose from. This is the one I chose…

Just make a list. List 5 things that made you really happy this week. No matter how bad or boring you think your week was, I bet you can find 5 things.

So here are 5 things that made me happy this week...

1) I used to love to draw! I like to think it’s a talent I inherited from my maternal grandmother, right along with her gigantic boobs and incessant need to be involved in every conversation. Some may refer to that last one as “nosy”.

But at some point, I lost interest and stopped drawing. My boobs, however, kept growing…

A few days ago, Bella asked me to draw her a picture of the Little Mermaid.

I was like, “Okay, I’ll try…but don’t expect perfection.”

Here’s a picture of the book cover I referred to as I drew…


And here’s my drawing….


So…my Little Mermaid looks like she’s resting on top of a shark, her hair looks like it’s on fire and she’s in desperate need of an eyebrow waxing BUT the kids were impressed.

I even surprised myself. Mama’s still got it. Who knew?

2) Powdered donuts and Peeps…washed down with a glass of wine after a long, exhausting day. Enough said.


3) Water play at the tale end of winter. Who cares if it was only 55 degrees out and a storm was brewing in the sky. Kids are happy = Mama’s happy.


4) No snow? No problem! Sand angels are just as adorable. Sand in the kids’ butt cracks…not so adorable.


5) Stuck in a tree? No worries…we have our very own Transformer to save the day.

Although he did take his sweet time coming to the Princess’ rescue…but that’s what she gets for being bossy.


Oh, and we’re coming along nicely with the tile in the bathroom….slowly but surely. Yet another reason to feel good!


Why not write a Feel Good Friday post of your own and then come link up with the rest of us over at The Girl Next Door Grows Up!


Jen said...

This post makes me happy, especially the water play in undies but I must say that I am disappointed in your dessert choice. There is not a chocolate in sight. and that will just not do. ;)

The Boob Nazi said...

I have no idea how to draw. Sigh.

Brooke said...

peeps & powdered donuts - two of my greatest temptations in life!!

also, where can i inherit some big boobs?

Twins Squared said...

I agree with Jen - this post makes me happy too! You're a great artist! No wonder you did such a great job with those birthday cakes!

And like Brooke, I would also like to inherit some big boobs but I'm not sure how to make that happen without going under the knife. No thanks!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

I love the transformer rescue!

McVal said...

I love the water play in their underpants! I've got a pic of my son at that age playing with his water harbor thing. He'd gotten all his clothes wet, so he peeled off his pants and his undies and just squatted down to play. Snap that pic! Good "hold over your head" pics for the future...

Eva Gallant said...

Your kids are soooo cute. But no chocolate? How can that be?

Lisa said...

I think you did great on your mermaid drawing:) and the snack looks like a good time lol!! Perfect way to end the day!

Oh, and sand up the crack....not cool!! Why does it seem not to bother kids?

Your bathroom is going to be wonderful! I bet you can't wait for it to be done.

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms said...

I love this idea! 5 good things for me would that I got to take a nap (I think), I showered at least 2x, maybe 3, dinner with friends, and I ate ice cream (like 3 times). That last one counts as 2. love your pictures!

christy rose said...

This post made me happy too! I smiled the whole way through! Except as I came to the sand angels I thought, "I don't think so; not this mommy." lol What a mess that would end up being in my house. :)

Annie said...

My favorites are playing with water and the transformer rescue.

Happy Friday!!

Jenny said...

The bathroom floor looks great!

I love powdered sugar donuts, YUM! You did an awesome job on the little mermaid pic. Mine would have been so bad. However, I usually feel like I can draw well when compared to my husband! LOL!

Nezzy said...

Sand and underpants are great but I'm lovin' the rubber boots! He's ready for that storm movin' in.

Peeps and powdered doughnuts, girl I love your diet! Heeehehe!

Bella up a tree, golly gee...only a transformer could take care of that.

Sweetie, the tile floor is lookin' good! I can't imagine tryin' to lay it with eight little extra feet!

God bless and have a terrific weekend!

The Lane Family said...

Your picture looks far better than anything I could or have ever drawn.

I love the kids outside enjoying themselves even if it is only 55 degrees and I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has kids who prefer to just wear their underwear and shoes minus pants :)

PEEPS have ALWAYS been one of my favorite things and I love this time of year when they are easily avaliable but thanks to the gift of gestational diabetes that just keeps on giving I cannot have them anymore...bummer :)

singedwingangel said...

OH as an owner of big boobs I know the feeling.I love the pics and that play table is too cool where did you find somethign like that??

Simply Complex said...

I saw that water thing in the store and I so want one!

You guys did great on the floor. Did your husband already know how to do that or did he just wing it? We need to tile some things in our house and though we already have the tools to do it, I am a bit nervous to bite the bullet. Maybe your guys can come and fix up our place. I will make dinner. ;)

RN Mama said...

Just wanted to say Hi, I clicked over here from "The Mother Load."

I think your picture is amazing, I probably wouldn't have even attempted it!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Peeps and powedered donuts look amazing. Can't get them over here, although you can get jam donuts. But I don't have any. Anyhoo. I love the water play in winter. Fab. Am off to see what's in the food cupboard. Your pic of donuts has made me hungry!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Helene you are wonderful! Thank you for doing FGF!

Did you find that mouse yet, BTW?

The drawing you did was beyond good. I screw up on stick people - I am not joking.

Do you know why on my blog there is a rainbow? Because that is seriously the only thing I can draw - we have pics of rainbows all over our kitchen from me to the girls (and hearts)

So when designing my blog, I thought - Hey why not a rainbow?!

And, you are a better mom than I. WIth Emily we had a sandbox. With Sarah, aboslutely NOT! Sand is gross and gets everywhere. You know I forget just about everything, but sadly, for her, I didn't forget my hatred of sand :-(

S Club Mama said...

You are a great artist. I can't draw a stick person well LOL Thanks for turning me on to Feel Good Friday!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Love that your kids are in their undies and jackets and playing outside!

We've been so busy lately that I don't remember if I ever thanked you for stopping by my blog and reading all about my if I didn't...thank you, and if I did, thanks again!!!

I try to get back to everyone but I always forget who I've remembered and who I haven't! Life as a mom I know I'm sure!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Those are great reasons to be happy especially the powdered donuts and peeps. That sounds so good right now! The bathroom is looking great. And the sand snow angels are cute.

WhisperingWriter said...

Peeps always make me happy.

You draw really well. I cannot draw to save my life.

Shannon said...

Your artist's rendition of The Little Mermaid is quite good. Good job!

Now do it again. ;-)

Frugal Vicki said...

I have always wanted to draw. Even my stick figures look funny!

bigguysmama said...

Happy that Peeps are available. Excited we can get them for nearly any holiday now! It's warming up here in MN, too!!

~Mimi @ Woven by Words

Marianne said...

I like to think we are past the point of you wondering if I'm creepy (although I do email you a million times a week, so maybe not-- which, I'm about to email you back, so heads up), so I feel OK saying this without you reporting me to the feds... the kids playing outside in their underwear is my favorite picture of all time. Kids tushies are SO cute!

And, is it weird that I wish I had kids and we were next door neighbors? Although, if that were the case, the rest of the neighborhood would probably be vacant. But hey, no need to worry about sexual predators, right?

And Bella in the tree is effing HYSTERICAL. She looks so pissed... and like she wants to pounce on Cole.

And I *think* I fixed my profile so you can send a response to my comment... but since I went to the trouble, that means I expect a response 94% of the time. Deal?

Seriously... we have issues with insanely long comments. I think we were separated at birth 20 years apart...

Two Normal Moms said...

Nice! And not bad of Ariel, either :-).
I have some great memories of eating powdered sugar donuts with a friend - we started laughing while eating and powdered sugar was EVERYWHERE! Good stuff!
I came from Erin's site, but I've popped in before! (and will again!)

KK said...

You had me at powdered doughnuts and peeps :)

Jessica said...

Doughnuts and Peeps. Ambrosia.
That would make my week just right there.

Cheryl Lage said...

Helene, I KNEW I loved you, but the Peeps, Pop Em's and Pinot (? ;) ) TOTALLY confirm our kindred-spiritness!

LOve you!

Have a great weekend!

Sonora said...

Much to say on this post. First of all, I am impressed with your drawing. My own attempt wouldn't even come close to that. Second, powdered donuts, yes please! Third, we are so getting a water table like that.
I had to laugh at the comment about them being outside in 55 degree weather like that. Yesterday my kids escaped into the front yard, into the newly fallen snow, BAREFOOT. What did I do? I grabbed my camera! :)
Finally, the transformer made me laugh out loud. I love this picture. It is so so funny!
Love this post!

Donna said...

Helene - I am just crushed that you are promoting Italy over my garage! lol just kidding!

- You are the art'iste extradinaire!

- they call 'em Pop'ems for a reason!

- At first I thought we shared another hobby of "al natural" backyard swimming, but then I saw the undies!

- it looks FREEZING there!

- bathroom reno coming along nicely!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

Amy said...

great drawing. Love warm days at the end of winter.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

You did an excellent job at drawing Ariel. You are a true artist!
I love all your pics - I love the one of Bella stuck in the tree. Your kids are precious! said...

lol! sooo funny :)

Send over those donuts! Oh, and some wine to wash 'em down with! LOL!

Love it :)

Courtney K. said...

Yum powdered donuts are my fav!! Found you through Theta Mom & so happy that I did! I'm your newest follower! :)

Stop by if you get a chance. I'm having a great giveaway this week!

shortmama said...

Friday I drew a picture of the Tinman from Wizard of Oz and I was quite impressed with myself!

Tiffany said...

I am loving the sand angels! We still have snow... but no snow angels, stupid dogs around the neighborhood and the people who can't pick up their messes... anyway!

I can't wait until we can break out the water table again!

Mrsbear said...

I got peeps for the kids, they make me gag just a little. Although I'm all for putting my kids up in trees. ;)

High five on the tile laying.

Merri Ann said...

Bella up the tree is my favorite.

Now, I could see donuts and peeps with coffee ... but wine??? Actually, I can't see peeps with anything ... they are kinda nasty

I'm glad I'm not the only one raiding the Easter candy weellll before Easter.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Ms Bibi said...

The little "behinds" picture with jackets on is so cute.

I've been dreaming of donuts for few days. i think I need to go and get some now.

Elizabeth Channel said...

I actually hide those donuts in my van when I'm having PMS!

Melissa said...

good job on the mermaid picture, we all love the little mermaid here!@

Paul Deane said...
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Paul Deane said...
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I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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